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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards!

Holy crap! I am getting really backlogged on my posts! I have a bunch of reviews, lots of swatches, a guest post, and a whole bunch of looks to post! Also, many nice ladies have passed awards on to me!

I must say that this is very nice of people to do! Thank you to the following lovely bloggers, please be sure to stop by their blogs to check them out!

Vijaya from Fierce Nerditude: If you're looking for in-depth reviews of newer indie brands, her blog is an excellent rescource! Her reviews are very thorough and I love the fact that she lip swatches eye shadows because I enjoy using powders for lip looks! (I got two of these awards from her!)

Sonia from Red Lips, Black Hair: A beautiful lady with fantastic taste in makeup! Check out the picture of her makeup table in her header.....drooooool.....

The lovely ladies from Beauty Raid: Head on over to their blog to check out eyeshadow looks featuring indie companies! Also, GenkiOriana used to work out to Rammstein, so she's alright in my book!

Does this mean I have to do 28 facts about myself? I don't think I even HAVE 28 facts. Well, here we go....

1. I really hate driving.

2. I really love Playstation 1 games. I'm livin' in the past. I also still have my PS2, I think now that I'm done school I might get an XBox or a PS3.

3.  I used to be terrified of blush and had no idea how to choose a blush colour. I wore everything else heavily but every time I looked at a blush I just COULD NOT picture it on. I only started wearing blush a few years ago.

4. My best friend from my home city had a brilliant idea to start a radio show on community radio last summer. Since I was in town for a summer internship, I joined her in this endeavor. I played lots of goth industrial dance music, of course. She's still going strong with the radio show almost one year later! You may have seen her on this blog before in "hot mess" (incidentally our radio show is called "A Hot Mess", and what a hot mess it is!) She's also the lady who sewed me my PVC pink and black goth stuff!

Phenobarbiedoll and Miss Vicious: The hosts of A Hot Mess
5. Oh my, the radio show was fun. It wasn't so fun going to work the next day as we were on at 1 am on Thursday nights! We got in trouble several times for using language that is not appropriate for use on the air. One of my transgressions was saying "tits". I personally do not consider this to be a swear, how about you?

6. I asked my radio friend to do a blog post for me because she bought a bunch of  MAC Wonder Woman stuff and she did! I'll be posting it very soon! 

7. Right now, there are two sets of tires in my living room. I can't wait to move as I will actually have a basement in which to store things!

8. I used to have really long hair. It was almost down to my @$$. About a year ago, I was really bored so I went to the salon, asked them to put it in a ponytail and chop it all off.......and here I am today with short hair.

9. I had never really had short hair in my life, so now every time I see someone with long hair, I get serious hair envy.

10. I am engaged but I will not be having a wedding. I don't like making a big deal out of stuff that I do and would feel very uncomfortable having an "all about me" kind of day. We are pretty much just going to sign our lives away and get drunk with some family and friends after!

11. In case you haven't noticed, I have a small obsession with things that glow in the dark.

12. My natural hair colour is a washed-out brown. Blah.

13. The car I drive right now is a navy blue 2001 Chevy Cavalier. It is the most basic car but I love it, it never gives me any problems. When it comes to cars/phones/computers I don't want any fancy stuff. I just want it to work.

14. When I drive to work, I like to crank goth dance floor anthems on my cd player. Rockin' a subwoofer in a Cavalier is good times!

15. When I am able to buy a new car, I would love a nice, black, Mazda 3. They're simple, reliable, and easy to drive.

16. I just realized that I am SUPER boring.

17. Several months ago, I started to work on my running at the gym. When I started, I could barely go for 2 minutes. Now, I can go for 40 minutes and I'm still working on it.

18. Do you know what really irritates me? Those Charmin commercials where the bear has TP stuck to his @$$ and then the mother bear is all like, "You didn't pass inspection!" WTF? Who inspects their kid's @$$? Do parents do this? I don't know, I don't have kids. This seems like an issue that needn't be broadcast about on TV. YUCK.

19. I would really love to learn to speak German. I love listening to industrial bands that sing in German, it always sounds so cool!

20. I like scrapbooking, but I never have time to do it.

21. I bought the Coastal Scents bath bomb making kit and made my dear friend who is pictured above a set of bath bombs that looked like boobs. Good times.

22. Some of my favourite shows to watch lately are RuPaul's Drag Race and Tabatha's Salon Takeover.

23. My eyebrows don't grow in the same place as each other. No matter how much I pluck them, I can't fix it because one is higher than the other. This is a constant source of irritation for me because I use them as a landmark to do my makeup and then things always come out lopsided.

24. I can't smell the supposed vanilla scent in MAC's lip products. They don't really smell like anything at all to me.

25. I am a chronic insomniac. I have had this problem most of my life. It is to the point where I don't even notice anymore.

26. I am a major introvert and most people that I know well tell me that they found me to be really unapproachable/intimidating before they knew me. Once you get to know me, you'll find that I'm quite the idiot with a "special" sense of humour!

27. I'm a PC. I can't stand Mac (computer) stuff! I have an Ipod touch because it allows me to look up electronic references at work and I HATE IT!!!! Angry Birds is not fun!

28. A picture says 1,000 words.......

I will pass one of each of my awards on to the following blogs, which you should check out if you haven't already!

The Stylish Blogger Award:

1) Lycanthropica: I love her style and she's got fantastic hair!

2) Glostix: Miss Bekka's got awesome nails and just posted a really great makeup brush storage idea for those who live in smaller spaces!

3) Jade Goes With Everything: She does beautiful looks and has a great review/swatch series of posts going on right now!

One Lovely Blog Award:

4) Faeries Stole My Lipstick: Man, I've been loving the looks on this blog lately (and always, for that matter)! I especially enjoyed the recent Star Trek TNG-inspired one and the Mystique inspired look!


  1. Ooo thanks! glad I only have to do 7 facts hahaha!

  2. Good job with the 28 facts, i would struggle like anything to list that many!
    I love scrapbooking, same here though never seem to find the time for it! :)

  3. I can't smell the vanilla in Mac lipsticks either!
    I took German in high school purely to understand Rammstein lyrics :P
    We don't have that Charmin ad over here, it sounds disturbing.
    PS3s look great but it really sucks that they're not backwards compatible, I love PS1 and 2 games.
    It was super hard for me to come up with 7 facts, how you came up with 28 is beyond me!

  4. .Once you get to know me, you'll find that I'm quite the idiot.'

    BRILLIANT. Me too. Lets have some beers and look at cats.

  5. hahahah the toliet paper commercial makes me lose it every time too. Although: my kitten has been having some back end problems lately and I found myself inspecting HER ass the other night. >_< So who knows. Maybe kids have ass problems. Maybe non-parents just don't understand. Maybe parents check kid asses all day long and we're out of the loop being non-pregnant, non-baby-makers.

    Who knows. ;) Asses. They may get checked. ;)

  6. Teheeee games systems, I'm also kind of behind. We have a PS2 and a Game Cube. I almost broke down and bought the PS3 b/c it came with Call of Duty but I still didn't wanna dish out $300. I heard a 4th is comming out so maybe the price shall drop. PERHAPS!

    And I think it's pretty balls you can't say tits on the radio.

    Hair envys. I has that. Mine used to be long because I only went like once a year to get it cut because I didn't feel like spending the money for it to grow out again. But after shopping a whole frikkin cats-worth, yeah, feeling kinda neck naked here.

    You are NOT BORING

    And yeah that bear commercial is creepy, I don't even wanna zoom in on cartoon bear butt.
    Scrapbooking, I have a whole cart full of pretty papers and ribbons and crap, and I've only made 1 page in 5 years...

    Macs infuriate me. My dude is a Mac guy, I'm the anti-Mac. Sure I have an iphone but even the fact I can only delete music by loading it into my computer pisses me off. There should be an X. X is easy! Wouldn't wanna make stuff easy now would we.

    #28 is the bestest fact EVAR! :)

  7. Funny thing about the Vanilla scent: I can smell it, but to me it doesn't smell like vanilla. I just nod and agree, 'cause everyone else says it is! xD