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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One More From 2009: NEON GREEN!

Alrighty, one more post here from Festival Kinetik 2009! This was supposed to be a scheduled post on Friday but Blogger wasn't really cooperating with me. Thanks to Kitten Mittens who let me know about Draft Blogger; now that I'm using it I can comment again! Also, it has some new editor updates like "improved image INSERTION and POSITIONING" ***snicker*** Who doesn't love great insertion and positioning?  Anyway, I've been away from the old computer for a couple of days for a deadly exam of death and now I'm going to ramble on about goth industrial stuff.....

Here is my outfit for "Phase 4" of Festival Kinetik 2009. This was my favourite night as it was the EBM night! EBM, or electro-body music, is my favourite sub-genre of industrial music as it is highly danceable. I have no idea why it's called "electro body music", to be quite honest that sounds kind of......weird. ANYWAY, I was super excited because I got to see Astyplaz, Necessary Response, FGFC820, Pride and Fall, Assemblage 23, Das Ich, Icon of Coil, and XP8 live! I was just DYING to see XP8, they are from Italy and they were just fantastic live. I am in love with Assemblage 23, but for some reason, it is the ONLY band from the ENTIRE festival that I cannot for the life of me remember seeing! I know most of their songs, so this really makes no sense......I think I must have been overwhelmed by all the industrial goodness! I even have pictures of them and everything! Odd. The part of the evening that I was MOST excited about was Icon of Coil. I'm not sure if there are any industrial fans out there, but if there were, you would probably love Icon of Coil. They are my freakin' favourite! They are not really a band anymore (since approx. 2004 I believe) as the lead singer is now frontlining Combichrist and Panzer AG. They came back together to play for Festival Kinetik and I was SUPER excited; however, it was rather disappointing. The lead singer was DRUNK and I am pretty sure I knew more of the words than he did! I think a lot of people were crabby about this as there were MANY Icon of Coil fans there.

On to the makeup........


1. MAC Spring Bean Tinted Lipglass: I used this over top of an eye pencil on my lips. Results were not great, but I did not have anything better in the way of green lip products at the time.

2. Medusa's Makeup Glitter in Neon Green: I mixed this with eyeliner seal and painted some lines coming out from the eyeliner on my lower lashline.....looked kinda silly but glowed under UV lights.

3. Kryolan Aqua Colours in UV Green and UV Yellow: These colours were mixed together to create my lid colour.

4. Elise False Eyelashes: They had green in them! Sweet!

5. Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener in Stand Out: This was used as a lip colour and it failed miserably. You win some, you lose some.

6. My Old Faithful Maybelline Black Eyeliner was used, of course.

Under the UV lights!

This dress actually has black print on it. The print reacts
with camera flash and looks bright silver in photos.
The print on the stockings is silver and also reacts
with flash. NEAT!
Dress: DANE UK. I ordered this off of the internet and was FREAKING OUT because they carry clothes in "one size fits all", which we all know is NOT true. I was quite concerned that it would not fit me. I am about a size 9 (I suppose dress sizes are different in different countries so for reference, that's about a size large in general) so I was a little bit concerned being that I am not a petite lady. Thankfully, it is rather stretchy and I have seen people of a wide range of sizes wearing them.

Stockings: Also DANE UK. They are also a "one size" item, and they are a bit snug, I must say.

Cyberlox: I ordered these as a custom pair from I Kick Shins. They are actually not hard to make, but I believe the price difference between ordering your own supplies and having them made was not that much so I decided to get a pair made in this case.

Here's some more green stuff that I'd love to goth around with......


From left to right:
MAC Mineralize Blush in Miss Behave: I'll be using this frequently for goth looks as you can get a really neat green sheen by using the little heart in the middle!

Hot Topic crappy-but-UV reactive nail polish in cute little bottles.

Medusa's Makeup Mascara in Envy: I love coloured mascara, I'm thinking I might try using this to colour my eyebrows!


1. Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Midori: An awesome green colour!

2. Lise Watier Glitter Eyeliner in Golden Green.

3. Annabelle Eyeliner in Lotus

4. GOSH Let's Twist Eyeliner in Kamikaze: I think I actually used this for the above look but forgot to put it in the pic.

5. Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick in Enchanted Emerald: This is a fantastic colour to add to my green lip product collection!

6. Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick in Brilliant Lime: Oh how I wish I had this back in 2009!

7. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Botanical: My mother saw me testing this out one day (I was in town visiting my parents) and she thought I'd gone nuts (more nuts than she usually thinks I've gone after seeing my makeup, that is).

8. Medusa's Makeup Glitter in Wicca: It's got a cool name and it makes a sweet glitter eyeliner and would look pretty neat applied to the lips......

9. Miscellaneous Unlabeled UV-reactive-not-sure-if-it's-eye-safe green glitter: I dust this upon myself for a sparkly effect.

10, 11. GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliners in 05 and 06: I've done some neat stuff with these! They are really, really hard to remove once you've got them on.

12. Stargazer Florescent Pressed Powder in Florescent Forest: It's UV reactive!

13. MAC Eyeshadow in Bitter: One of my few MAC eyeshadows because I mostly hate them. This one I use for a "transitional" blending effect, or something.

14. Sugarpill Chromalust in Tipsy: I can't wait to use this one with this outfit!

15. UD 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Grafitti: I love this eyeliner, it's green with little silver sparklies!

16. MAC She Who Dares Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo (The green side): I DO like MAC's mineralize eyeshadows. This shadow is a dark blackish green with green sparkles, it's one of my favourites!

17. Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick in Gilded Lime: I bought this to specifically go with this outfit!

18. Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick in Absinthe: Will definitely be using this in a goth look in one way or another!

Totally unrelated to this post: I must share a piece of wisdom from EvilAngel via my comments for all the larger chested ladies out there: "Let the boobs fall where they may." Amen, sister.

Also totally unrelated to this post: I must share with you the comment of the month, courtesy of Kitten Mittens: "*side note: my word verification was "scrotora" sounds like a sack disease or a place where broken testicles go to heaven." LOL I had a good laugh over that one.

Who else loves neon and glow in the dark stuff? Check out Robyn from Stay Beautiful's UV photoshoot! Also, I am totally in love with this bright look by Nukleopatra!


  1. woooaahhh! looks great! I have a few Dane things, love them :)

  2. "Let the boobs fall where they may." LOL!

  3. Eeeeee, cyber locks! I've always wanted to get/make some of those, because I love touching and playing with them. ^_^ You look so great, love it! Also, it's great to know I'm not the only one who's obsessed with Morgana's green lippies, hehe. :p One size fits most things PISS ME OFF! I never know what the hell that means, and what I can or cannot buy, so I normally just avoid them altogether because I end up returning them anyways, haha.

  4. Ok. All your photos from this look adorable. It's ridiculous. I've never heard of Electronic Body Music. I'll have to look it up-- will Pandora have something for this?

    Also: the day Blogger gives us "reply" to comments is the day I celebrate. Because things I hate: not knowing responses unless I come back to blogs to find them ;)

  5. Is a size 9 really a 'large'? That's smaller than a UK size 12 D:
    Awesome looks, love all the UV green :)

  6. How cool is the dress?! Awesome.

  7. My oldest and most used nail polish is glow in the dark. It's gone gloopy, but I can't throw it out because the bottle is so cute, haha.

  8. That's so cool how the black reacted to flash! I would probably name the dress "my magic dress". Yep kinda corny but this coming from a girl who would use the flashlight that was on the top of her Kyocera cell phone to flash the bottom of a Smirnoff Ice bottle to make it glow and call it "my magic drink". Good ol murky booze.

    My Bitter eyeshadow is only good for a transitional shade. That beyotch has very little colour payoff and it makes me shake my noggin.

    And also, YAY!!! I'm glad the draft idea worked! I found out a bunch of people were having issues after I mentioned it to you, and I thought, "well crap, maybe blogger just IS broken", so I'm glad it worked!
    *happy buttshake dance*

  9. You haz an award!


  10. Wow that is SO cool! Lovely blog

  11. Awww, thankyou for the link! I'm in awe of your wardrobe, mine is very boring in comparison! And I agree with Andrea, I gave up on my boobs a long time ago!

  12. Gosh wish I could see those bands live!! <3 I love your outfit ^^

  13. wow love your blog--the makeup is fantastic!!! now following, come check out mine :))


  14. Where did you get the DANE dress? I saw a picture of a top I love but have been unable to find it anywhere!
    I would love to be pointed in a difection where I can get a few DANE pieces because they are the most amazing things ever!