A Closeted Goth Girl Trying to Make it in the Professional World

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Here is a goth look on a Tuesday. I should have posted it on World Goth Day but there was too much working and not enough gothing going on.  


Lips: MAC Nightmoth lip pencil with Studded Kiss lipstick over top.

Hair flower: Random gift shop
Necklace: Made by me
Shrug: Local corset shop
Corset: It is terrible and flat-steel boned and I can't remember where it came from
Skirt: Aeternis (Diabolik in Montreal)
Tights: Ebay
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Do you like to goth about? Do you like DIY accoutrements but lack the visual-spacial and/or fine motor skills to complete complex creative tasks? If you answered "yes" to any of the previous questions, then I have the perfect craft for you. Try making your own lace necklace. All that you must do is find a large piece of venice lace and gather a bunch of random beads, gems, and other embellishments. Proceed to hand sew (anyone can do it if I can) the aforementioned decorations to the lace. Then, sew a ribbon to either end so you can fasten it to yourself and VOILA! You have your very own large, eye-catching (hopefully) accessory. It's the kind of DIY project that is nearly impossible to F.U.B.A.R. and this is why I like it. 

Have you been doing any crafting lately?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spiked Blazer

The weather here continues to violently fluctuate between summer heat and fall cold. What a weird spring! When it gets really hot out I can't stand it because I can't wear anything decent but it has made my garden look great! When it is cold out I can wear full on tights and boots and blazers which is nice. One of my favourite pieces in my closet is my spike-shouldered blazer. I wore it to go see the documentary Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World which was playing at an independent theater where I live. I paired the blazer with a really neat skirt I got from a local store. It is kind of like a pencil skirt with two long panels in the front and back. One can tie/tuck in the panels in many different ways to change up the skirt which is pretty cool.  


Kat Von D Lipstick in Rosary, earrings from Shades of Grey Boutique (local).

Blazer: Zara
Top: Le Chateau
Skirt: Workhall (local)
Tights: H & M
Boots: Guess


This morning I have some perennials to plant before I go to the complete and utter shit show work. It looks like it is going to be a good year for gardening! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Random Semi-Spring Outfits

The weather around here is fluctuating wildly by the day. One day it will be warm enough for sandals, the next it will be freezing out. Sometimes it even fluctuates wildly by the hour; the other day when I got up I needed a light winter coat, then there was a quick thunderstom in the afternoon, and after that it got rather warm out. It is hard to know what to wear in these transitional times of the year. Here are a couple of random spring-ish outfits from LAST spring that I found hanging around on my computer.


Lemantula Designs earrings, Aldo Accessories necklace, and NARS Damned.

Top and Tights: H & M
Skirt: Bebe
Boots: Le Chateau


Necklace: Bunny Paige Jewelry
Top: Guess
Bracelets: Le Chateau
Skirt: Bebe
Tights: H & M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

The pictured skirt is quite nice for this time of the year; it looks nice with tights and when it gets a bit warmer out it is long enough to wear on its own. I'll need to pull it from the depths of my closet soon!


How is your week going so far?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Flying Squirrel Dress

The little black dress, or LBD, if you will, is a closet staple for many.  I love having minimalist, black pieces that can be dressed up or down and paired with a variety of shoes and accessories. One such dress that resides in my closet is loose and drapey; when one holds one's arms out it looks kind of like a big square. It reminds me of a flying squirrel or something.

Thankfully, I do not often have any reason to stand as such when I am out in public as looking like a flying squirrel is less than flattering on most people, myself included.  The dress has great movement when you walk around and it has a very nice drape. I wore this particular outfit to go out to a nice restaurant. I was anticipating a quiet evening; however, we were seated next to a large and very intoxicated group. It was somewhat amusing until they became so loud you couldn't even carry on a conversation. Note to self: do not go out for dinner during office Christmas party season. 


Old bangles I found in my closet, Hillberg and Berk earrings, H&M necklace.

Lip Gloss: OCC Stained Gloss in Little Black Dress
Dress: Workhall (Local)
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Jennifer Chou


Do you have any LBD'S?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Zig Zag Skirt

Hello everyone! Lately, I have been loving gold and brass toned jewellery. Usually, I am a silver kind of girl but I get bored of my clothing easily and adding different accessories is a great way to change up your outfits! I found a skirt with a fun zig zag print on sale awhile ago and I have been using it in a lot of different outfits with my non-silver accessories. Along with gold and brass tones, asymmetrical earring sets have been popping up everywhere lately which I absolutely love!

I found MAC Dubonnet lipstick in my stash and I actually quite like it now. The first few times I used it I didn't care for it for some reason. My friend gave me some Smashbox Insta-Matte as one of my X-mas presents this year; it is a really fun product! You put it on over your lipstick to make it a matte texture. I also found that it increases the staying power of my lipstick which is great. 


Smashbox Insta-Matte, UD 24/7 Liner in Baked, Smaxhbox Electric quad, MAC Dubonnet, Le Chateau Cuff, A Hot Mess Cosmetics (made by me) blush in Career Woman, Zara earrings.

Shirt: Dex
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Shirt and Tights: H&M
Jacket: Zara
Earrings: Karma Victoria (local)

What is your preferred metal for accessories?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Lip Service

A few days ago, The Mutant Stomp Friends posted about how Lip Service is very likely dead. If this is the case, it feels like the end of an era. If you were into alternative fashion, Lip Service has very likely touched your life and closet in one way or another. I still remember the first time I discovered their website......I was in high school in "computer class" (these days the young people learn to use a computer by the time they are 2 years old so I doubt things such as "computer class" exist anymore). I found their "punk and disorderly" ballgown and wanted to order it for my high school grad. It ended up not being available and I remember emailing their customer service to see if they just MAYBE had any left! I remember they were so nice to me when they emailed me back, it wasn't just some form email that a lot of companies would send you. 

Punk and Disorderly Ballgown
I also worked in an alternative clothing store for awhile when I was in University and I remember leafing through their beautiful catalogues and wanting to buy everything! Today I will share some very OLD pictures featuring Lip Service stuff.


In my apartment that I lived in while attending University. My now-husband picked out this top for me.....I WONDER WHY HE LIKED IT SO MUCH. I also had a bunch of those "Teacher Hit Me With a Ruler" plaid skirts in different colours that were so short they were essentially belts. I had difficulty with wearing an appropriate amount of clothing back in the day.

Clubbing in Saskatoon.....WOW.....that is SOME MAKEUP. Thankfully my makeup skills have improved over the years (or have they?)

Posing in my parent's kitchen....so goth. I'm sure my mother was very proud of me. Why do I have no shoes on?

Clubbing in Edmonton. This dress was awesome; it closed up in the back with little locks and straps. Good thing they were easy to pick if you lost the keys! I still have that purse and use it for going out.


Clubbing in Toronto. My now-husband and I are both sporting tops from Lip Service.

Clubbing in Edmonton. Apparently I could never take outfit photos.....my feet didn't make the cut in this one.

More clubbing in Edmonton. This was and always shall be my favourite outfit of all time. My husband made the collar, I made the arm sleeves, and Lip Service made the rest of it.

I used to be young and full of angst before I knew what angst truly was.

At a VNV Nation concert. We are sporting co-ordinating Lip Service outfits.

In my old apartment. 


Clubbing in Vancouver.

Also at a club in Vancouver. I still have this faux-leather jacket and do use it to go out the odd time. 

Holy crap, I used to look young and thin like a spring chicken, WTF happened? Time, thou art a cruel mistress! How sad it is that Lip Service is likely gone forever.

Did you ever wear Lip Service? Do you have any memories associated with the brand?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Worksafe Monday: Blending in and Standing Out

Recently, I have seen a few bloggers that I follow being kind of apologetic for looking "normal" in some of their outfit posts. Unfortunately, depending on your job and life circumstances, many of us are forced to look like "functional adults" on a regular basis due to the various constraints of society. Whether you like it or not, alternative fashion is just not acceptable in a lot of circumstances and many people have a lot of misconceptions about those who choose to dress differently. I would LOVE to start every day wearing fishnets and blue lipstick but doing so would destroy my job prospects so that is just not going to happen in the real world.  
When I attend club nights, events, concerts, and music festivals, I dress however I want and can freely express myself through my clothing. When I go to work, not so much. I have always loved clothing and the way I dress affects my mood so I have tried to find ways to keep my work outfits at least somewhat interesting. One way that I like to do this is take a perfectly generic outfit formula such as conservative sweater + pencil skirt + scarf + tights and then do something unexpected with it such as wearing 3 contrasting colours at once. What I am trying to say with this outfit is, "I am professional and employable BUT JUST A LITTLE BIT OFF. I am quite functional and conservative but I AM KIND OF NOT ALL THERE." Perhaps this is not quite the message that one should be trying to get across with their work attire.....


Old scarf that I found in my closet, Silk Naturals Doll lip stain, Hillberg and Berk earrings.
I always have to roll my eyes at people who look at me funny when I am not dressed in a socially acceptable manner. IF THEY ONLY KNEW HOW BORING I TRULY AM! I am actually a fairly conservative person who is careful with my finances and takes my job very seriously. I am married with two cats. Some of my favourite hobbies are gardening and reading. *YAWN*


Sweater: DKNY
Skirt: H & M
Tights: Target
Shoes: Le Chateau

Do people ever get the wrong idea about you because of how you dress?