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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Evil Shades Haul and Swatches

Awhile ago, I got some great new stuff from Evil Shades so I thought I would share some thoughts and swatches with you! I ordered a Winks and Kisses Gift Set (3 full size eyeshadows and 2 full size Deviant Lipsticks) and two Liquid Sin Lipglosses in Carna and Astrea's Embrace. I also got a replacement of the Hardcore Lips gloss in Just Like Candy. (I had ordered one previously but the one I got was made differently than usual and thus it was not as opaque as it should be was my understanding of the situation.)

As you can see, Evil Shades has changed their packaging! (Lucia and Carna have old packaging as they are both being discontinued). I personally LOVE the new label design, I think it is super cute! Also, they are WATER RESISTANT which is important to me as my makeup is often applied in the bathroom. I hate any labels that aren't water resistant as they tend to get ruined. The Deviant Lipsticks are also now in skinny tubes! I personally prefer these to the fatter ones. The business card is super cute too, I like how the owner lists her title as "Mistress of Color".

Anyway, I think the packaging changes are a great improvement! When I received my order, it was packed in a pink bag, which I thought was a nice touch.

The labelling on the bottom of the eyeshadows is NOT water resistant, and I will likely wreck these in short order. The ingredients and colour name are listed on the bottom of the jars.

I also ordered two more Hardcore Lips from a blog sale. I got Just Like Candy and Roue. I must say that I love the texture of Hardcore Lips; they are not sticky at all and go on really smoothly. Also, they taste and smell good too! I believe it is a "candy" flavour and scent.

From left to right: Lucia, Nightshade, and Nymphette. Lucia is no longer available on the website. I love all three of these colours!

Swatches of lip products from left to right: New Hardcore Lips Just Like Candy, old Hardcore Lips Just Like Candy, Liquid Sin Lipgloss in Astrea's Embrace, Liquid Sin Lipgloss in Carna, Deviant Lipstick in Fateful, Deviant Lipstick in Obscurity. Carna has been discontinued. Astrea's Embrace is now under the Hardcore Lips line.

Hardcore Lips from left to right: Roue and Not Your Barbie.


Hardcore Lips Just Like Candy (my first one)

New Just Like Candy.....Unfortunately it is still not as opaque as I was expecting it to be but it's better than the old one.

Hardcore Lips Not Your Barbie - the opacity of this gloss is quite good; the colour shows up really well.

Hardcore Lips Roue - I LOVE this colour! It is a blackened blue-red. It goes on opaque.

Liquid Sin Lipgloss in Astrea's Embrace - I ADORE this colour, it's so goth! It is a dark blackish purple with various colours (purple, blue, silver?) of sparkles in it.

Liquid Sin Lipgloss in Carna - a nice cherry red with gold sparkles in it.

Deviant Lipstick in Fateful - another awesome goth-y colour! It's purple-ish black with purple sparkles in it! SWEET!

Deviant Lipstick in Obscurity - I've been lusting after a dark navy blue lipcolour forever! This one goes on a little bit patchy so you need to work a bit to get it even. It looks good once you've got it smoothed out, though.

I was just on the Evil Shades website and am now lusting after the following products.....
-Hardcore Lips in Scream, Anastasia, and Dragon's Wing
-NEW blush shades in Ceylon, Kona, Pouty and ESPECIALLY Twizted! It's BLUE! I MUST TRY IT!
-Deviant Lipstick in Mage, Cyanide, Sorrow, Fiendish, and Primrose Path
-Maybe some of the new Arcane Collection Eyeshadows


  1. BLUE blush!? *omg runs to look*

  2. I hauled from that lip sale Easter weekend. I'm excited to get it!

  3. I got a bunch of new stuff too, I love the new packaging. And god i want some of the new lip colours and that blue blush!