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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

500 Point Perk at Sephora: Tarte Intro to Amazonian Clay Try Me Kit

Hello! I thought I would actually do an "up with the times" post rather than my usual late to the party type of thing. I usually ignore the 500 Point Perk at Sephora because nothing had really caught my eye before but THIS ONE DID. I had seen it on quite a few blogs and when I picked up some stuff from Sephora I figured I'd better get this as well. I think it is one of their better 500 Point Perks, go and get it while you can!

You get an Intro to Amazonian Clay Try Me Kit with various things from Tarte:

-FULL SIZE Lipsurgence in Fiery (these alone are $32 CAD and $24 USD!)
-Mini Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess (you get a lot of product here, IMO)
-Mini ReCreate Primer (which claims to have "Wrinkle Rewind" technology and is silicone-free)
-Mini Tarte EmphasEYES inner rim eye pencil
-Mini Smooth Operator micronized clay finishing powder



I am just going to give a quick roundup of my thoughts on each product here.

ReCreate Primer: I didn't try this one as it was silicone free. I am oily skinned so I need silicone in my primer. When I felt the consistency of the product, I feel it would be better for someone with DRY skin. I also don't believe in wrinkle-reversing technology. Basic skincare will keep your skin the best it can be and genetics will determine how predisposed to wrinkles you are is how I look at it. 

EmphasEYES inner rim eye pencil: This is a VERY hard eyeliner, it works smoothly on your waterline but not so much on your lashlines. It is much lighter than UD Perversion for example, so it would work well if you want a softer black waterline. It wears quite well on my waterline.

Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess: I don't use bronzers to bronze myself; I will use them as a neutral blush or as a contour shade beneath a coloured blush. This is a nice golden colour, it does not really lean orange or pink to me. It is just neutral and it works well both as a neutral blush and a contour shade (see below).\

Smooth Operator micronized clay finishing powder: I used a HUGE fluffy powder brush to apply a light layer of this over my usual everyday makeup. It actually works quite well to keep my skin looking nice and matte after the oil in my skin starts to break through. I have yet to try it out at the gym, but I think it might be helpful there, too. This product is a WIN in my book.

Lipsurgence in Fiery: You know how most GWP's/Point Perks come with a lip product and it is always NEUTRAL so it will look nice on everyone? This kit comes with FIERY, which is an awesome, opaque red!!!! When I looked at it, I thought it might be like the Tarte for True Blood stuff that LOOKED really red but ended up being super sheer, but I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case here. The lip pencil twists up so you don't have to sharpen it. It applies very smoothly and has an awesome matte finish. It also is pleasantly mint scented and slightly flavoured which I like. If you don't like bright or red lip colours then this kit might not be for you.


Left to right: Park Avenue Princess Bronzer, EmphasEYES inner rim pencil, and Lipsurgence in Fiery.

Lip swatch of Fiery!

Full Face: I am wearing Fiery on my lips and Park Avenue Princess Bronzer in the hollow of my cheeks with Nars Orgasm blush higher on my cheekbone.

Full Face: Wearing Park Avenue Princess Bronzer as a blush by itself.


  1. This kit looks great! Thats interesting that the liner is hard. The one tarte liner I have (I think its an aqua-eyes or something like that) is very creamy and soft. Too soft really! The lippie looks great on you!

  2. I thought about getting this kit, but the only thing I want is the lip pencil. I have the bronzer already and it's okay. i personally really like the primer, but my skin is not terribly oily.

  3. Ooh, I didn't realize this was the current 500 point gift! I may have to take advantage of this one. I have... a few points.

    But I really may have to run out and grab this, I got a sample of the powder as a 100 point gift and I really like it!

  4. It's really pretty! I actually am not a fan of the lip pencils (or their smell!) but that is one gorgeous red! Maybe I should have gone in to get this one!

  5. You look gorgeous in red! The bronzer seems to be just right for pale skin, I'm going to have a look at it next time I visit sephora.

  6. fiery..... is stunningly red! and so you! one kind of gets addicted to those colours, and i can't explain why!
    convenient box!!/Azure

  7. I love their lip pencils - it's basically idiot proof for me, and easy to transport. The packaging is so sturdy! This looks like a great perk but I feel ya on the primer - I need silicones as well for my oily skin. Great review! The bronzer looks so natural on you.

  8. you look so chic in both looks!! I love your signature edge :))

  9. This makes me wish I shopped Sephora more :( Very nice lookin' kit.

  10. I nominated you for a blog award. Visit my page to see it :)

  11. Thank you so much for actually putting some of the makeup on and taking pics! That is most helpful, along with a mini review of each item. Other reviews of this kit just have swatches, which doesn't help much at all. I was torn on this one. I just got to 500 pts, and I want to spend it on something nice. I'm drawn to Tarte as people say it is all natural--I do have sensitive skin and prefer mineral makeup. Still, I didn't think I'd like the lip pencil--way too red for me! I tend to wear bronzy, brown, neutral, or brown shades. I'm just now trying to branch out to light pinks. But I would never use this red pencil. Too bad. I think I might like the bronzer as my skin is fair like your and it looks quite soft on you, just what I'd want. Oh well. I bought my mom Too Faced's Natural Face Kit and I'm having trouble letting it go. Might be better off just getting that kit for myself, lol! Thanks again! Heather