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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Date Night *gag* Look

This was supposed to be my Valentine's day post but if you read this blog you know I'm late to the party on everything. ANYWAY, instead of yapping about V-Day and looks for going out, I shall tell you the story of why I have been away from the computer....

Last week, my husband came home to find that his car that he uses for autocross (1989 Toyota MR2 with custom work done to it by my husband) was gone. We figured that it got towed as it was parked on a city street for more than 72 hours (you aren't supposed to do this but our neighbours don't care so lots of people around here do it). My husband went outside to check and there were marks in the snow from a tow truck. So, he phoned the city and they said they hadn't towed it. We phoned the police and they said we had no ticket so it could not have been legally towed. They advised us to file a stolen car report as someone had probably stolen it. We informed them that it had a Club on the steering wheel and that the battery was dead so it would have had to be towed to get it anywhere. They didn't really believe us and advised us to call some private tow companies to see if it had been towed illegally (sometimes they will tow someone erroneously from city property).  We went to the police station and gave a statement and my husband was very upset that his baby was gone and that the situation just didn't make ANY sense.

The next day, my husband asked some of our neighbours and they told us that they had witnessed the car being towed just before we got home from work the previous day. So my husband phoned the city again and a bunch of private tow companies trying to see if he could find his car. One of the men who owned a private tow company told him that he would tell him something as long as he doesn't tell the police that it was him who tipped us off. He told my husband that there are people who buy tow trucks, get logos made to put on the side of the vehicles so they look legitimate, and go around towing older looking cars and selling them for scrap to unscrupulous scrapyard owners. He told us to go look at two scrapyards who have a reputation for buying stolen cars. I was thinking, "Yeah, right, this sounds crazy."

Anyway, that night, we went to one of the scrapyards. There were guard dogs and there was all of this metal siding blocking the fences so you couldn't see in very well. We were looking through cracks in the siding and I SHIT YOU NOT, THERE WAS MY HUSBAND'S FUCKING CAR. We called the police and they came out and made the owner of the yard give us our car back. They told us that this person does this all of the time. When a scrap yard owner buys a car for scrap metal, they are supposed to hold the car for 20 days BY LAW and check the VIN to see if it has been stolen. Apparently, this guy buys stolen cars from sketchy people with tow trucks and crushes them the next day and you never see your car again. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT? I've never heard of this before. Anyway, it was a weird week being all CSI and shit with the cops at some scrapyard at 2 in the morning. The bastards broke his bumper and stole his stereo but at least we got the car back. The yard owner was all like "I didn't know it was stolen!!!" Um, we left all of our belongings in the car with a club on the wheel and the glove box had to be broken into to get the registration for the car.....SURE YOU DIDN'T. Anyway, the police are doing a sting operation on this guy and hopefully he will go to jail if they rack up enough charges against him. WOW.

And now for some date-night-esque makeup that I did almost a year ago but never posted for some reason!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: MAC Coygirl Blush.

LIPS: MAC Lipglass in Song and Dance.

EYES: Base: UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Inner and Outer Lid: L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duo in Moon Goddess.
Upper Crease: Coastal Scents Eyeshadow in Magnetic.
Outer V: Sugarpill Weekender
Upper Lashline: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner.
Waterline: UD Perversion.
Lower Lashline: UD Binge.
Mascara: Maybelline One By One.






Earrings: Made for me by my friend.
Dress with attached sleeves that I can't wear a jacket with because the sleeves are attached to the dress so it's very inconvenient but looks cool: Le Chateau
Belt: Le Chateau
Tights: H & M
Boots: Le Chateau

Ever had your car stolen before? Did you get it back? I hate people who do not respect the property of others. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bubblegum Goth: Club Look

Sometimes when I'm doing my hair to go out to the club, I get a little bit carried away. I like to wear synthetic dreads and in my opinion, THE MORE THE BETTER!!!  I love big hair!! However, when putting in dreadfalls, one must be careful. Sometimes, I put too many dreads in and the falls are too heavy. Other times, I tie the dreads to a bad spot on my head and they end up pulling on my hair. This results in what I like to call a "dreadburn". This can range from something that looks like a mild sunburn on the scalp to losing a small chunk of hair here and there. This happens to me rarely as I'm used to wearing dreads at this point but when I was getting ready on this particular day, I was suffering from a very bad dreadburn and my head hurt. I had to resort to wearing an old pair of yarn falls which I used to wear when I was first experimenting with fake hair. They are kind of like "training dreads" as they are much lighter and easier to install and thus don't make any existing dreadburns worse. Anyway, my old pink falls inspired me to do a bit of a bubblegum-goth type of look. I used lots and lots of pink!!!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: Annabelle Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Black.

LIPS: MAC Lipgelee in Shift to Pink.

CHEEKS: Evil Shades Blush in Backtalk.

EYES: Base: UDPP, MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, NYX JEP in Milk.
Inner Corner and Upper Crease: Sugarpill Chromalust in Birthday Girl.
Lid: Sugarpill Dollipop.
Outer Lid: Sugarpill Chromalust in Magnetric.
Inner V: My Pretty Zombie Eyeshadow in, uh, My Pretty Zombie.
Outer V: NARS Night Breed.
Lower Lashline: Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in Pink Prysm with Sugarpill Birthday Girl overtop.
Upper Lashline: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner.
Waterline: UD Perversion.
Mascara: Maybelline the Falsies.
Falsies: Ardell Fright Night Mesmerizing lashes.






Yarn Falls: From an Ebay seller (her store isn't on there anymore).
Pink Collar: From some goth store.
Top: Lip Service
Skirt: Dickies (I got the cat print ironed on and sewed in the zipper. I also sewed bondage rings and straps on the back of the skirt)
Tights: Ebay
Boots: Demonia

Saturday, February 11, 2012

PINK with Evil Shades

Usually I'm extremely late to the party with everything blog-related. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I'm thinking we'll be seeing lots of pink and red themed looks. Usually, whenever I do a themed-look, I never get around to posting it until it's completely irrelevant (such as my beach makeup look that was posted in October, lol!) However, while looking through my blogging folders, I have found quite a few things that are somewhat Valentine's Day appropriate, such as this lovely pink look I did based around the Evil Shades Pink Prysm Spectrum Pot. It's a gorgeous pink with a lovely silver sheen to it. I wore this look to go shopping for makeup at the NARS counter. The girl working there was like, "OMG, where did you get those eyeshadows???" Indie cosmetics, FTW!!!!!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, and MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: Evil Shades blush in Pink Noise.

LIPS: Stila Lip Glaze in Plum Fairy.

EYES: Base: UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Lid: Evil Shades Pink Prysm Spectrum Pot.
Crease and Inner-V: My Pretty Zombie Coffin Critters.
Upper Crease and Outer-V: Evil Shades Danger Sox.
Upper Lashline: Maybelline Liquid Black Eyeliner.
Waterline: UD Perversion.
Lower Lashline: Evil Shades Pink Prysm Spectrum Pot.
Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies.





It can be hard to wear pink eyeshadow as it sometimes makes a person look a bit ill. Do you wear pink eyeshadow? What are some of your favourite pink shades?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Evil Shades Swatches and Spectrum Pot Review

Quite some time ago, I ordered several things from Evil Shades. They are one of my favourite independent companies. Since they first opened, the packaging has improved and it looks excellent in my opinion. One of the newer products from Evil Shades is the Spectrum Pot. Since I had been wanting to try these out, I ordered one Spectrum Pot along with the Spectrum Palette which contains 5 different colours. Here is my review of this product along with some swatches of lip products and eyeshadows that I purchased.


I really like the idea of the palette with multiple shades in it. It's very convenient and it allowed me to get several colours that I wanted without having them in individual jars. It looks really professional, too.


From left to right: Vitrum, Visible Violet, Photonic Green, Pink Prysm, Absorbed,  Firey Eyes.
(NOTE: The streaks in Absorbed are my arm hairs, not due to the product. GROSS! Sorry.)


THE GOOD: I like the packaging, especially the palette! The Spectrum Pots are very versatile in my opinion; I have used them as bases, eyeshadows, and eyeliners. The colour selection is very good; there are other colours available on their website. I feel that they are reasonably priced and are a great alternative to higher end brands that are much more expensive.

THE BAD: The Spectrum Pots wear quite well, but I find that they are somewhat tricky. When they are used as eyeshadows or under eyeshadows, one has to be careful not to apply to much or else they crease a bit. I also find that they "pill" when you layer them on too thickly. I have had similar problems with other bases such as NYX JEP's and MAC Paint pot so these things are pretty standard issues.

THE VERDICT: If you are looking for a coloured base to wear under your eyeshadow, I would recommend giving the Spectrum Pots a try. There is a good selection of colours and the product can also be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow. The product may crease or pill a bit if applied too thickly; however, I find that I have had similar issues with most bases that I have tried. Once you figure out how much to apply, these work very well.



From left to right: Stormy, More Synth, Mage, Dark Princess, Corset.

More Synth is clear with multi-coloured glitter in it. It's hard to see the sparkles in my swatch pictures but it does look neat when you layer it over stuff.


From left to right: Hardcore Lips: Anastasia and Dragon's Wing. Eyeshadows: Halcyon, Bittersweeet Symphony, and Zombie.

***If my sister is reading this, remember how we used to laugh at the Bittersweet Symphony video? Why was it so funny? The two of us are a bit off, I suppose. ***

From left to right: Zombie Grrl, Danger Sox.


From left to right: Twizted (OMG A BLUE BLUSH!), Pouty, Pink Noise, Kona, Ceylon, Bronze Skies.


Please excuse the full face swatches. My makeup has been on through a workday so it is a bit sketchy. Also, the unique lip colours clash really badly with my worksafe, warm neutral makeup look.  I just look really bizarre when I am wearing "work" eyeshadow and green lipstick, lol!








This is one of my favourite lipsticks EVER, by the way.

Availability: Evil Shades Cosmetics

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by me and my opinions are honest. I am not affiliated with this company in any way. For more information on my disclaimer, click on the BORING CRAP ALERT tab at the top of the page.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Purple. It is one of my favourite colours when it comes to makeup. When I did this look, my intent was to put on as many purple eyeshadows as I could at once. I managed to use 7 different ones!  SWEET!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: MAC Ombre Blush in Azalea Blossom.

LIPS: MAC Fashion Mews Lipstick with Geek Chic Cosmetics Geek Gloss  in Tentacle Grape overtop.

EYES: Base: UDPP with MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre overtop.
Inner Lid: Sugarpill Chromalust in Paperdoll.
Lid: Lancome Colour Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow in Trendy
Crease: Miss X Cosmetics Royally Fucked with Fyrinnae Faerie Glamour over top.
Upper Crease: Persephone Minerals Bruised.
Outer V: Sugarpill Chromalust in Weekender and Persephone Minerals Blackberry Indulgence.
Upper Lashline: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner.
Lower Lashline: A bit of UD Asphyxia was blended into UD Ransom.
Waterline: UD Perversion.
Mascara: Maybelline One By One Mascara with Rimmel Lash Bling Glitter Mascara in Diva over top. Lower lashes had Medusa's Makeup mascara in Majestic.





What's your favourite colour to do makeup with?