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Monday, May 16, 2011

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick: Review and Swatches

I'm back home from my little weekend "excursion" and it seems like things have been a bit of a clusterf**k in the blogosphere while I was away from my computer (I kick it old skool, I don't got no laptop for my travels, yo). First of all, it appears that the lovely Blogger has removed everyone's posts from certain days and then reposted them and had all blogs in "read only" mode or something like that for a couple days. This only affected one of my posts, but when they removed it, it deleted all of the comments that people made! LAME!!! I have also been hearing a lot about a NYX anniversary sale online that went to sh*t for a lot of people. I was unaffected by this as I do not use NYX but from what I've read, it sounds like the whole thing was a complete mess. If I were one of their customers, I'd be PISSED.

Anyway, on to my post. I had read a few reviews of Cover Girl's Lip Perfection lipsticks on some blogs and thought I'd give them a try since they sounded alright. I do not like Cover Girl products in general; they are one of the drugstore brands that I avoid completely as I have found out the hard way that many of their products are of poor quality. Since I hadn't bought anything from Cover Girl for years, I thought I'd give one of their products a try for sh*ts and giggles. I purchased two of the lipsticks, Burn and Embrace. I picked Burn because the girl in the ad was wearing it and it looked hot. I picked Embrace because there were only a few colours left as the lipsticks were on sale at the time and Embrace was the brightest one! Funny story about Burn, my fiance actually purchased it, not me. I snuck it onto the grocery list as a joke to piss him off (he thinks I buy too much makeup), and he actually dug through the display to get it. He said that the pharmacist could see him digging through the lipstick from behind the counter and she was laughing at him! First of all, it wasn't for him, and second of all, what does she care if a man wants to wear lipstick? There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion so she should mind her own business! Anwyay, here's my review.

THE GOOD: The price on these certainly doesn't hurt as much as higher end brands. I got Burn for the regular price of $8.99 Canadian and Embrace was on sale for $6.99 when I got it. I think that the packaging is nicer than most packaging I see from Cover Girl. The application of the lipsticks was smooth and the colour payoff was pretty good. There is a wide range of colours available for this particular type of lipstick; however, the colours weren't anything special or unique, in my opinion. The wear time for these was surprisingly good, I wore both of them for 4 to 5 hours without needing a touch-up. They were both comfortable to wear as well.

THE BAD: These taste a bit funny and smell a bit funny. The taste was only bothersome for a short time after application but I found that they smelled "chemical-y" and I hated it. Also, Embrace showed up as a fantastic colour on my arm but for some reason it would not show up even close to that colour on my lips. Quite irritatingly, the Cover Girl displays and ads feature a model (I think it was Drew Barrymore or something) wearing what was supposed to be Burn. In real life, Burn does not look anywhere near as good as it does in the avertisements.

THE VERDICT: I would say that these are decent lipsticks for a decent price. To be honest, I am not particularly wowed by them, but they do the job. If you need a well-wearing, classic shade of lipstick for a good price, I think that Cover Girl Lip perfection lipsticks would be worth a try.


Embrace in different lighting conditions. I love how it shows up in the picture on the left but I can't for the life of me to get it to show up like that on my lips. It is a magenta/berry type of colour with some orange in it, if my eyes aren't totally mistaken.

Burn in different lighting conditions. Is it just me, or does this one have a bunch of orange in it as well.....? I was hoping that this colour would be super hot and vampy like it was in the ads, but in real life it is a pretty boring red with a bit of a shiny finish.




Since these lipsticks were nice but rather boring to me, I have a couple of "nice but rather boring" makeup looks to post that feature the lipsticks. Isn't that.....exciting. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, i'm very surprised that you don't like them that much! These have become some of my favorite lipsticks!

  2. "Since these lipsticks were nice but rather boring to me, I have a couple of "nice but rather boring" makeup looks to post that feature the lipsticks. Isn't that.....exciting. Stay tuned!" Haha, love the enthusiasm. Can't wait for the exciting/nice but rather boring looks. =]

  3. Hmm I see what you mean, Embrace looks great on your arm but not very exciting on your lips!

  4. Great advertising, "Nice but rather boring"
    I feel like i must read this post ha ha! :)

  5. You've been tagged!!!


  6. Welcome back, I tagged you! http://melissasrandommusings.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-abcs.html

  7. I have a few of these and I like the formula- I agree that the colors aren't too exciting though. I'm curious to try the Queen Collection shades to see if they are any different.

    Also in that promo with Drew Barrymore wearing "Burn" she is wearing a lipliner from the same line underneath and I *think* it's called "Passion"? I just looked for the ad in my magazine stack and only found the one with Taylor Swift wearing "Burn." It says she is wearing "Radiant" lipliner underneath the lippie. It sucks you need to buy two products to get the color featured in the ad.