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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It's time for another nail post! I'll start off with my usual nail disclaimer: I don't do anything groundbreaking in the way of nail art, my application technique is horrible, my cuticles are frightening (because I hate lotions/oils or anything like that on my hands), and half the time I forget to take a picture right away so when I remember my polish is all chipped to sh*t. I chewed my nails to nothing for most of my life up until about a year ago so I still really blow at nails. This post is more to show what different polishes look like on. I've been using LeChat Undercover Ultrabond Base Coat and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat.

Wet N Wild Black Creme with Nerd Lacquer Hyperspace Bypass overtop.

A few people told me that my nails looked quite frightening. I rather like this combo! Perhaps it is best not worn to work.

Bourjois So Laque! in Bleu Violet with Nicole by OPI Gone Wishin' over top.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Prep's Cool.

These stay on very well if you apply them properly. Many say they are easy to use. I must disagree as I am nail-challenged. I pretty much FUBARed the application here.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Take the Stage.

Application went a little better this time. This had an awesome sparkle to it!

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Terracotta. Essie Camera on the accent nail.

I LOVE THE NEON + NUDE TREND!!!!! Camera is awesome, it is a neon pink with just a hint of orange to it. YES.

 Zoya Indigo. Zoya Trixie on accent nail.

Notice the lack of frightening cuticles? That's because I got my nails *did* for a wedding. It was my first ever manicure. My sister got a pedicure with Zoya Trixie which looked awesome as a toenail colour.

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Trafalgar Square.

I LOVE MAGNETIC POLISH! I used one the China Glaze magnet to make the star pattern on the accent nail.

 This dog's breakfast was the result of me not being able to decide what the hell to do with my nails and having too much spare time on my hands.

Thumb: OPI Atomic Orange with Essie Shine of the Times on top. Pointer: Maybelline Colour Show in Orange Fix with Shine of the Times. Middle: Maybelline Colour Show Sweet Clementine with Shine of the Times. Ring: Orange Fix with Kiss Nail Art sticker. Pinky: Orange Fix with NYC Matte Me Crazy top coat (go get it, it's only $1).

Ring: Orange Fix with Nicole By OPI Black Texture Coat.

Hits No Olimpo Dionisio. Accent: Boujois So Laque! Bleu Violet with flake glitter on top.

The flake glitter may look neat but it didn't sit flat on my nail so chunks of it got caught on stuff and got ripped off fairly easily, even under the topcoat. I'll just go back to glueing it on my face. Oooh and aaaah over the holographic polish.

Ozotic 506 over OPI Russian Navy

I had a hard time capturing this one, the bottle in the picture shows the HUGE colour shift a bit better.  I wish the Ozotic polishes were more opaque (considering the price of them), you almost HAVE to wear them over something else.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 370 Black Out with Sally Hansen Gem Crush in 08 Glitz Gal overtop. Accent nail has American Apparel Glitter in Light Year overtop.

I would highly recommend getting some of those Gem Crush polishes! They are inexpensive and super sparkly! Both of the glitter polishes I used here have an awesome holographic sparkle to them, this mani looked really awesome in sunlight (not that I would know, I took this picture outdoors whilst underneath a huge black umbrella, lol!)

What are you rocking on your nails today?


  1. I absolutely love your nails in the first picture, they're glorious!

  2. I've been really wanting to try that magnetic nail polish for a while-- but I very rarely do my nails. It's nice to see that it works very well!

  3. I'm with Lillian, your scary nails are my favorite (and they're not actually scary)

  4. I've got one of the new Essie metallics and then a thin line of glitter at the tips of my nails - I was trying to be fancy but I lack the creativity and precision for nail art, so this is the extent of my "fancy." I like your nail combos - the last one is my favorite! I love black polish.

  5. Cute manicures! I've tried the nail sticker things and I was really awful at applying them... I need to try again and do better next time! My nails are so boring right now, I just slapped on some pale pink because I was in a hurry and wanted something that wouldn't show mistakes! I need to change my manicure or jazz this up... I am feeling inspired to play with glitter after seeing your manicures!

  6. I love the last one!!! It's actually somewhat similar to what is on my nails now... can't share it yet though lol, as I haven't yet posted it and don't have a fun-dorky-cool-corny name for it yet :p

  7. The first and second , darn they are good looking !
    Today ... just a simple Smokey Grey Plummy color with golden shimmer in it from Catrice !

  8. Oh wow! I love the first combo and the Zoya and flakie/crackle accent nail manis. The Sally Hansen combo is fabulous.

  9. Wow, you haven't been lazy with your nails thats for sure!!!
    I so love that firat nail pic with lime neon glitter, hell yeah!!! You must high five all the time with those fingertips to show off those pretty little claws haha!!!/Azure

  10. Awesome job on all of these! My fave is the magnetic accent nail. I just got one that has the star pattern, and I would have never thought to mix the wavy and star patterns!

  11. These are great! I never think to do an accent nail since I'm no good at nail art, but I really like how the one silver nail looks with the sparkly dark blue on the other nails.

  12. Nails overload! =)
    That's a lot of manicures, and I like the different ways you do an accent nail. I just tried magnetic polish for the first time and it's really fun! And I just got Ozotic 505, which I think is pretty similar to 506, it looks gorgeous!