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Monday, March 26, 2012

Worksafe Monday: Maybelline Baby Lips Review and Swatches

Happy back to work Monday! I, for one, have a day off as I work Monday to Sunday every 3rd week and get the following Monday and Tuesday off. It was a hellish work weekend with more people wanting my help than one person can give help to and a person who came in and screamed so loud at me that several people passing by went to get managers as they thought she might assault me. Then there was the person that vomited into our garbage can two feet away from me (this may not sound like a big deal as I work with sick people all day but I'm scared to DEATH of hearing people vomit! ARGH!)

ANYWAY, I wanted to share a review of one of my new favourite worksafe products: Maybelline Baby Lips! I love these for work as they are low-maintenance, sheer, tinted lip products that also work very well as moisturizing balms.

THE GOOD: I love the packaging!!!! The obnoxious colours really appeal to me for some reason. There are four different colours and two clear balms and all of them are so sheer that anyone could pull off any of the colours for the most part. They are moisturizing and comfortable to wear. Being that the colour is so sheer, they are easy to touch up in the middle of a busy workday. The colours are subtle so they are appropriate for work.  I also love how nice they smell! I am somewhat picky with scented products, but I actually like the scents of the ones I have. The scents are also light and not overpowering. I also feel that they are reasonably priced (1 tube costs approximately $6 CAD but I got mine on sale for around $4 each).

THE BAD:  I personally like these a lot, but there are some things that people may not like about them. If you don't like scented or sheer lip products, then you won't like these. I have also heard other bloggers saying that they find these drying rather than moisturizing, but I didn't find that to be the case. Some people may not like the bright packaging either.

THE VERDICT: Are you a working lady? Go get some of these throw them in your purse/put them on your desk/ whatever! These can definitely add a little bit of work-appropriate lip colour to your day!


From left to right: Peach Kiss (smells peachy), Pink Punch (smells fruity), Cherry Me (smells like cherries) and Grape Vine (smells like grapes).

I have done both full face and lip swatches of these. My photography blows so it's hard to tell the difference between any of them but in real life they do not look the same on at all.





$@#$&*@$ there is a brush hair stuck to my lip!!! :(

Does anybody else have any of these? What do you think of them? What do you use on your lips for low-maintenance colour at work?

DISCLAIMER: All products purchased by me, my reviews are always honest. See the Boring Crap Alert Page for more information regarding reviews. These products were purchased before my NO BUY.


  1. They do look subtly different! I think I have crazy lips, so most things that are supposed to be moisturizing end up drying. The only balms I've found to work are the expensive as hell Fresh balms, and the MAC tinted lip conditioners. I like both for subtle lip colors.

  2. I can tell these are different. I haven't been too interested in these. I've seen mixed reviews. Glad to know they work for you! I hope you have a good few days off. Sounds like things have been interesting at your work!

  3. These look lovely! I always kinda wish tinted lip balms had spf in them though since they're so perfect for summer.

  4. I love Pink Punch on you! I haven't tried any of these yet; I've heard mixed things about them, and is it dumb that the packaging kind of put me off of them? Also the name Baby Lips. I know what they're going for, but that just doesn't sound like what I am going for... Haha, one of these days I'll probably pick one up if I find it for a good price. I do love me a good tinted lip balm...

  5. Ugh, people puking in the trash near you is the worst. The sound gets to me, too. Even when someone at home pukes in the bathroom, I turn the tv up or something. I sound so sensitive, lol.

    I think I need to get one of these Baby Lips to keep in my desk drawer at work. It would be a change to all the Lip Smackers I usually keep in there

  6. We haven't got these coloured versions in Australia yet. I'll have to check them out when and if they get here.

  7. I've been... mehhhhhhh I dunno. I mean, I love balms, but these just seem so sheer for the price. I still want to try one, though. I reckon I'll just grab whatever packaging strikes my fancy at the moment :P

    Like most of the blogosphere, I really like Revlon Lip Butters as my low maintenance lip color. Creme Brulee and Peach Parfait are perfect for quick, mirrorless application that leaves decent color behind.

  8. I've wanted to try these but I've heard so many accounts of a rancid smell/taste that I'm hesitant, haha. They look nice on you!

  9. I have the Cherry Me Baby Balm. It's nice, but like Bekka, I prefer the Revlon Lip Butters. I also recommend the tinted lip balms from Darling Girl Cosmetics.

    One more thing; I <3 the earrings you're wearing in the Pink Punch and Grape Vine pictures. So cute! :)