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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super Funny Search Terms

Good evening. I am coming at you from a hotel in a small town where I was trying to work on a post regarding goth makeup but something's gone wrong. I'll have to finish it when I am home this weekend. I thought this might be a good time for a post that does not involve pictures.

Every now and again, I look a the "statistics" that Blogger provides us all with that show how many people look at your stuff and where they come from. I am not weird about stats as my blog is just for fun, but the odd time I get a good laugh out of it. Here are some recent search terms that, for reasons I do not fully comprehend, lead people to my blog.

-"Rainbow Concert Zebra Microphone"

-"UV Reactive Orange Pants"

-"15 Years of Zebra Anniversary"

And last, but not least, my favourite:

-"Angry Kabuki Face"

I must say that I had a good laugh over these. I wonder if any of these people found what they were looking for.......

Do you ever check the search terms that people used to find your blog? If so, does anyone have any amusing ones? I'd love to hear them!


  1. lol.. Angry Kabuki face?? wat does that mean actually?? :))

  2. Oh...oh my. I wonder if these were serious searches or these people really had too much time on their hands.

  3. Angry Kabuki Face!!! :D I love it!

  4. Haha, amazing. The only thing people seem to find mine searching is Tico Taco (but that really is a title for one of my entries that I wrote aftering seeing Rio) The thing I do find odd is that most of the people who visit my blog seem to come from Russian web addresses. Not sure how I tie into Russia.

  5. I have this random post I made a while ago with "Secret Garden" in the title, not so weird. But despite being one of my least commented posts, it's ALWAYS at the top of my most visited/most activity. Apparently some popular Japanese film of the same title came out recently so that's where all the traffic is coming from. Weird.

  6. bwahahahaha Angry Kabuki Face LOL.

    I recently had ".a. colors 5 color metalliz eyeshadow in wine and roses"

    ... No idea.

    I also jokingly tagged some Katy Perry lyrics in a post once and I got SO many hits off of people typing "got drunk on the beach" and "we drove to cali" and something about nakedness.

  7. The best one I have is "pretty green toes". ;) Angry kabuki face is pretty much the best find ever. Although rainbow concert zebra microphone is like someone picked random words and strung them together. Who types that? Who's LOOKING for that? I can almost understand the angry face one, maybe someone in drama etc. But the angry zebra concert rainbow microphone? ... ;) That one might be the most random search EVER. Did it have more than one ding? (Er, or hit?)

  8. I love these! The Zebra microphone one is just so random! Love it hehe. I hope these people found what they were looking for too. :D

  9. Haha, I just checked mine and one of them is "ballerina do a floating". I have know idea what that means...

  10. i have some that really make me go O_o and sometimes post them on twitter...can't remember off the top of my head, but a lot of the nude/naked ones crack me up because i know they are heavily disappointed to not see boobs and instead see the NAKED palette from ud :P

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  11. lmao!!! My recent fave is "Ruthless Cosmetics Dbag" but I think that's because it's what I titled one of the pics in that rant, so maybe they were looking for that pic?


    "hooker makeup"

    awww that makes me warm and fuzzy inside :D

  12. *snort* that's hysterical! i think the craziest keywords someone's ever searched on my blog was 'picking my nose.' but that's it. my blog's fairly boring, i guess! lmao


    I get some pretty weird hits based off my post titles, like a few people have found my blog from "If you're the Dark Lord, why are you white" and "Tranny Doll" XD

  14. Mine seems pretty normal like:
    sugarpill burning heart palette
    directions coral red

    but then there is this one:

    What does that mean and why does it relate to my blog :s

  15. LOL wouldn't you just love some UV reactive orange pants!

  16. ahahahahahahahaaaa great post!!! I often blog about urban decay's naked palette and how to apply makeup on asian eyes... SO, one of my top search terms is "naked asians"... it pops up several times daily!!