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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas and Handmade Gifts

At this time of the year, I celebrate a secular version of Christmas that I refer to as Xmas. I always go back to my hometown to see my friends and family; I could only get time off last week so I had a bit of an early get-together with my family. For Xmas eve at my own house, I did present opening with my "husband" and cats and then sat around all day listening to old Revolting Cocks records that I found at a used CD store while reading blogs! On Xmas day, I may or may not have got drunk on mead and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ("HALLELUJAH HOLY SH*T WHERE'S THE TYLENOL!?!?" Don't we all feel a bit like that at this time of the year sometimes?) I am not much into festivities, I just like to have a couple of quiet days off at home sometimes. As long as I get to visit my friends and family back home at some point, I'm good.

Here is my very goth Xmas tree; YES, it is BLACK!!! (Yet it somehow still looks Xmas-appropriate.) To the person out there somewhere who thought to make and sell a BLACK pre-lit artificial tree: you are f*cking awesome!!! 

Have a very goth xmas!!
One of my favourite parts of going back home is seeing my good friend that I have known forever. We had a great time hanging out with her and her boyfriend at the house that she just bought. I always get awesome handmade gifts for Xmas and my birthday from her (if you read my blog regularly you've likely seen me wearing her handmade creations many times before) and I just wanted to show a couple of those here. 


The perfect gift for the disgruntled yet hygiene-conscious pharmacist on your list!


For these she got a plain black pair of shoe boots and PAINSTAKINGLY applied EACH CRYSTAL to the heels BY HAND. MY GOD, that must have taken forever! Look at the close up detail:

Sorry for the cat hair, it is courtesy of Twiggy whom you can see in the background of this picture.

RANDOM FACT: I wore my crystal shoes to go see CRYSTAL CASTLES awhile back! Awesome shoes, awesome band!

Alice Glass
I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and gets to spend whichever holiday they celebrate with their family and friends! If you don't celebrate any holiday at this time of the year, then have an awesome day!

 Happy Holidays  from Twiggy Ramirez and James T. Kirk
What do you celebrate at this time of the year?

Appropriate for the Holidays Look

At this time of the year, many of us are celebrating various holidays. This often means that we will have family or work functions to attend and thus we must do our makeup in an appropriate manner, lest our bosses/grandmothers/mothers-in-law disapprove. When one is a makeup junkie, one might be tempted to crack out their brightest green and red shadows and glue snowflake cutouts or jingle-balls to their face to get themselves in a festive mood. Unfortunately, when one is supposedly a functional adult member of society, these types of looks just don't fly at one's great grandmother's dinner table or husband's office party. Here is my take on a makeup look that one can wear for a holiday function without anybody questioning their sanity!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

CHEEKS: Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

LIPS: Lise Watier Festive Gloss.

EYES: Base: UDPP, MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Eyeshadows: Lise Watier Festive Palette trio in Soleil.
Eyeliners: UD 24/7 Liner in Baked, UD Perversion, Maybelline Liquid Black Eyeliner.
Mascara: Lise Watier 24 Hours Glam.






Have you ever got a bit carried away with your makeup for a family or work function? 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Wedding Reception

Here is a look I wore to a wedding reception that was held at a hotel/casino in the wintertime. I think this type of look would be good for Xmas/Holiday/New Year's parties as it has some metallic shine to it and a pop of gold. I always feel like I'm holiday party-ready if I've got a bit of gold eyeshadow in my look!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: Evil Shades Blush in Burlesque.

LIPS: MAC Lipstick in Victorian.

EYES: Base: UDPP, MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, Lise Watier Metamorfix.
Eyeshadows: Estee Lauder Cyber Lilac, Lise Watier Magic Pearls eyeshadow in Orchid, Sugarpill Goldilux.
Eyeliners: MUFE Aqua Liner #8, Maybelline Line Stiletto, UD Perversion.
Mascara: Lise Watier 24 Hours Glam.






GOOD LORD we both always look so awkward in pictures!! JEEZ!
THE MAN: Calvin Klein suit and purple shirt and tie from some kind of man's dress up clothing/suit type store or something.

Necklace: Le Chateau Outlet
Dress: Le Chateau Outlet
Watch: Nixon.
Tights: H & M.
Shoe Boots: Le Chateau Outlet

I like to wear this particular style of dress to parties where one will be sitting down for dinner or having food. It is form fitting (but not too tight) with a sheer drape over top of it. It still shows your shape but the drape makes it a bit more forgiving and comfortable for when one is sitting down and eating lots ;) 

Got any holiday parties coming up? What are you wearing?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Estee Lauder Cyber Eyes

Hello! Here is another late to the party post! I wanted to share some swatches of my Estee Lauder Cyber Eyes shadows.  These are from last year but I managed to find two of these on blog sales somewhat recently so you can still find them if you like them that much. I really liked these because I am a fan of metallic shadows (and they were called CYBER EYES so I had to get some). These are really nicely pigmented and wear very well. I am sad that I missed out on getting Cyber Teal as that was the most awesome colour in the collection in my opinion!



Cyber Lilac in all its glory! This is a dry swatch!

From left to right: Cyber Green, Cyber Pink, and Cyber Lilac.

Cyber Green is freakin' awesome. My shitty photography doesn't really do it justice; it is a really dark, blackened metallic green. I have been looking for a colour like that for a long time! Cyber Pink is pretty but kind of meh in my opinion.

Did you buy any of these? What did you think of them?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Club Look: Metallic Blue

Here is a look I did using Sugarpill Chromalusts! I wanted a multi-dimensional metallic blue look so I took some Pixie Epoxy (which I still suck at using, for the record) and applied it to my entire eyelid and crease. I randomly dabbed Magpie and Starling in different spots over top and then kind of blended them together. I'm not sure if the final effect was quite what I was going for, but it turned out okay I suppose. I also used one of my Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balms in Starburst. It is a deep navy blue with sparkles and a slight metallic sheen. Metallic blue FTW!!!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud and UD 24/7 Liner in Binge.

CHEEKS: Spellbound By Jynx blush in B7.

LIPS: Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner and Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balm in Starburst.

EYES: Base: UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Eyeshadow: Sugarpill Chromalusts: Magpie,Starling, Royal Sugar.
Eyeliner: Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Infinite, Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner in Blue Comet, Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner.
Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies.
False Lashes: Jealousness (black with metallic silver bits) from KKCenterHK whom I shall never order from again.




My eye pictures did not work. FAIL!



Cyberlox: By me.
Goggles: I Kick Shins.
Necklace: My Little Ponytail.
Corset and Skirt: Artifice Clothing.
Cuff: Cryoflesh.
Stockings: Ebay.
Boots: Demonia.

I really love the necklace that I got from My Little Ponytail when I was in Montreal earlier this year. It is made of computer parts and an LED which lights up (you can kind of see it in the above picture). There is a battery in it that can be turned one way or another which makes it light up either white or blue! Very cyber!

Do you like metallic eyeshadows? Have any favourites?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sugarpill: Swatch ALL THE COLOURS!!!!

.....well, all the colours except !@#$. I never did get my hands on that one, which may be a good thing. I briefly considered calling this post "You Know You Have a Problem When......" but I didn't. I am in "makeup rehab" aka NOT ALLOWED TO BUY MAKEUP right now and perhaps this post will show you why.  For my birthday earlier this year, my friend got me the last few Sugarpill Chromalusts that I did not have in my collection and now I have ALL the current Sugarpill colours except for !@#$. Since I am sure many ladies stocked up on Sugarpill on Black Friday weekend and are eagerly waiting for their packages in the mail, here are some swatches of the goodness to come!



From left to right: Tako, Dollipop, 2AM, Poison Plum, Velocity, Afterparty, Mochi, Midori, Acidberry, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Love+, Bulletproof.


From left to right: Magpie, Royal Sugar, Starling, Junebug, Darling, Tipsy, Absinthe, Goldilux, Asylum.

From left to right: Lumi, Stella, Tiara, Birthday Girl, Decora, Magnetric, Weekender, Hysteric, Paperdoll.

Apparently, Sugarpill will be releasing new colours in the near future according to various blog posts. I am trying to decide whether to restrain myself or keep on collecting!

Do you have anything from Sugarpill? What are your favourite colours?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

'Tis Cyber Monday. Seems like a good time to post a cyber goth look. For this look, I wanted to try out one of my new Tokidoki Prisma Lip Glosses that I got for $7 on sale at Sephora. The packaging is really cute (they have little sparkly thingers in the cap) and they make them in colours that don't necessarily belong in the lip area so I felt the need to give them a try. I am rather sorry I did because, in short, I HATE them. They are kind of oily in consistency and don't show up well on one's lips. Because of their oily consistency, if you layer them over lipstick, it disrupts the colour and causes bleeding to occur. They smell like weird candy and the applicator tip is a FLAPPY, FLAT, PLASTIC PADDLE. I have never encountered that before in a gloss and I did not care for it. I am glad I did not pay full price for these! 

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundatin. 

CHEEKS: MAC Mineralize Blush in Miss Behave, Hard Candy Moon Glow Luminizing Powder.

BROWS: Some eyebrow pencil or another.

LIPS: Morgana Cryptoria Gilded Lime lipstick (looks awesome without horrible Tokidoki gloss on it!), Tokidoki Prisma Lip Gloss in SANDy.

EYES: Base: UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Eyeshadows: From the Sleek Acid Palette.
Eyeliners: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner, MUFE Aqua Liner #15, Sephora Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner in Silver, UD Perversion.
Glitter: Medusa's Makeup Wicca and Neon Green (was sprinkled on decolettage, not visible in picture)
Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Flared.




You'd think I might pluck my god-forsaken eyebrows every now and again, jeez!


Did you shop for any makeup this Cyber Monday? 
Do you like flappin' a paddle on your lips to apply gloss?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday.  From what I can tell, there are a LOT of great makeup sales going on! However, I am in a bit of a makeup "rehab" at the moment so I am not going to be buying anything (which actually feels kind of good, I have a lot of nice stuff already!) Anyway, here's some makeup that I did on Black Friday last year but didn't post because I'm way behind and it kind of sucked ;) I was wearing Potent Fig Mattene Lipstick from MAC which had a horrible finish to it and I was experimenting with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy; I kind of screwed it up as you can see in the eye photos. I also started doing some classic goth filligree eyeliner and then realized I'm the only goth who can't do that so I stopped myself before it got any worse.

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: A Hot Mess Cosmetics blush in Crushed (made by me)

LIPS: MAC Potent Fig Mattene Lipstick.

EYES: Base: UDPP, MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.
Eyeshadows: A Hot Mess Cosmetics Space Oddity and Violet Storm (made by me), Sugarpill Weekender, Wet N Wild Lust Palette.
Eyeliner: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner, UD Perversion.
Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Flared.



I was very disappointed in this MAC Mattene. Potent Fig (above) is rather sheer and applied unevenly. The other Mattene I have (Night Violet) has a nice, opaque, matte finish. The only way that Potent Fig works for me is over a lipliner which I am often too lazy to use.

First world problem: I can't do fancy eyeliner swirly type things.

As you can see, my eyeshadows look quite patchy due to my inexperience with Pixie Epoxy at the time. I have since figured out how to use it properly for the most part.

Me and my uber-goth showerhead from my old place.

Synth Dreads: Made by me.
Headband: Le Chateau.
Collar: Made by my husband to whom I am not technically married.
Top: Lelk.
Waist Cincher: Deadly Couture.
Gauntlets: Made by me.
Skirt: Ebay.
Boots: Demonia.
Did you find any good deals on makeup this Black Friday?

Friday, November 23, 2012

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

One of my favourite things about Fall/Winter is the vampy lipcolours! I'm sure many of you agree. Some of my favourite shades for this season come in the form of NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils.

I really love the formulation of these pencils. They have a gorgeous matte finish without looking dry and they wear for HOURS. They come in a wide range of colours and they apply like a dream! NARS also offers Velvet Gloss lip pencils which I have not tried yet if you prefer a more glossy finish.  They are somewhat pricey at $30 CAD but I feel that these are very good quality.


From left to right: Dragon Girl, Cruella, Damned, Train Bleu.
My only complaint about these is that the darker shades (Cruella, Damned, Train Bleu) seem to lean a bit BROWNISH to me. In the 90's when I was a tween and first got my hands on some makeup to mess about with, BROWN lipstick was fashionable.I am pretty sure I recall having a lipstick that was the colour of a terra-cotta flower pot but more brown. *SHUDDER*  All I have to say with regard to brown lipstick is NEVER AGAIN. I think the colours are flattering on me but whenever something seems a little brown-y it makes me freak out a bit!
Do you see the brown tinge to these colours or am I just losing it? Have you ever the Velvet Gloss pencils? I'd love to hear what you think of them!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Club Look: Glitter Goth

Here is a look I did using Milani Cryztal Eyez! I did a basic eye look with silver and black shadows and then took a chiseled eyeshadow brush and sort of dabbed on the sparkles. The holographic sparkles really stand out in club lighting! I wanted to wear some glitter on my eyes to go with the glitter vinyl corset I received from my husband awhile back for my birthday.

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

LIPS: Illamasqua Pristine with Fyrinnae Pierced over top.

CHEEKS: My Pretty Zombie Drugs Like Me blush in LSD.

EYES: Base: UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Eyeshadows: From the Sleek Sparkle Palette: Tinsel, Noir, Glitz & Glamour. Milani Crystal Eyez Lovely and Luminous.
Eyeliners: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner, MUFE Aqua Liner #14, Inglot Liquid Eyeliner in 27 Silver, UD Perversion.
Mascara: Lise Watier 24 Hours Glam.
False Eyelashes: random Halloween ones.



Blurry for sparkles!!



Cyber Falls: Made by me.
Goggles: I Kick Shins
Collar: Le Chateau
Corset: Sweet Carousel Corsetry
Skirt: Ebay
Bracelet: Walmart
Non-Feather Boa: Manic Panic
Boots: Demonia
Who else likes to crack out the GLITTER???