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Saturday, April 30, 2011

MAC Fashion Flower Swatches

Yesterday was the last day of my final internship so they let me go home early. I headed on down to the MAC counter to check out the new Fashion Flower stuff. I really wanted the Summer Showers lipstick because it is green, the Alpha Girl Beauty Powder because I thought it would look nice on me, and one of the Lipgelees because I love them and the one I wanted from Champale sold out on the first day at my counter and I never bothered to order it online. Fashion Flower only came out on Thursday, but by Friday afternoon when I got there, Alpha Girl was already sold out! The lady who I usually talk to at the counter told me they barely got any stock of the whole collection for some reason. I also got the last Summer Showers lipstick and I chose Budding Beauty Lipgelee because it was more subtle and less sparkly than the other two and I thought I could wear it to work (lame, I know).  The lady at the counter lamented along with me because she had not been able to get Candy Yum Yum and I couldn't get Playing Koi before they both sold out. I may still order Alpha Girl off the internet but I'm not sure yet. Anyway, here's a couple of swatches. I'm not reviewing these because I love MAC lipstick and I love MAC Lipgelee and neither of them are new formulations or products so I'm sure they've been reviewed 1,000,000,000,000 times before.


Left: Budding Beauty Lipgelee. Right: Summer Shower Lipstick (Glaze Finish)

Summer Shower Lipstick - the lady at the counter tells me that this colour varies widely depending on people's level of lip pigmentation. She told me that it even looked kinda fuschia-esque on certain people...neat! It may be green but it's super wearable...it reminds me of Bubbles lipstick (Bubbles looks like this with a pinky-purple sheen and this has a bluish green sheen). Maybe I should do some comparison swatches......

Budding Beauty Lipgelee - peachy, creamy, sparkly, wearable goodness.

I would love to see some swatches of Alpha Girl and what it looks like on the cheeks if anyone has it!


  1. Damn. Summer Shower looked so promising in the tube. I'm kind of bummed at how sheer it is! :(

  2. It is pretty, but it's kind of a shame they didn't go for a ker-azy green. The gelee is lovely too!

  3. I wish the summer shower was more pigmented. I got ever hip lipstick yesterday and I love it!

  4. My haul was smaller than yours: just Summer Shower!

  5. I went to MAC yesterday and was going to buy Summer Shower just because its so unique, but decided to pass last minute =( still thinking about going back and getting though lol

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