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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Buxom Rock Stars Lip Polish Set Review and Swatches

Whilst on a trip to Shopper's Drug Mart to mail a package, I wandered in to the Beauty Boutique. I was not there to buy makeup; alas, I was only there to use the post office. However, I have a bit of a makeup problem, as do all of us who have/read makeup blogs. I had been wanting to try some Buxom lip products for quite some time and when I saw this little set, I pretty much had to have it. I really need to tone it down with the buying of the makeup. In the meantime, here is a review.

THE GOOD: These lip polishes have an absolutely lovely texture. They are not too sticky and not too thin. They stick to your lips really well and are fairly long wearing. The colours are sheer and fairly neutral so they can be worn for almost any occasion. I have been carrying them around in my purse and applying them at work. They aren't drying at all. They taste minty fresh and feel nice and cooling on the lips. The packaging is also super cute and the set is a good price at $35 Canadian.

THE BAD: The colours, while wearable, are rather boring. These products, named Big and Healthy Lip Polishes, technically claim to be plumpers. However, I do not notice that my lips are any bigger after wearing these. I must say that do enjoy the menthol ingredient that is used as the plumper. The other plumpers that I have tried contain capsaicin which just made my lips sting and caused a nasty red ring of irritation around my lips. I don't get any extra lip volume from these, but at least they do not irritate or dry my lips.

THE UGLY: OH. MY. F&*#. THESE SMELL TERRIBLE! They taste and feel minty but they smell like sickly sweet vanilla-ish cupcakes or something. It sounds good but the sweetness is just sickly in my opinion and I can't stand it. I wish they smelled minty.

THE VERDICT: These sheer polishes are a really nice texture and they make your lips look super shiny and nice. I enjoy the cool mint feel and taste. The colours are very wearable and the value of this set is great at $35 for 4 polishes ($8.75 per polish). I can't stand the smell, but I can see myself pulling these out very often!

Buxom Rock Stars Big and Healthy Lip Polish Set

THE SWATCHES: From left to right: Gabby, Tonya, Julie, Blanche.






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