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Monday, May 23, 2011

UV-Reactive Orange, Black Eyeliners, and Some Goth Club Essentials

Well isn't this just super appropriate: it has come to my attention that today (May 22) is WORLD GOTH DAY! It's a weird coincidence, as I have just begun my week of all goth posts! I was inspired to do my little goth week because I am missing Festival Kinetik right now; I am rather pleased that today is World Goth Day! I have no idea who came up with the idea for World Goth Day, nor what it celebrations it entails, but I am pleased nonetheless.

ANYWAY, today I am going to share with you my makeup and outfit that I wore to the pre-festival club night for Kinetik 2009. They have a goth club night before the festival starts so you can dance around to industrial music and meet people from around the world who came to Montreal for the festival. I met people from all over Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and the U.K. It was super fun! I did a pretty basic makeup look as I had just gotten off the plane that day and was tired.


1. Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner was used quite copiously. What else is new?

2 & 3. I mixed Kryolan UV Reactive Aquacolours in UV Yellow and UV Orange to get a great eyelid colour that matched my outfit. These look just awesome under UV lights! This Kryolan palette is one of my goth go-to products because I love to glow under UV lights and the palette is very convenient, it even has little wells for mixing the colours together! I ordered this palette from the ebay store of the owner of Sugarpill Cosmetics years ago.

4. My lipstick colour was Lime Crime My Beautiful Rocket.***

5. I used a Kabuki brush to dust UV reactive orange glitter over my shoulders and decolletage.


Dreadfalls: DropDeadDreads. I do not think they are in business anymore as far as I know. These dreads glow under UV light, OF COURSE!

Bustier: La Vie En Rose.

Corset, Collar, Sleeves, and Skirt: Artifice Clothing. Oh how I love their clothing but not their customer service. I wish I could order more stuff from them, but my experience with their company in the past (2008) was quite poor. Perhaps things have changed since then, I really wouldn't know. This whole outfit is a wonderful thing for cyber-gothish types of looks because it is made out of PVC that.....you guessed it....glows under UV lights! I was lighting up the place in this outfit!

Boots: Demonia.

I also thought that today I would share with you some of my goth clubbing essentials as well as some of my favourite black eyeliners!


1. Duo Lash Adhesive in dark tone: The dark tone lash adhesive is a MUST if you are going to wear false eyelashes with a ton of black makeup! It's a great idea to throw it in your purse with a little applicator in case dancing to industrial music happens to dislodge one of your falsies! (It happens!)

2. Manic Panic Goth White makeup: I like to have some of this around to slightly lighten up my foundation. It's small and easy to carry around for touch ups.

3. Hair clips/bobby pins: These should be carried around lest vigorous dancing dislodge one's dreadfalls, cyberlox, or other hair inserts. When these become dislodged due to poor installation technique, it can be very embarrassing!

4. A fragrance pen or other portable means of scent-touch up is always nice to have when you're out clubbing.

5. A cute cigarrette case: These are a great way to carry your I.D. and money when you have a small purse.

6. A retractable lip brush: This is essential for lip-touch ups if you shall be having a few beverages. I really like my MAC one.

7. Concealer: A good concealer is always good to have in one's purse for late-night touch ups. I enjoy Cover FX Camouflage Concealer.

8. A mini-black eyeliner: Another essential for touch-ups.

9. A UV reactive nail topcoat: I wouldn't carry this in my purse, but it's something I consider essential for my goth club looks.

10. Primer: I like MAC Prep and Prime. Primer is essential for keeping one's makeup intact while dancing for extended periods of time.

11, 12. Eye Primer: When I goth around, I often wear a lot of eye makeup. I also dance lots, which may lead to sweating lots. When wearing this much makeup, it is ESSENTIAL that it DOES NOT MOVE under any circumstances. I find that UDPP with MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre almost NEVER lets me down!

13. Oil blotting sheets: These are great to have in your purse for clubbing so that you can touch up your makeup. I have no preference, I buy cheap ones.


1. Barbie Loves Stila Smudgepot in Little Black Dress: It's black with pink and purple sparkles!

2. Avon Daring Definition Gel Eyeliner: I don't really like Avon and I don't really like gel eyeliners but for some reason I love this product!

3. An Old Faithful - Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner: It's black, it's cheap, and I've been using it since I was 15. If they discontinue this one, I'm f**ked.

4. Lise Watier Glitter Eyeliner in Black Diamond: Black eyeliner with black and silver sparkles.....OH YES!

5. UD 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Perversion (matte black).

6. UD 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero: It's a classic!

7. Geisha Ink black liquid eyeliner pen: I use this for making fine lines.

8. Maybelline Line Stiletto : This one dries to a shiny finish, which I think is super neat!

9. UD 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Oil Slick: I often use this black liner with sliver sparkles for smudging along my lower lashline.

10. Lise Watier Precious Eyeliner: This one has more of a brush tip than a felt tip so it gives a different effect when applied.

11. Medusa's Makeup eyeliner in Black Panther: I like to use this one for creating a smudged effect.

Happy World Goth Day! What are your favourite black eyeliners?

***LIME CRIME DISCLAIMER: I have a few Lime Crime products that I bought shortly after their online store launched (i.e. a couple years ago). At this time, I am aware that there have been some "issues" with this company. Since I spent money on the products and I like them, I have decided to continue using them. However, I DO NOT purchase Lime Crime makeup anymore and will not support their business in the future as I am uncomfortable with the actions of the owner. Please do your own research and make your own decisions when choosing makeup companies. ***


  1. Holy crap that outfit is amazing!!!! I has major jealousies you can wear kick ass boots.

  2. I love that outfit! Also, the cigarette case is adorable!

  3. OH MY GOD. YOUR OUTFIT. *dies*

    I hate that we have to explain ourselves for using Lime Crime...I'm the same way. I have a couple lipsticks and I love them but I feel bad for loving them haha

  4. I Love Kryolan! NOM NOM NOM
    Your outfit looks awesome!
    I missed world goth day because it's already the 23rd here :(

    Also I am glad someone else thinks that UV nail polish top coat is a must have!

    I have never used oil blotting sheets, I should. Might pick some up this week, I am going dancing this weekend

  5. Wowza! You're a knockout in that outfit lady! And the Barbie loves Stila smudgepot sounds delicious! Can't wait for the rest of your goth posts!

  6. HELLO OUTFIT. Wow. Your eyeliner collection made me laugh!

    I didn't know it was World Goth Day either! I did a photoshoot yesterday (a UV one where, incidentally, I used the Kryolan UV paints. Fyi, get Evil Shades Fateful, it are look good under UV!) and one of the models, who is a goth, told me it was some magazine's idea. Eh. Excuse to drink, right?

  7. Woooow amazing outfit! Totally in love with it!

  8. Amazing Outfit!
    I love the Kroylan UV colors, I got a couple of them. So bright!

  9. Best. Outfit. Ever. And the hair: awesome. Awesome!!

  10. Hot DAYM girl!! Hot outfit! Kryolan is so awesome.