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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Just Like Candy Review and Swatch

When I ordered my Evil Shades Pinup Girl Sample collection quite some time ago, I also decided to try a Hardcore Lips shade called Just Like Candy. Here's a quick review and some swatches. I used Just Like Candy for a look I wore recently, I shall probably post it tomorrow!

THE GOOD: The texture of this gloss is extremely nice and smooth. It applies beautifully and is NOT sticky AT ALL! After wearing it for awhile, it dries in such a way that the colour sticks to your lips. I think this is excellent because this gloss wears much longer than traditional glosses which tend to get smudged off. It smells good too......it has a candy-ish scent if I am not mistaken. It is also surprisingly wearable when applied sheerly. I always love a nice cool-toned gloss (I am highly biased towards cool toned makeup) and the lavender colour is delicious for spring!

THE BAD: The packaging is not anything to write home about. The label is not very durable and is easily smudged if you get it wet or even touch it a lot. Also, the gloss came sealed with........electrical tape???? Yes, yes it did. This seems rather sketch-tacular to me. I am not suggesting that the product was made in an un-hygienic manner, but the electrical tape seal just seems sketchy. Another thing: I am sadly disappointed that I could not get this to apply as opaquely as seen on the Evil Shades website. The pictures below don't show the colour very well (the blurry one looks more true to life) but the colour does not show up as well as I thought it would.

THE VERDICT: I love the texture, scent, length of wear, and colour of this gloss. The packaging is not particularly to my liking and the colour does not apply as opaquely as shown on the website. However, being that it is not very opaque, the gloss is quite wearable and I have been slapping it on a lot lately!



I had to apply quite a bit to get it to look like this.

The below blurry picture shows the colour a bit better. It is somewhat opaque, but not as opaque as I had hoped it would be.


  1. When you said electrical tape, I didn't think you meant real electrical tape, but then I saw the picture. Umm... WOW. IDK if I'm necessarily willing to buy from a company that seals with electrical tape, though that is admittedly a pretty color.

    Fierce Nerditude

  2. Personally I have no problem with the electrical tape, I figure at least it's sealed somehow. Better to me that if it were left unsealed, but that's just me.

    Also you should email their customer service. I got this in my last order and had similar feelings to you, that it was too sheer. It turns out that Andrea who runs it got a wrongly named batch of mica, it is usually properly opaque. She'll send you a new one from the proper recipe :)

  3. The electrical tape...o_O Good thing the gloss is so pretty.