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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fyrinnae Review and Eyeshadow Swatches

Quite some time ago, I made my first order from the well-known independent makeup company Fyrinnae. I have also ordered a couple of times since then. Here are my thoughts on the company and their eyeshadows (I may review Pixie Epoxy and their Lip Lustres another time).


-Fyrinnae products are available through a webstore.

-Product photos are clear but do not capture the true colours well. This may be due to the complexity of the colours of many of their products. I would recommend searching blogs for swatches rather than picking colours based on the pictures on the website.

-Some products have swatch photos and some don't. The swatch photos are more accurate than the product photos.

-All products offered on their website are vegan which is excellent.

-All products offered are lip safe unless otherwise stated in the product description.

-Ingredients are listed on product labels and are also listed on the website.

-In general, the website is easy to navigate. You can sort eyeshadows by finsish, colour, etc.


-A rather long TAT has often been stated on their website since I started investigating it (about a year ago). HOWEVER, I got my orders in a MUCH SHORTER TIME than was stated on the website. I have placed three orders with them and have received them very quickly each time.

-I had no problems with customer service.

-I got one free sample with my orders. NICE!


-The website is closed A LOT.

-When the website is open, I have tried to order on SEVERAL occasions and my cart would not work and it would not let me purchase anything.

-Product availability is inconsistent. It took me so long to order from them because I wanted to wait until their lip lustres came back. (I ended up making the order that I'm showing in this post long before they came back.) Eyeshadow colour availability is also inconsistent.

-When one goes to check out after ordering, a message over top of one's cart tells you that all international (outside of the US) orders over $50 will be cancelled. I wish that this was listed on their shipping or FAQ page such that I would have known that prior to filling my cart. There may be a good reason for this but I have no idea what it is.

-I realize that this is an independent company and whoever runs it may have a hard time keeping up with demand. The demand for Fyrinnae's products seems to be very high but it just seems to me like the owner(s) have a REALLY hard time keeping up. (NOTE: I know nothing about who/how many people run the company or whether they have personal/health issues or things like that. I do understand that things happen in life and that it is hard to run a small business.)

-All of the above reasons have prevented me from ordering more from their website.


-Products arrived very securely packaged in cardboard and cute tissue paper.

-Jars for Arcane Magic eyeshadows have black rims and all other shadows are packaged in clear jars.

-Jars have non-water resistant labels bearing the name of the eyeshadow printed on it. Some have ingredient lists printed on them, some don't.


-Arcane Magic eyeshadows are $6.48 CAD and $2.04 CAD for a mini sample size which comes in a jar.

-Regular eyeshadows are $6.02 CAD and $2.04 for a mini sample size which comes in a jar.

-I feel that the pricing is very reasonable. Shipping costs are very low.

(I also ordered Pixie Epoxy but I will cover that in another post)

Fyrinnae offers two different kinds of eyeshadows: Arcane Magic and their regular shadows.The Arcane Magic shadows are colour shifting and look different depending on lighting. I would say that many of their regular shadows have this effect as well.

THE GOOD: After trying these out, I see that there is good reason for the hype surrounding Fyrinnae's eyeshadows. I've heard so many awesome things about them and I was not disappointed. The colours that I ordered are complex and unique; you won't find shadows like this from anywhere else! They apply smoothly, are highly pigmented, and have great wear (they passed both the Goth Club and the Weekday tests with no creasing). An interesting thing about these eyeshadows (especially the Arcane Magic ones) is that they look different when applied in different ways. For example, if you rub some of them down they look different than they would if you patted them on. When you apply them with Pixie Epoxy (also from Fyrinnae) they look SO FREAKIN' COOL!!! There are a wide variety of colours to choose from so there is definitely something for everyone.

THE BAD: One thing about the eyeshadows that I didn't like was that it is hard to know what they will look like on when you look at them in the jars. When you are making up looks and you've never used them before it certainly makes it hard to know if one colour goes with another. Also, they look so cool in the jars that I was almost INTIMIDATED by them. This may sound kind of stupid, but when I first looked at them I was like, "Oh my god, I have NO IDEA how I am going to use these!!!! WHICH ONES GO TOGETHER???!!" Just so you know, I am NEVER like that. I try out weird colours and crap all the time. Another bad thing is some of the glittery ones have a bit of glitter fallout if you don't use them with PE but it's nothing worse than any glittery shadow one might try.

THE VERDICT: Fyrinnae's eyeshadows are complex, unique, and beautiful. They apply and wear well and are probably some of the best indie eyeshadows that I have ever tried! I would probably order all of them if there weren't so many issues with the website and if they didn't limit the dollar amount of international orders.




The eyeshadows look so neat in the jars that I decided to take macro shots of all of them. For once in my life, my photos actually turned out okay! I took these in a hotel bathroom when I was bored working out of town.

Conjuror (Arcane Magic)

Dark Magik

Faerie Glamour (Arcane Magic)

Glitterboi (Arcane Magic)

Madam & Eve's (Arcane Magic)

Monarch Butterfly

Princess of Darkness


Pyromantic Erotica (Arcane Magic)

Sequined Master (Arcane Magic)

Sorceress (Arcane Magic)

Wicked (Free Sample)

I usually do dry swatches but I have done dry swatches on the right and swatches with Pixie Epoxy on the left. Since Fyrinnae makes PE, I figured I would demonstrate what it can do. The difference that it makes is striking!

From left to right: Faerie Glamour, Dark Magik, Conjuror.

From left to right: Monarch Butterfly, Madam and Eve's, Glitterboi.

From left to right: Pyromantic Erotica, Pumpkinfire, Princess of Darkness.

From left to right: Wicked, Sorceress, Sequined Master.

In summary, the eyeshadows are FANTASTIC. I would almost go so far as to say that they are the most unique and complex colours from an indie company that I have ever tried. However, I am not too impressed by the fact that the website is closed so often. I would recommend their products and their customer service is good, but I would feel a tiny bit hesitant to recommend the company to others due to the frequent closures of their website, the cap on international orders, the inconsistency of product availability and the cart issues I had with ordering.

AVAILABILITY: http://www.fyrinnae.com

DISCLAIMER: Products in this review were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with this company in any way. If you have further questions regarding my reviews, please refer to the BORING CRAP ALERT page of my blog.

So what do you think? Do you like their products? Do the issues that I mentioned in my review bother you?


  1. I've tried to order a few times from fyrinnae but something always got messed up. Other times the site was closed. But one of these days i'll get to ordering them....

  2. Thanks for sharing these pretties! I too am plauged by the downtime on the site.. Everytime I remember them and their well-known fab reputation I am either cashed out or the site is closed. While I appreciate a closure over massive excuses and apologies (OR WORSE) .. I'd also like to see the store open more often. What are your first impressions of PE? Have you tried/compared it to Darling Girls glitter glue? :D

  3. I've never ordered from Fyrinnae, but I've wanted their Pixie Epoxy forever. I want it even more now after seeing your swatches; I don't know if I wasn't reading carefully or not, but I kept looking for the with PE/ w/out PE swatches, thinking you had a row of completely different shadows swatched... DUH. Haha, don't worry, I figured it out, but the difference it makes is dramatic! And thanks for the heads up about their website; I don't think it would prevent me from ordering from them, but if I hadn't been warned in advance about those issues, I might get worried that I would never get my stuff!

  4. Dressed to Kill is one of those shades I just... stared at. It's so gorgeous, so odd, so amazing, that I was scared of it, too. So I know EXACTLY what you're talking about!

    I love their products, but I don't agree with how they conduct their PR. Or the downtime. Seriously, it's like trying to get into fucking Avalon. I'm hoping things change for the better this year.

  5. Argh your swatches are fantastic, want everything D: But everything you said about the website (and their swatches) is exactly why I only have Fyrinnae stuff that people have gifted me, and I haven't bothered to actually order from them yet. And re: the Arcane Magics, I know everybody loves the shift but I don't get the appeal. I don't want an eyeshadow that is gonna turn teal when I move close to a lamp, if I want it to be red on my eyeball :(

  6. wowwwwww I want to dive into those pigments!!! your swatches are soooo awesome!!!

  7. awesome swatches, but i do agree about the problems on their website and also about the cart. that's mainly why either phlox and i have something from fyrinnae, but it's so hard not to fall in love with all these beauty.../Azure

  8. Fyrinnae is AWESOME. They have a blog which is updated every so often. I believe it is two guys who run it? Also they've stated (on the blog) that the long TAT is like a "worst case scenario" TAT, but not the actual TAT, which is a bit weird. But the quality, to me, is worth it! :) All those colors look amazing!

  9. I love their sample sizes because you get so much product in a nice little jar... and their colors are fab. I wished I used them more. You got a great selection! (and yeah, the website being closed is irritating)

  10. You got to try Darling Girl- literally the only indie shadows I've tried that come close to Fyrinnae. The website closures put me off too, even though I really like the products I have.

  11. NOM! I want more Fyrinnae! :D

  12. I love Fyrinnae . I have so many shadows from this company ! I agree with the fact that the website is closed so often. The colors are complexe and unique and i agree with RaeRae : you really should try Darling girl too ;)

  13. Oooh, I like the shadows you picked! I have to agree, though, some of them are so complex that I'm like ???? when I go to use them. And I am also confused by the difference in color when I have never used them before. If I want purple on my eye, but then I end up smudging the shadow, it turns green...and then what??? I guess that's my own fault, though :P

  14. Trying to order is a pain in the arse sometimes but from what I understand there is often just one person doing all the work and they shut the site down to keep from being buried in a never ending pile of orders.

    They're products are totally worth the wait though. I love everything I have ordered and gotten as a free sample. Also PE is like OMGWTFBBQ, it's the best thing ever.

    The only thing I hate is that many colors I love and can't live with out are no longer available. I don't know what I will do when I finally use them up. I'll have to have a funeral and go in mourning LOL.

  15. So many pretty colors! I agree, their site can be tempermental, but it is well worth placing an order! I love all my Fyrinnae colors!

  16. *GULP* What gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS swatches! You milady, know how to swatch. *Bows down like a WOW nerd*

  17. Fyrinnae's stuff always looks so gorgeous, but I've yet to actually try them. The international cap doesn't bother me, since I rarely spend that much in one order anyways, but the closures are a bit frustrating. I guess I spend too long mulling over what to order and they always close before I can get it figured out! Ahh well, I'm sure it'll happen one day :)

  18. I adore all the Fyrinnae eyeshadows I own and Pixie Epoxy is amazing. Al the end of the day, they're so incredible that I can live with the site closures and international cap on orders. But that's just me.

  19. pst, check out our blog, there's an award there for you!//Azure

  20. I swear we are twins hahaha I have all nearly the same as shadows as you! Monarch, pumpkinfyre and pyro erotica are 3 of my fav eyeshadows in the world. I just did an order the other day and had like 200 bucks worth of stuff in my cart then I saw where international orders can't be over $50 which is so dissapointing. I assume there is a good reason but I switched so many full sizes I was going to get to samples :(
    They are the most unique eyeshadows in the world I think tho so I will out up with it :)

  21. I have issues with their shop being shut, or appearing open by the cart not working..ugh. Thing is, their shadows are So good it's kinda worth it. I have recently bought a load of samples because my first experiment with pressing shadows was with some Of their samples. I messed up big time - bad pressing medium (do not buy Coastal Scents if you ever want to press your own..buy TKB's) But now i know what i'm doing i know i can press them again and have enough still left over to remain as loose (i use TKB's 15mm pans which are same size as Yaby eyeshadows.Perfect for travelling)

  22. well even though I have little experience buying make-up online, I think that thanks to honest and informative reviews like yours, I would still try out this company. I've heard so many good things about them!! thanks for the post!!

  23. After reading this it makes me want to try again :) I have tried so many times and had such issues with the cart I gave up. Or if it wasn't the cart it was cause the shop was closed. Can't win. I'll keep trying cause I love shifting shadows and those looked amazing!

  24. Just tried to place an order, & they are closed - can't tell if they are closed permanently or not.