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Saturday, April 30, 2011

MAC Fashion Flower Swatches

Yesterday was the last day of my final internship so they let me go home early. I headed on down to the MAC counter to check out the new Fashion Flower stuff. I really wanted the Summer Showers lipstick because it is green, the Alpha Girl Beauty Powder because I thought it would look nice on me, and one of the Lipgelees because I love them and the one I wanted from Champale sold out on the first day at my counter and I never bothered to order it online. Fashion Flower only came out on Thursday, but by Friday afternoon when I got there, Alpha Girl was already sold out! The lady who I usually talk to at the counter told me they barely got any stock of the whole collection for some reason. I also got the last Summer Showers lipstick and I chose Budding Beauty Lipgelee because it was more subtle and less sparkly than the other two and I thought I could wear it to work (lame, I know).  The lady at the counter lamented along with me because she had not been able to get Candy Yum Yum and I couldn't get Playing Koi before they both sold out. I may still order Alpha Girl off the internet but I'm not sure yet. Anyway, here's a couple of swatches. I'm not reviewing these because I love MAC lipstick and I love MAC Lipgelee and neither of them are new formulations or products so I'm sure they've been reviewed 1,000,000,000,000 times before.


Left: Budding Beauty Lipgelee. Right: Summer Shower Lipstick (Glaze Finish)

Summer Shower Lipstick - the lady at the counter tells me that this colour varies widely depending on people's level of lip pigmentation. She told me that it even looked kinda fuschia-esque on certain people...neat! It may be green but it's super wearable...it reminds me of Bubbles lipstick (Bubbles looks like this with a pinky-purple sheen and this has a bluish green sheen). Maybe I should do some comparison swatches......

Budding Beauty Lipgelee - peachy, creamy, sparkly, wearable goodness.

I would love to see some swatches of Alpha Girl and what it looks like on the cheeks if anyone has it!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Quo Spring Goddess Palette: Athena

Here is another work safe look using the Quo Spring Goddess Palette in Athena.  I enjoy this palette because it lets me do a work safe look with a little bit of colour!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

LIPS: Lipgloss From palette.

CHEEKS: Blush from palette.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

EYES: Eyes were prepped with UDPP and  MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. Eyeshadow from the palette was used. On the waterline, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Perversion was used and Electric was used on the waterline. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara was used on upper and lower lashes. Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner in Black was used on the upper lashline.





Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quo Spring Goddess Palette: Theia

Here's a look I wore to work using the Quo Spring Goddess Theia Palette.

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: Blush from palette.

LIPS: Gloss from palette.

EYES: Eyes were prepped with UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. The eyeshadows from the palette were used to create a very work safe look. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencils in Perversion and Uzi were used on the waterline and lower lashline respectively. Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner in Black was used on the upper lashline. Maybelline The Colossal Mascara was used on the upper and lower lashes.




Here are some lovely earrings my hot mess friend gave me at Xmass! You can't see them in the pictures as my hair is blocking them. I rather enjoy wearing them to work because they look like they are just cameos but up close they are SKULL CAMEOS!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quo Spring Goddess Palettes: Review and Swatches

It looks like spring is finally here! The weather where I live is finally starting to warm up and when that happens I feel like wearing some nice makeup colours for spring! Spring makeup is always very useful to me as it is often subtle enough that I can get away with it at work. I recently found these Spring Goddess Palettes by Quo Cosmetics (available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale) and I thought I would buy a couple of them and try them out. I'm always on the lookout for all in one palettes as they are convenient for travel. Here are my thoughts on these palettes.

THE GOOD: I really enjoy the packaging of these palettes. They were advertised as being "vintage beauty with a modern twist" and I think this is very true of the packaging. The colours are cute and they open up on top and a little drawer pulls out in the bottom half with a little tassel. My cats really enjoy the tassels and I really enjoy that these look rather decorative in my bathroom! I am a huge packaging whore, so any makeup that can double as decor is awesome in my book. The colours in them are light and springy and it is easy to make a complete look (minus basics such as foundation and mascara) using the palettes. They are also fairly portable and would be convenient to take along on a trip. I enjoy the combinations of eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss colours that were chosen for each palette. The lipglosses had a nice texture and had a nice, creamy finish.

THE BAD: These palettes are fairly pricey for the quality at $29.00 Canadian each. The only reason I bought two of them was because I had a discount through some special circumstances. The eyeshadow colours were nice but were really nothing unique or special, and the pigmentation wasn't great as you can see in the swatches below. I also found them to be a bit difficult to blend and wasn't a huge fan of the texture. They aren't BAD necessarily, but they aren't anything to write home about either. The blushes were also hard to blend, but I really like the colours.

THE SILLY: The placement of the blush in the bottom drawer thing is just silly! As you can see below, my blush brush would not fit over top of it to pick up any product! Also, the palette comes with this tiny little brush that is supposedly for the blush but I can't see anyone using such a small, square shaped brush to apply their cheek colour and not coming out looking like a streaky-faced idiot stick. Anyway, I solved the problem by giving the drawer a good reef and detaching it from the box. Then I just pull it all the way out to use it.

THE VERDICT: These are great little portable palettes that can be used for some nice, work safe spring looks. They are rather pricey for the quality, however, and come with a useless "blush brush". They are nicely packaged and can even double as decor on your vanity or in your bathroom. Overall, I like them and I use them but for the quality, I wouldn't pay $29.00 for them.


Left: Quo Spring Goddess Palette in Athena.

Right: Quo Spring Goddess Palette in Theia.

THE SILLY BLUSH DRAWER...it's wrecking my brush!

I pulled out the drawers, which were glued in. Problem solved.

(I think you can see what I mean here about the not-so-great pigmentation)

Athena palette from left to right: Blush, lipgloss, and eyeshadows.

Theia palette from left to right: Blush, lipgloss, and eyeshadows.

Stay tuned for some work safe (BORING) looks with these palettes coming right up!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

3rd Versatile Blogger Award!

Well shut my mouth and paint me red, I've gotten another Versatile Blogger Award! It's my 3rd one! GenkiOriana from Beauty Raid has ever so nicely bestowed this award upon me! Please go and check out her blog, it's rather neat as there are three contributors so you get to see the different makeup styles of three lovely ladies! My favourite post of hers is Orange is My Rave-Orite Color! She actually wore it to a rave with glowsticks and everything! JEALOUS!!!

Here are a few blogs that I would like to pass the award on to.....check them out!

1) Martian Delights: This blog is packed full of unique looks with great eyeshadow colour combinations and awesome lip colours! I LOVE the way this lovely lady does her makeup!

2) The Beauty Hooligan: I really love Julie's vintage/pinup/punky style!

3) Makeup or Morte: Lexa does some excellent makeup reviews and always shows the product in action, which I always appreciate!

4) Jade Goes With Everything: Jade does fantastic makeup looks and does great NOTD's as well! She's multi-talented!

And now, seven boring facts about myself:

1) I. HATE. CELLPHONES. I don't even have one right now. Many people these days cannot live without them, but I find them to be rather annoying. I also hate TEXTING. JUST PHONE ME for #$%*@ 's sake!! I still have a land line and an answering machine. I'm like an old person.

2) I really love watching documentaries, they are my favourite kind of movie/TV show! It all started when my sister and I used to watch Investigative Reports with Bill Kurtis on A&E back in the day (like, really back in the day).

3) I can apply lipgloss with my cleavage.

"Look what I can do!"

4) Recently, on a rather well known makeup blog, I read a sentence that said something to the effect of, "Who uses makeup sponges to apply colour anymore anyway?" Makeup blasphemy confession: I do......sometimes I just can't get it to go on right with my brush! I really need to, er, BRUSH up on my technique!

5) GenkiOriana of BeautyRaid asked in the comments section how I remove my makeup. I use inexpensive products: Nivea Visage Eye Makeup Remover in both the regular clear type and the long lasting and waterproof makeup type which is a creamier product. I use each type on different areas of my face, depending how hard what I'm wearing that day is to remove. I go through a LOT of cotton pads and a LOT of makeup remover as I wear a full face of makeup almost every single day.

6) The only two "sports" I watch are men's figure skating (it's FABULOUS) and Formula One racing.

7) My favourite colour of eyeshadow is purple. However, I have this weird thing about NOT buying it. I always see a purple that catches my eye and then I think, "No, I have enough purple eyshadows, I'll pick something else." Actually, I really DON'T have many at all, but in my mind I always THINK I do because it's my favourite.

Everyone who gets this award may decide to pass it on to some other lovely blogs if they would like to and then post 7 random facts about themselves!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lip Pencil Review and Swatches

A few weeks ago, while browsing through the makeup section at Wal Mart, the Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lip Pencils caught my eye. I had read some not so great reviews about them but these ones looked different than what I had seen on other blogs. It appears that there are newer ones. They have been around for awhile but I had just never seen them before; the older Visibly Wet Lip Pencils were white rather than the colour of the pencil. Since they were only $4.99 Canadian each, I thought I'd try a few out since the colours were bold and eye-catching. Here are my thoughts on these pencils.

THE GOOD: They are a great price, $4.99 is quite reasonable for a product like this. The colours are very bright and have great sparkle. Applying them opaquely is very easy as they are heavily pigmented and I love the colours that I tried. Interestingly, if you look on the Hard Candy website, the product description calls them a "sheer" lip pencil. The ones I tried are DEFINITELY not sheer and cannot be applied as such.  They do live up to their "visibly wet" claim as they look really shiny on the lips. They dry down after awhile but still have that "wet" look to them. Wear time is excellent if you have the patience to let the colour dry down before you go anywhere.

THE BAD: In my opinion, these are hard to apply directly from the pencil itself. Even when sharpened, it is difficult to get a precise line around the lips as the pencil tip is too chubby (note: I hate chubby lip pencils so I am a bit biased). I used a clear lipliner (Ozone by Urban Decay) to get a nicer line but I don't like having to use a lipliner with a lip pencil as it seems rather redundant......maybe this is just me. The pencils are also hard to apply with a lip brush; the texture of the pencils is quite thick and this made the product clump up in my brush a bit which made precise application difficult. The colour range is not great as there are only 5 colours and most of them are rather loud so these will not suit anyone who prefers a more subtle lip colour. Another thing which I did not like was the "dry-down" time. The colour sat very thickly on my lips for quite some time (well over 10-15 minutes) before drying down. If you let the colour dry down, it stays on very well but it feathers quite a bit and the colour moved around just from talking if you don't. If you want these to stay put, you have to be patient which is not great if you're in hurry to get ready.

THE UGLY: These pencils burned my lips the whole time I had them on! WTF? They are not plumpers or anything, so I am not sure why my lips felt like they were on fire while I was wearing them. I experienced this with all three colours and I even tried them on two separate occasions to see if it wasn't just a fluke. It may be that I am just sensitive to an ingredient in the pencils but nothing like this has happened to me before and I don't think I can stand to wear these anywhere as the burning sensation is quite unpleasant.

THE VERDICT: These lip pencils are a great price and have amaing pigmentation and colour payoff. However, the colour range is limited to 5 bright, in your face colours that are not for everyone. The texture of these pencils is a bit thick and sticky and they take quite awhile to dry down and stay in place. They also burn my lips when I'm wearing them but this effect is likely my own issue, I'm not sure if anyone else would have this problem.


Swatches are presented in various lighting conditions for your convenience.
From top to bottom: Jezebel, Inferno, Candy Apple. Inferno is appropriately swatched as a flame, because this is how it felt upon my lips.


 A bright berry shade that has a bit of an orange base.

This colour is bright orange with a pink sparkle to it.

A true, bright red with a bit of a pink sparkle.

Has anyone else ever tried these before? Did they burn your lips as well?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dance Like No One Is Watching You

Recently, I went to see Tiesto live in concert! It was kind of my last weekend to be going out and having fun rather than studying the whole time as my final comprehensive exam and various licensing exams draw nearer. I decided to have a few drinks, dance, and just forget about the dark clouds of exam death looming over my head! I had a fabulous time! There were a couple of other DJ's on before Tiesto and they sounded great! Tiesto played a fabulous set; I am not hugely fond of his new radio-friendly mainstream type stuff (I prefer the more DJ house/techno/dance music type of stuff from his older albums) but he played an awesome mix of new stuff and awesome dance beats! Also, he played from seriously about 10:30 or so until after 1 in the morning! It was really great to watch because they had a fantastic light show and Tiesto was super into it and just had everyone dancing because he looked like he really enjoys what he does! I danced for hours straight and I loved it, I think dancing is such a great stress reliever. However, my feet were not so happy with me after the show.....ouch! Here's the look I came up with for the show.

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: I used Hard Candy Moon Glow Powder in as a highlighter on certain areas of my face and I used MAC Miss Behave Blush.

LIPS: MAC lipstick in Lollipop Loving which is a peach colour with a green duochrome! How fabulous is that?

EYES: Eyes were prepped with UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. The green colour from the MAC mineralize eyeshadow duo She Who Dares was used on the inner lid. The blue colour from the same duo was used in the middle of the lid and MAC mineralize eyeshadow in Cinderfella was used in the crease. In the outer V, the black colour from MAC's mineralize eyeshadow trio Danger Zone was used. I also had to use Don't Date The DJ by Persephone Minerals on my browbone because it has an awesome green duochrome like Lollipop Loving and I felt that the name was appropriate for going to see DJ Tiesto! On the inner corner and the lower inner lashline, Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner pencil in Grafitti was used. Binge was used on the outer part of the lower lashline and Perversion was used on the waterline. Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner was used on the upper lashline. Maybelline One By One Mascara was used on the upper and lower lashes.

FAKE EYELASHES: Ardell Accents lashes in 305 black were glued poorly to the outer lashes. I use Duo Lash adhesive (the dark tone one...it dries black which is helpful when you use ten pounds of black eyeliner every day).






Do you like my tights? They have symbols all over them...I call them my swear tights because they remind me when people write @#$% in place of swears.


My hot mess friend, whom you have probably seen popping up on my blog from time to time, found these very ugly boots and sent me a picture saying something to the effect of "these are ugly, you'll probably like them." She was correct. She got them for me for my birthday one year. They are quite comfortable......until you dance in them for 4 hours!

Here are some crappy cellphone pictures from the show. Don't they make you feel like dancing?

There is one song that I just love from the new Tiesto album Kaleidoscope; it's called "I Will Be Here". If you know of the song, TRY AND TELL ME that it would not be the best song to dance to ever! HE DID NOT PLAY IT! I am sad.

Have a great weekend everyone!