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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sugarpill Weekend!

It's finally the weekend!!!! I am very tired as I have been a bit ill lately. However, I'm also excited because I finally got to play with my Sugarpill Xmas presents this week! It's going to be a Sugarpill Weekend! I will do some reviews and swatches - LIVE BREAKING NEWS!!! NOT!!! I know everyone and their dog has reviewed these but I was having so much fun with them that I just cannot resist. Also, I notice that people either RAVE AND GUSH over independent makeup companies or they RIP THEM APART. I am going to try to be objective as there were things I did not like about the Sugarpill products but I almost never hear anything less than positive in reviews that I have read. I will also post some looks that I have done using my new stuff. YAY! Have a great and makeup filled weekend!

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