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Monday, February 25, 2013

MAC Strength Collection Lipsticks

If you are frequent user of MAC cosmetics, then you are likely familiar with their recycling program. You bring back 6 empties, you get a free lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow. Since several of my basic products come from MAC (primer, foundation, powder, paint pot, eyebrow pencil) I have taken advantage of this many times and I always get one of their lipsticks as I am not a huge fan of their glosses or shadows. Lately, I hadn't really seen any interesting or bold lipsticks from MAC so I hoarded up my empties until I had enough for 3 free lipsticks. I decided to go check out a MAC store one day to see if they had anything I liked and THERE THEY WERE: the Strength Collection lipsticks!!! FINALLY! I had found what I was looking for! I didn't really see anyone else post about these on their blogs so I didn't even know about the collection!  Also, they are all Matte finishes so the colours are extra bold! SCORE!!


Firm Form, Strong Woman, Absolute Power. 



This is a fantastic red and it looks quite good on me if I do say so myself! It's probably the most flattering red  shade I own!


F**k yeah, this is a very striking, opaque, purple colour! It's like MAC Violetta on steroids!!!


INTERESTING VARIATIONS ON BLACK LIPSTICK FTW!!!! IT looks really funny with my work clothes and makeup as seen above, but it is awesome for clubbing or wearing out! It is a plummy black with gold glitter in it!! Because of the plum and gold tones, I think this could possibly be a wearable daytime colour for ladies with a very deep skin tone. 

Did you find the Strength collection exciting? I SURE DID!!! It seems like more ladies gravitated toward the Archie's Girls stuff.


  1. These are awesome on you! I actually got the 2 lipsticks from this collection that you didn't (Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot... because I apparently love birds) I think if I picked one more, it would be Strong Woman. That's my favorite on you.

  2. All three of these are amazing lippies. Definitely the most interesting MAC lip colours I've seen in a while.

  3. The red and the purple look great on you (I'm not a fan of black lipstick, so I don't like Firm Form)!

  4. Wow, they look really cool. Usually I don´t like black lipstick, but the last one looks fantastic.

    Thanks for my birthday congratulations :*.

  5. I got Strong Woman and love it but now I really wish I'd got Firm Form too!

  6. Strong Woman looks fabulous on you! Such a great purple.

  7. You are riddiculously pretty! I love all 3 colors on you. I hoard my MAC empties for Back to MAC too. I think I've only spent money on lipsticks once or twice from them because of that. Sometimes they're nitpicky about which lipstick I'm able to choose (not talking about Viva Glam because I know that's 100% funding for aids). But I wasn't allowing to get the Venomous Villans lipstick for my BTM because of the packaging. *bitchface*

  8. I missed out on Firm Form! Looks awesome on you though. :)


  9. These all look great on you! I didn't know about this collection... whoops. But these colors are great on you, I really like Firm Form, that's such an interesting color!