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Thursday, March 24, 2011


As most of you probably already know, there have been a few issues with some of Morgana Cryptoria's lipstick colours. Please click here to read the information directly from the company's website. In summary, a few of the lipsticks contained carmine which is a problem for vegan people. I have a few of these, but it is not a problem for me as I do not practice a vegan lifestyle. There are also a few shades, a couple of which I own, that contain ingredients that are not lip safe in the USA but are lip safe in the UK. I did some research and e-mailed Health Canada and it turns out that the ingredients in question ARE considered lip safe in Canada. Canada's cosmetic regulations are different than those of the FDA. There is an ingredient "hotlist" that lists ingredients that either cannot be used or that have restricted uses in cosmetic products. Click here to check out the list. Anyway, I'd just like to say that I think the way the owner of Morgana Cryptoria has acted regarding this issue is very commendable. It is nice to see people being honest and offering people refunds or credits if there is something wrong with a product. To me, this shows that the owner cares about her customers and wants to make things right.

I will also soon be posting a Safety Alert regarding my Stargazer Florescent Pressed Powders post. They are NOT eye safe in the USA but they ARE in the UK. What about Canada? I will research the ingredients on the Health Canada "hotlist" and get back to you. Until then, STAY SAFE!

P.S. Does anyone else think it is a bit silly that cosmetic safety information is available to Canadians on something called a HOTLIST? It doesn't sound very......official. Sigh....only in Canada.

Morgana Cryptoria 2011 Lipstick Collection Swatches

Well I got something exciting in the mail this Wednesday......my Morgana Cryptoria order arrived! YAY! When I opened up the package and saw all the goodness, I knew I had my work cut out for me! It was LIP SWATCHING TIME!!!

I ordered the sample set of the full 2011 lipstick collection so I could pick my favourites. I also ordered Coraline's Kiss in full size because I had seen The Makeup Zombie wearing it in a bunch of her looks and it is such a great colour! I also ordered a full size of one of the new lipsticks that I was sure that I wanted. I got Gilded Lime so that I would have a colour to go with my DANE dress! On various occasions upon which I visited goth clubs or attended goth events, I would dress up in my DANE dress and do bright neon green makeup. I tried various lip pencil and gloss combos on my lips but could never find anything that produced an opaque green colour (this was long before I was introduced to independent makeup companies!) Now, I have found the perfect shade!

For those of you who do not dabble in cybergothery and thus have no idea what I am talking about, there is an old skool picture of me from 2008 below wearing my DANE dress (not to mention some broken sunglasses I found in the parking lot....I'm special). DANE is a clothing company from the UK that makes various items of UV-reactive clothing with black and silver prints on them that react to flash photography and look really shiny, as you can see in the picture below! Anyway, I picked this picture from 2008 rather than a more recent one because reading this post reminded me that I ALSO had a picture of myself with Cyberlox up my nose somewhere. It comforts me to know that I am not the only one who thought to do this.

I am not going to review the lipsticks in this post because I have reviewed them before (click to see old swatches and review) and my thoughts have not changed much. In a nutshell, I love these lipsticks and the formulation is superb. There are no scents in any of these while many of the previous shades were scented. The samples came in clamshells which works quite well for lipstick samples and is preferable to baggies in my opinion. It was easy to pick up the lip colour with a brush from the clamshells. Some of the lipsticks had different consistencies than others and I will point that out below. One more thing: there were a few "issues" with some of these lipsticks and also with some from the older collections. Please see my safety alert post for more information.


From left to right: Gilded Lime, Violet Banana, Sunset Peach, Tangerine Twist, Very Strawberry, Gilded Cerise.

From left to right: Shifting Violet, Plumeria, Enchanted Sapphire, Fire in the Sky, Enchanted Emerald, Brilliant Lime.

From left to right: Gilded Ballerina, Roses and Violets, Dianthus, Plum Crazy, Blackberry, Amethyst.

From left to right: Coraline's Kiss (not part of 2011 lipsticks), Clay Bakin', Gilded Brown, Platinum Chocolate, Mocha Blast, Lust After Midnight.

And now, on to the lip swatches! I have provided commentary regarding the lipsticks where I felt it necessary. Overall, the colour descriptions and pictures on the website are pretty accurate.

Gilded Cerise
This is a true red with a golden sheen; it's more pink toned compared to Very Strawberry.

Very Strawberry
It is more orange-based than Gilded Cerise and does not have the golden sheen.

Tangerine Twist
A great orange shade for spring!

Sunset Peach
This one is way darker and oranger than the picture on the website.

Violet Banana
This one is supposed to have a violet sheen but I couldn't really see it...

Gilded Lime
It's neon green with a metallic gold sheen!

Brilliant Lime

Enchanted Emerald
It's a nice metallic forest green.

Fire in the Sky
This is similar in colour to MAC Kissable Lipcolour in Peacocky. They are both blue with a magenta sheen....which is freakin' fabulous!

Enchanted Sapphire
I was having trouble getting this to apply opaquely. This one colour was a bit stiff.

The formulation of this colour was even smoother than the others, it applied like a dream. This one is supposed to have a shifting blue-green sheen but I only see a bit of a blue shift.

Shifting Violet
This one is supposed to have some shifts to it. I just see metallic purple.

It looks similar to Shifting Violet but is more red-toned.


Plum Crazy
This is a really neat shade. It is almost a purple-y brownish colour that shifts plum and purple and pink. It looks really different depending on what type of lighting you are in. SWEET!


Roses and Violets
It has a nice subtle violet sheen.

Gilded Ballerina
A golden metallic light pink.

Lust After Midnight

Mocha Blast

Platinum Chocolate
This is a really unique colour. The formulation in my sample was WAY different than all of the others. It was really soft and melted onto my brush and applied like a liquid lipstick. It looks NOTHING like the picture on the website.

Gilded Brown
At first, I was all like "OH NO, not brown lipstick making a comeback!" And then I was like, "Hey, this metallic coppery golden sheen over top of a dark brown would look super awesome with a steampunk themed outfit! Cool!"

Clay Bakin'
Um, I can't stand the name of this one. Anyway, it looked way uglier in the clamshell than it looks on. I think it would make a nice nude lipstick colour for someone with a darker, warm, skintone and pigmented lips.

Coraline's Kiss
Damn, I love this colour. It's a wearable pink-y coral with a kick!

And there you have it! I thought that swatching all of these would help me narrow it down to pick out some colours to order in the full size tubes but I like way too many of them! Also, please check out my Safety Alert post for some more information regarding Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks and some safety information for my Canadian counterparts! I'm going to go curl up with a tube of MAC Lip Conditioner now.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Evil Shades Blush: All 13 Shades in Action!

I love reading makeup blogs, and in doing so, I see A LOT of swatches! I love looking at other people's swatches because it helps me pick stuff out that I can't try first like things you order over the internet. The one thing about swatches that I DON'T like is the fact that a lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow swatched on the arm does little to show what it will actually look like in action! I like when people do lip swatches or show how the eyeshadow wears by using it in a look. It is especially difficult to compare a blush swatch to how it might look on the cheeks as it may be swatched rather heavily on the arm (or wherever) but it may be blended out when actually used. I decided to do this post so you can see how all of the Evil Shades blushes look on! For reference, my skin is cool with yellow undertones (NC15 in MAC foundation). Also, I will comment a bit further on the blushes themselves as when I initially reviewed them, I had only tried them on my arm! Enjoy!

Also, there are links to all of the original "look" posts in case anyone wants to know what other products were used.


This colour is so unique and super awesome! It is a bright neon orange and it has a really neat blue shift! It would be perfect for cyber goths and ravers! It is also great for spring if you want to be trendy, orange lips, nails, blush, and eyeshadow are super trendy right now! Another thought I had about this blush is that it just might look superb as an eyeshadow (I haven't gone there yet but I will eventually).

This colour is a mauve blush that turns rosier when you blend it/rub it in. I think it would look great on warmer, darker skin tones.


This blush is BRIGHT! It is an in your face bright fuschia pink! For light skinned ladies, it is important to note that a little goes a long way! It would also be good for darker skinned ladies as it is highly pigmented.

This blush is a pink-based radiantly bright red! Pale skinned ladies should use a light hand with this one and being that it is quite pigmented it would show up nicely on dark skintones. It is a great shade for any of you glitter goth zombies out there!

This particular shade is one of my favourites. I think it was very flattering on my skintone. Actually, I think this is one of those universally flattering blushes that would look good on almost anyone.


This is a bubblegum pink blush that is much brighter than it looks in the picture but can be applied lightly for a more subtle glow. I think it would look nice on someone with light skin with pink undertones.

This blush is another one of my favourites as I felt it was flattering on my skintone. It is a light colour so it may be better for fairer skinned ladies. It's neutral (which is good because you can wear it with almost any kind of look) but unique so it isn't boring! It has a nice shiny finish and it's great for vampy pinup girls or for career women who have to tone it down at work!



I have seen a few bloggers rant and rave about Gossamer's lovely duochrome. I must admit, it is a fabulous true pink colour with a bit of a lavendar duochrome which I adore as pink and purple together is very pretty in my opinion. However, I found this blush to be excessively shiny and made my skin look oilier after awhile. I think that it would be more flattering on someone with non-oily skin.


I. LOVE. THIS. COLOUR. It is a deliciously bright orangey peach shade. This colour would be flattering on both light and dark skin. I think it would look just delicous on a dark toned lady with golden/orange undertones! Anyway, lighter skinned ladies may want to avoid this colour for events that require one to be toned down as it is very striking.


This colour is really nice for evening looks and would look just excellent on darker skinned ladies as it is quite pigmented. For the fair-skinned, it can be applied lightly. I felt that the warmth of this blush was a nice contrast to my cool skin tone but I feel it would look even better on a warmer toned person.

Ravishing is another great trendy orange blush for striking spring looks! Orange is so hot right now! Someone had asked me in the comments what brand my necklace is. To be honest, I have no idea. I got it in a small clothing store and there was only two of them and they had no tag or brand on them.


Oh my, how I adore this colour! It is just sooooo goth! It makes you look like you have freshly bruised cheeks! This makes it sound like it is ugly, but it is not! It would probably not work very well for everyday use on lighter skinned girls as it is really dark and most people do not try to look goth/bruised very often. It looks WAY lighter in the pictures than it does in real life. I think it would look really great on a darker skinned lady with blue undertones.


This colour is a super vampy dark red based purple. It would look fabulous on warm toned dark skinned ladies and it makes for a very striking contour on lighter skinned ones. It isn't really a blush that can be sheered out.

Just so you know, my recommendations are my own opinion. I am in no way trained in the use of makeup and I really have no idea what I am talking about in regards to skintone, undertones, etc. I like to try out all colours of makeup whether they are suited to my skintone or not and I think you should too! Following the "rules" of makeup is very boring and you never know what can happen when you break the rules. For example, I learned something new by reading Vijii of Fierce Nerditude's review of MAC blush in Pink Cult. I had always previously thought that only darker and more pigmented blushes would work on deeper skintones but her post shows very clearly that a pale blush can look just fabulous in this case! Also, I said that the blushes above would look good on various types of LADIES. I personally don't think that makeup should be restricted to any particular gender so don't take it that way! In a nutshell, what I'm saying here is that I'm full of s##t and you should completely ignore my recommendations and start slapping on the blush whether you are male or female or dark or light or warm toned or cool toned! Have a glowing weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Springtime Look with the Evil Shades Pinup Girls Collection

I have been so bored with makeup lately as I have been doing a 40 hour per week internship and working on some evenings and weekends. In my line of work, this means no screwing around with interesting makeup! LAME! Anyway, I got up a bit early before going to work last Sunday and wanted to do something at least SORT OF interesting (my job lets me have a bit more freedom in my looks than my internship does) so I stared at some eyeshadows until a combination jumped out at me. It occurred to me that Evil Shades Bombshell, Wink, and Vavavoom from the Pinup Girls collection might go together nicely. Here's what I came up with.

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Stuido Fix Fluid in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: Evil Shades Blush in China Doll.

LIPS: Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish in Julie.

EYES: Eyes were prepped with UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. Bombshell was used on the inner lid and blended into Wink in the middle of the lid which was blended into Vavavoom in the outer V. Vavavoom was also used as the eyeliner on the lower lashline which was achieved by mixing it with a clear eyeliner base. Interestingly, when applied dry, Vavavoom is rather teal but when I applied it as an eyeliner with the clear base it showed up as a green with some gold sparkles in it. NEAT! Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Perversion was used on the waterline and Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner in Black was used on the upper lashline. Maybelline One By One Mascara was used on the upper lashes and Medusa's Makeup Mascara in Envy was used on the lower lashes.





Pardon me if I look a little "special" in these pictures. I don't take great pictures in the first place, and these are shots of me PRE-COFFEE......scary!