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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick and Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Lately, I've been getting more and more interested in independent makeup companies, thanks in large part to excellent makeup blogs such as The Makeup Zombie and Phyrra, among others. If you want to know more about independent makeup companies, both of these blogs are great resources. Anyway, I had a large list at home of things that I was wanting to try. At the top of this list was Morgana Cryptoria's vegan lipsticks as I had heard such great things about them. I am not vegan, but I DO LOVE weird lipcolours!! My fiance, whom I may complain about at great length, was nice enough to get me some of the lipcolours from my list for me for Xmas. Also, he even picked out some eye shadows ALL BY HIMSELF.....and I quite enjoy them. I am aware that these have been reviewed many times before; however, I think it doesn't hurt to have different opinions floating around out there.

First of all, a word about the company and customer service. I am located in Canada and thus if you order from Morgana Cryptoria or any other independent company that is located in the United States, your order may take quite a while to arrive. This is not the fault of the company. There were no customer service issues and shipping costs were quite reasonable.


For reviewing purposes, let's start with the eyeshadows. I received full sizes of Harken, North Pole, and Pumpkin Pie. These are from the 2009 Christmas Collection. (Not exactly live breaking news, I know!)

THE GOOD: The colours are really nice and unique! They were on sale for $3.23 US dollars for full sized shadows which is a great price in my opinion. The texture is nice and they apply smoothly. You can use them for a sheer wash of colour or build them for a more bold finish very easily as they are quite pigmented. I also enjoy the packaging as the printed labels on the shadows look professional.

THE BAD: There are no sifters in the jars. This is not that big of a deal, but sifters would be nice for idiot sticks like me who tend to spill jars of loose eyeshadow.

THE VERDICT: I really enjoy these, I would like to try more! (I have my eye on a few.....)



On top: Pumpkin Pie, a rusty coppery orange.

Bottom Left: Harken, a bright minty green with pink shimmer and sparkle.

Bottom Right: North Pole, a dusty navy blue with pink shimmer and sparkle.

(Note that the shade descriptions are my own)

Now, on to the lipsticks. These are all currently available on the Morgana Cryptoria Website. It looks like there will be some new colours available soon! Exciting!

THE GOOD: The colour range is so unique! I love them! Some of them have a slight scent to them which I found to be enjoyable. The website lists the actual scents that the lipsticks contain, but below I will share what I detected. To be completely honest, when I looked at these when I first opened them, I thought, "Oh no. These look like they are going to apply poorly, wear off quickly, dry out my lips, and stain them while they're at it." Wow, was I ever wrong. Now I see why everyone raves about them. The formulation is like nothing I have ever tried before! It is non-drying, it applies evenly and smoothly, and the texture is wonderful! They do not stain my lips at all and they are long wearing! I couldn't believe it. And, as I said before, the colour range is to die for! The labels on the bottom of the cases are nicely done as well and all the lipsticks are vegan, which is nice.

THE BAD: They are somewhat pricey for a lipstick at $10 US (the pastel ones are $9). However, the formulation is so unique and awesome it is worth it. Twinkling Rubies had some glitter in it and was ever so slightly gritty in texture. This does not bother me per se, but I know some people can't stand it.

THE UGLY: One of the lipsticks was really loose in its case which made it difficult to apply and I fear it may even break off.

THE VERDICT: I. LOVE. THESE. I can't wait to wear the super weird ones to the goth club! I shall certainly order more of these!



From left to right: Icy Mint, Absinthe, Turquoise, Sub Zero, Otherworldly, Twinkling Rubies.


In various lighting conditions for your viewing pleasure.

From left to right: Icy Mint, Absinthe, Turquoise, Sub Zero, Otherworldly, Twinkling Rubies.


Icy Mint A matte pastel mint green -smells like mint to me.

Absinthe - A dark metallic green.

Sub Zero - Metallic bright blue -smells like blueberry to me. Which is interesting, as the website states that this is unscented. I've apparently lost my mind!

Turquoise -It's a fairly dark tealish colour. I do not think it is very turquoise.

Otherworldly - Dark blue based purple with a blue shift - smells like nothing to me. The website states that this has a grape scent. Losin' my mind, as discussed above.

Over-exposed to show the blue shift! SO GOTH!

Twinkling Rubies - Bright cherry red with sparkles -smells like cherries to me.


  1. Nice swatches! I really like Otherworldly and Twinkling Rubies! They're on my to try list.

  2. great swatches, ill be getting a few more inc the newer shades.