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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Persephone Minerals Review and Swatches

Earlier this week, I got my order from Persephone Minerals in the mail!!! Exciting! There have been so many awesome blog posts recently that featured looks and swatches of Persephone Minerals eyeshadow. They looked so good that I had to try some out for myself! I ordered some of the Sailor Senshi collection and some of the regular colours. Here is a review and some swatches.

THE GOOD: The eyeshadows are all reasonably priced in my opinion and there are many options for ordering them which I loved. For example, you can get sample sets in baggies, sample sets in jars, whole collections in jars, whole collections in sample baggies, and there are several options where you can mix and match from different collections and mix and match several samples and save money for buying more than one colour at once. I enjoy when you can pick whether you want sample baggies or sample jars, it's nice to have the option. I chose to go with a mix and match any 6 of the Sailor Senshi full sized shadows, a set of five colours in sample jars (I no longer see this option listed on their Etsy store), and a set of five samples in baggies. I also got two free samples in baggies which is always nice! The shadows came in cute bags and were securely packaged when they arrived in the mail. The full size shadows are packaged in jars with a silver sticker on top with Persephone Minerals on it and the name of the shadow on the bottom. The labelling is simple and clean.

THE AWESOME: Holy f**k, these eyeshadows f**king rule. They are actually quite unique in that I haven't seen many loose eyeshadows that are anything like this! They have sweet duochromes and shifts and the Sailor Senshi ones have tons of different colours of sparkles in them! They are all really complex and I'll bet they look great when mixed with a foiling medium or used as liners (I'll let you know when I try this!) They are all super neat colours, you really do need to see them to get the full effect! I am not sure if I captured the sheer awesomeness of the duochromes, shifts, and sparkles with my craptacular photography "skills." I would highly recommend trying some of these if you are looking for something to spice up your makeup collection!

THE BAD: Shipping times are a bit slow to Canada which is not the fault of the company (my order was processed and shipped in a reasonable amount of time). Also, the eyeshadows applied nicely but some of the sparklier ones were a tiny bit gritty and had a bit of fallout which is expected with sparkly eyeshadows. The fallout issue can be mostly corrected with a good base. Also, when I placed my order, some of the pictures of the eyeshadow colours on the Etsy store were rather blurry and made it difficult to pick which colours you wanted. It was also sometimes hard to tell which colours you were looking at as many of the pictures had various swatches in them. I looked at the store again today, and the pictures look a lot better now. EDIT: (ADDED AT A LATER DATE THAN THE ORIGINAL REVIEW) I found some chunks of unblended base in 2 of the eyeshadows that I received. This had a very minimal effect on the colour of the eyeshadow upon application. This is not a problem in any of the other eyeshadows but it seems to occur sporadically. I had not noticed this when I originally did this review but I am adding it because this is something I would always mention in a review.

THE VERDICT: These are some really unique shadows and they are a great price! I am really enjoying them and can't wait to show you some looks! I would highly recommend trying these if you're looking for some new, unique colours to add to your stash!




From various Sailor Senshi collections (left to right): Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Mars Crystal Power (best colour EVER), Venus Love and Beauty Shock, Jupiter Oak Evolution, Sailor Mercury, and Rai. Rai is actually really cool in real life, it is a blackened dark purple with red and purple sparkles in it! It's hard to see in the pictures.

From left to right: Seahorse, Apricot Lush, Falling Angel, Bi Curious, Bruise, and Blackberry Indulgence. The duochromes on Bi Curious and Falling Angel are just stunning!

From left to right: Pinkaholic Anonymous, Far Out, Don't Date the DJ, Crucify, Rained, and Kore. Kore is a freakin' awesome colour, it looks rather black but it shines pink and purple! My favourite! Don't Date the DJ is also really neat, it is a peachy colour with a green duochrome! Crucify, which I picked because I liked the name, is REALLY neat. It is sort of a metallic golden green type of colour, it's indescribably awesome!

Here are my babies inspecting my new stuff for me! Above is Captain James T. Kirk flossing his teeth with the bag ties, and in the below picture Twiggy Ramirez is enjoying the shiny baggies as well!

When I wasn't looking, one of these little brats got a hold of my jar of Seahorse to play with! I couldn't find it for quite some time but it eventually turned up under the bed.


  1. I just put an order in today! I can wait for it to arrive! Some of the shadows look devine :D Your cats are so adorable!!!!

  2. I actually received an order last week. We actually don't have any colors we bought in common, so your post has given me an idea of what to add to the wishlist for next time! =]

  3. Oooh these are so nice! This company has been on my watch list, I just need to get around to purchasing!

  4. I have a little sample of Mars Crystal Power which I haven't got round to using yet... must must do!

  5. Thanks for posting about these, I love finding out about new cosmetics companies to try. Also, thank you for the kitty pictures, they are so adorable! My cats have been too busy crapping on my clothes to be cute and/or play with makeup lately.

    I especially like Kore, Rained, and Don't Date the DJ... going to have to go poke around their store!

  6. Thanks for the swatches, and your cat is too cute !