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Friday, January 11, 2013

Makeup for Glasses?

Recently, I decided to get glasses to wear to work every now and then. If you didn't already know, I am TERRIFIED of eye infections because I have been an exclusive contact lens wearer for over 10 years. Many people find contacts uncomfortable, but I just feel like I have my good old properly-seeing eyes back when I wear them. However, at my work I come into contact with lots of people with eye infections and sooner or later, I'm probably going to pick one up. If I do, I can't wear contacts and thus cannot drive (I have terrible vision for someone my age) and thus cannot go to work which doesn't really work for me.  So, I got two damned pairs of  glasses and I HATE THEM! They make me look more conservative for work, which is a good thing, but they make me feel like I'm swimming and you can't see over the tops of them or out the bottoms of them and you also have no peripheral vision! I feel like I have to swing my head around just to look at anything! I am surprised that people tolerate glasses, they are just unnatural and horrible.

ANYWAY, I'm getting off-topic here. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for wearing makeup with glasses. Should a person just do their makeup the same as usual or wear less? I am just trying to figure out what looks better. When I wear mine, I feel like I need to line the my lower lashline which I usually don't do for work.


Do we have any spectacle-sporting ladies out there? What are your thoughts on wearing makeup with glasses, do you do anything differently? I'd love to hear your tips as this is something completely new to me! Also, any tips for putting on makeup before your glasses are on? I am so blind that I have to be about two inches away from the mirror to even remotely see my makeup before I put them on!


  1. I'm fairly boring with my make-up, so I don't vary it too much whether I'm wearing glasses or contacts, but I have seen tutorials about wearing interesting make-up with glasses. As for applying it, I'm pretty blind too so I use a small compact mirror.

  2. Aww, they are cute on you. I feel you on being able to see the blur over/under them, though. I have the same issues with some of mine (the ones I don't wear as often thankfully.) As far as makeup, the only thing I don't tend to do is cat-eye liner when I have my glasses on (the main ones I wear are cat-eye shaped glasses and I think it looks a little wonky) Usually I just get all up in the mirror and apply from about 1/2" away. If that isn't working, though, I'll put in my contacts, do my makeup and then take them out again and pop on my glasses.

  3. HAHAHA I know exactly what you mean! I tend not to wear as much eye makeup when I wear glasses, simply because I CANNOT SEE. I usually feel like I don't have to wear as much, and I always skip mascara as it rubs against the lens. I usually stick to a wash of darker color on the lids, and more blush.

  4. The really, really important thing for makeup with glasses is to be aware of how the shadows from your glasses fall on your face (frex: I typically line my eyes all the way around but my glasses cause shadows under my eyes so I can go easier on the bottom eyeliner when I'm wearing glasses). With glasses, I can feel comfortable leaving the house in less makeup because the glasses draw attention to my eyes, so that's sort of a plus.

    It's more about figuring out what looks good with the glasses than it is about following some bs rules about "glasses makeup" vs "no glasses makeup." Basically, if you like how it looks, go for it.

    With the blur above/below, you'll get used to it faster if you wear the glasses exclusively for a few days or so. I always feel kind of dizzy for a couple hours after I pop my contacts out and put on glasses but it goes away pretty fast.

    And I second the suggestion of a small compact mirror. I am similarly blind and can't do makeup with a normal mirror because of the aforementioned blindness.

    (BTW--I <3 you.)

  5. I've only recently started this myself. Now that I take public transport, I felt it was time to give my eyes a break more days a week. I did get darkening lenses, though. My eyes are still sensitive.

    I have noticed that I tend to wear darker eyeliner with my current glasses...they're a heavy black frame, and it really makes it "pop." I always line both upper and lower though - I don't look right unless I do.

    I've had people tell me I look "smart," or "professional" in my glasses. I just feel dorky and hideous though.

  6. I've never in my life worn contacts; since the day I first received my glasses. My prescription is also exceedingly strong, but thanks to modern eye wear technology we don't have to sport super thick bottle bottom lenses lol.

    There are two things I understood about make up and wearing glasses; it either has be to be really bold, or fairly nude; glasses leave very little room for in between. Your glasses become the focus on your face, hence the reason people find it strange when you don't have them on or if you've recently started wearing; it's the key feature on the face if you have them. It'll swallow up any nice little detail you have, like pretty eyes, or a nicely placed beauty mark. Eye lashes also tend fade behind glasses, but if you must have them, it's one of those times where mascara globbed on will work, because your glasses will mute the glob and you'll have a subtle lash. Just make sure they're not too long because they'll rub on the lenses when you blink lol.

    Other than that, like someone said above, really experiment with the silhouette they cast on your face.

  7. I think you look lovely with glasses :) It took me a few days to get used to them when I first got mine. I used to wear contacts a lot, and I got them for free because my boyfriend's sister worked at an optometrist office... But she doesn't work there anymore, so now I wear glasses once more ;D I don't really plan my makeup around my glasses, but if I wear cute makeup when I'm not at work (as I need dem for sees), I'll skip the glasses. But I think a lot of pretty ladies above me have better tips! Good luck! :)

  8. I can't really see to put makeup on without my contacts in. You look awesome in glasses!

  9. I like those frames on you! I've worn glasses since I was about 8/9 years old and I wear them all the time. But I am terrible at eye make-up so I just wear mascara and eyeliner. When I wear more elaborate make-up it sometimes feels lost behind my glasses.


  10. I wear glasses every day. But I do whatever I want with my makeup: I rock every color I want, liner on top/bottom/wing it; you know how I do. ;) The only thing that bothers me is when my falsies hit my glasses when I blink. That is the only reason I don't wear them more often. The last time I wore a pair to work, I had to take them off when I got there. I couldn't take it anymore. As long as you're confident in what you're wearing, that's all that matters. :)

  11. I have a task for you :P

  12. The glasses really suit you! I know there are guidelines for makeup and glasses, but I don't give a damn about that =) I wear as much shimmer as I want to, and as colorful as I want to. As long as you think it looks good then go for it.

    One thing I've noticed is that with the glasses I'm wearing it looks better if I tone down the crease, otherwise it can look a bit wonky if I have a strongly defined crease and part of it is peaking out over the top of the glasses. I used to wear contact lenses occasionally a few years ago, but I've got problems with dry eyes so I'm stuck with glasses now. When it comes to applying my makeup I have a small mirror that I use for any close-up work.

  13. You look pretty with glasses too! So different than your looks here usually though, without dramatic make up looks :D
    I only wear glasses at home when watching TV or something, when I'm having a day off and giving my eyes some rest from contact lenses… Contact lenses are one of the best things ever though, I love wearing them and being able to see so well- still without anyone seeing thats I'm wearing them!

    nukleopatra xx

  14. I'm so glad you posted this- it's so relevant to exactly what I was thinking all of today. I have been wearing my glasses often because after 12 years of wearing contact lenses, I have developed red veins that have come to the surface due to lack of oxygen to the eye. Like you, I feel so natural and comfortable in lenses that I would wear them all day, and sometimes sleep in them too continuously. (Bad, I know, trust me!) It's scared me into only putting on my lenses when I have to go out in public. Makeup is so much harder to apply with glasses, though! I end up looking like a hooker when I've applied it without good vision, as the features appear softer and color isn't as vibrant. These tips have been helpful!

  15. I usually wear mine if I feel like a screwed up my look, in the hopes that the glasses may hide it... it totally doesn't but I feel a smidge better anyways.

    I can't think of any glasses rules other than no false eyelashes. Those things touching the lens will drive you batty