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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipsticks And Tattoo Chronicles Amor Vita Lipstick Set

Anyone ever watch that show L.A. Ink? I don't. I find people who go on and on about the deep meanings of their tattoos to be completely ridiculous and Kat Von D to be rather irritating. As irritating as I find her, I must say that I LOVE her makeup line! One of my favourite products from her line are the painted love lipsticks. Recently, a lipstick set in the Tattoo Chronicles line was released and I had to have it! It is a set of mini painted love lipsticks. Here is a quick review of the set and lipsticks.

The Good: These lipsticks are very pigmented and opaque. They are also long wearing (partially due to the fact that some of them stain your lips, see below) and come in an awesome range of colours ranging from sublte nude-ish shades to vampy pin-up shades! The mini lipstick set is lots of fun and allows you to try 5 different lipstick shades for an okay price (about $32 Canadian). I love the packaging on both the full size lipsticks and the set.

The Bad: The lipsticks are rather pricey for a brand that is fairly new....close to $20 Canadian. MAC lipsticks, for example, are $16.50 Canadian for the exact same quantity. Painted Love lipsticks come in a nice range of colours as I mentioned before but in the permanent line there are 16 shades (with Adora being limited edition) with a limited finish selection. MAC has an extensive range of colours and has various formulations and finishes. It seems kind of ridiculous to me that the Painted Love lipsticks are so expensive. Being that they are so pigmented, they are quite drying.

The UGLY: Some of these STAIN YOUR LIPS! ARGH! I HATE THAT! The darker colours and reds are the worst! I hate waking up the next day and having stained lips! It ruins whatever lip colour you wanted to wear that day and if you want to have naked lips they look awful!

The Verdict: These are some pricey but nicely packaged and highly pigmented lipsticks. They are somewhat drying and may stain your lips. There is a good colour range which includes both subtle and vibrant shades. Overall, I quite enjoy them.


THE SWATCHES: From left to right: Rosary, Hellbent, Underage Red, Cathedral, Lolita, Celebutard, Coral Castle, Backstage Bambi, A Go-Go, Styletto, and Adora.





Coral Castle

Backstage Bambi

A Go-Go



Underage Red




  1. I wanted to get this set, but since I already had Rosary, Hellbent, and Lolita I decided to skip. Thanks for the swatches, I've added a few things to my shopping list.

    BTW, great swatches. I haven't quite mastered the art of doing good lip swatches yet!

  2. The mini l/s look so cute! I loved your swatches. Usually I'm not big on lip swatches but you pulled It off! Underage Red is one of my fav reds! Tip: I'm the queen of stained lips and olive oil gets off every last bit of l/s. :)

  3. Some of these colors are really gorgeous! I had initially overlooked this set, but I might have to give it a second chance... Thanks for the review!

  4. AWESOME swatches! I want this. I have celebutard and I really love it. KVD packaging rocks my sox.

  5. awesome swatches hon!! my favorite is celebutard, backstage bambi and a-go-go. Awesome!!!