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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Festival Kinetik 2012: Trip to Montreal

Last May, I went on a trip to Montreal to attend Festival Kinetik. It's a five day long alternative music festival that features bands of various genres such as EBM, noise, electronic, goth, industrial, etc. The last time I had been able to go was 2009 so I was really excited! Here are a few pictures of Montreal.

I always pack "light" when it comes to makeup......

A view of the city from Mont Royal

When in Montreal, one must eat poutine!

The macro setting makes it look like I know what I'm doing.

I found BLACK grass at the botanical gardens. I was quite pleased with myself.

A nice photo of myself and my "husband" in the botanical gardens.

The most "goth" I've looked in the daytime for YEARS.

Necklace: Batucada
Dress + Belt: Sourpuss Clothing
Tights: WALMART for $3
Boots: Brown's Shoes

Montreal is amusing because you randomly see people dressed like this.....

Outside of one of the nightclubs we went to.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where Formula 1 races are held.

A BOAT. I come from the prairies, I don't get to see boats very often.

Obligatory cemetery picture.

When you go up on Mount Royal, you see this sign:

Of course, people still feed them anyway. I kept my distance as I did not want to get the sh*t scratched out of me and end up with rabies.

While we were staying in Montreal, there were some student protests about tuition fees. SHIT GOT REAL. It took 1 hour to take a 10 minute taxi drive to a club because there were literally 30 police cars and streets full of students!

There was even tear gas outside of the venue of the music festival when a protest went awry outside! Thankfully, security kept people inside the venue while this was going on.

Finally, a picture of the endless makeup in the INGLOT STORE!

Stay tuned for some Inglot swatches and makeup looks from the music festival!


  1. HEYYYY I WAS IN MONTREAL LAST SUMMER TOO (August)! And I'm going back this Sunday! The billions of students protesting on the street were due to the rising costs of higher education (college and university levels) with less classes and such. This protest is probably one of the most impressive I've ever seen. In some of the protests, over 200k students got together to march. The government didn't help much and tried to fight fire with fire: they hastily passed laws that fined students who didn't go to class, allowed police to arrest anybody who thought were planning a protest, and other crap. Anyways even though I talked a lot, I don't know all the details. But I'm glad you saw (one of many) Inglot in Montreal! Yayyy!!!

  2. Haha you and the black grass. I love it. Also, good work on avoiding that raccoon. I've seen Elf enough times to know they do not want hugs.

    This looks like a really nice trip, though. I'm absolutely loving the short shorts man with the wheeley thing. He looks like an old time weight lifter.

  3. Seems you had a great time :D
    And black grass , never seen that before ! NICE :D

  4. You look great! Never seen black grass either.. :D And haha, seems like you musth have had a whole suit case just for make up! :D

    nukleopatra xx

  5. Great picture! Montreal is one of my favorite city's!

  6. Poutine! I have never had any, but I really want to try some. And raccoons are way creepy. I've seen them a few times here...they shuffle, like zombies. No thanks.

  7. Crazy! I'm dying to go back to Montreal, except not in the middle of winter like I did.

  8. teeheee boat excitement. We spent a day in Seattle last summer and I was most excited about the huge freakin shipyard. The only boats in Wigglepig are tourist tours things, and Calgary has blow up floaty ones, nuthin cool, so SHIPYARD IS GOD. Also super jealous you found an Inglot store!