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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012: Zombie Bride and Groom, Beetlejuice and Lydia


This year for Halloween, two of my friends came to visit and we went out last weekend. My "husband" and I went as a zombie bride and groom and my friends went as Lydia and Beetlejuice from the 80's/90's cartoon (you may have watched this on TV when you were a kid if you are my age).

I made a huge mess making my costume. I acquired an 80's style wedding dress from a thrift store and ripped it up and spray painted it with black and red fabric paint and then applied fake blood. I did the same to an old white purse and white gloves that I found at the thrift store as well. For my veil, I sewed some sheer netting fabric from the craft store to a headband from WalMart and glued on flowers from the craft store. I put fake blood on these as well. I made my bouquet out of flowers and glitter spiders from the craft store. I wrapped the stems with gauze covered in fake blood.

For my makeup, I applied a white base and then sponged over it with black and red powder makeup. I also created fallout from a brush with loose eyeshadows of the same colours. I made some "wounds" and added some texture to my skin by using fake eyelash glue. I also added some stitches to the side of my lip and on my chest by gluing pieces of thread to my skin with eyelash glue. I got some really neat green prescription contacts to finish off the look.


I did my nails with a white background and sponged black and red over top. I made blood drops using a dark burgundy colour.
I think the makeup turned out pretty well and it didn't take very in the end.



My friend sewed the red and black spiderweb cape herself!

We found a priest to marry us when we went out, lol!

My favourite costume of the night was Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. I am a huge Trailer Park Boys fan! It is a Canadian show, I am not sure if anyone out there has watched this before.



Did you have a good Halloween? What did you/your kids dress up as?


  1. Hilarious! You guys looked incredible. I didn't get to dress up or anything, but it sure looks like you had a good time. Halloween rocks.

  2. Aww love your outfit <3 And wow Beetlejuice looks just like the movie charector xD

  3. you guys look awesome! i've actually seen a lot of beetlejuice costumes this year, and surprisingly many people don't seem to know what it is! it was totally one of my favorite movies as a kid. :D

  4. Your make-uplooks great, I love the full-on gore look :) You guys all look awesome! Bubbles cracked me up though, he looks just like it. I love trailerpark boys :D

  5. I totally love your halloween costume!

  6. You look amazing! I can't believe how real it all looks. I'm a little bit terrified, haha. Lydia and Beetlejuice look great, too.

  7. Wow, you guys look great! I love all of the blood splatter on your costume and your makeup... You got the effect to look very consistent, like it all happened while you were wearing the dress! Happy halloweeeeeeeeen

  8. Wow I love the costumes! Unfortunately I haven't had time to do anything for Halloween this year.

  9. Everyone looks incredible! I am also a Trailer Park Boys fan! But-- did Bubbles have a shopping cart with him? ;D

  10. F*CK YES! I have to scream because YOU LOOK AMAZING!! And I love the Beetlejuice costumes too! I used to watch that cartoon...haven't thought about it in forever. :)

  11. Wow! You look amazing, such a great halloween outfit. Most people near me really half ass dressing up, so its great seeing people give this holiday the effort it deserves. I didn't dress up, but I never do.


  12. this is a f*cking creepy look , but damn I LOVE IT ! :)