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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Colours Goth

Happy Easter weekend to those who celebrate! The colours that we typically associate with Easter (the secular version, anyway) are the colours of spring: pinks and greens and yellows and blues! Last year on this particular weekend I was going out so for some ill-thought out reason I figured I would try to make a lolita-esque Easter colours themed goth look.  I have a cute pink, green, black, and white dress from in my closet and I thought I would base my look around that. I added matching makeup and dreads and ended up looking pretty cracked out if I do say so myself. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am really glad that makeup and clothing COME OFF at the end of the day! They go back into my closets and drawers and wait patiently for me to make them into an outfit that actually turns out!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15,  MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll.

LIPS: Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Backstage Bambi, MAC Dazzleglass in Pleasure Principle.

EYES: Base: UDPP, NYX JEP in Milk, and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Eyeshadows: Pink and green shades from Shu Uemura Adorned Marguerite palette, Lime Crime Magic Dust in Lime Criminal, Sugarpill Midori and Dollipop. and MAC Reflects Very Pink with Lise Watier Metamorfix.
Eyeliners: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner, UD Perversion.
Mascara: Maybelline Illegal Lengths.
False Lashes: PAPERSELF.






Green hair flower: Sourpuss Clothing
Polka-dot hair flower: Hand painted by me (didn't make it into the picture somehow)
Necklace: Miss X

Synth Dreads: Made By Me.
Dress: H & R London.
Waist Belt: Handmade by my friend.
Lace and PVC Cuff: Handmade by my friend.
Stockings: Ebay.
Leg Cuffs: Pleaser.
Shoes: Hades.

Do you celebrate Easter? What do you do to celebrate?


  1. I love Easter Goth!

    My family doesn't really celebrate Easter any more. Back when my brother and I were kids, we did the obligatory candies and egg hunts thing, but we weren't raised with religion. Now we just get together for dinner. And I suppose my mom still eats enough Peeps and chocolate-marshmallow eggs to put anyone else to shame, lol.

  2. I don't celebrate Easter at all, but I love to eat the candy!! And I'm usually ready for the brighter, springier colors; just because it's a sign of warmer weather coming. I love the colors you used on your eyes!! Looks great! :D

  3. Oh wow! I love those colors there especially from Sugar Pill! I've been dying to do an eye look with a pop of pink! I'd love woodstock from UD for it! The hair and outfit are just so fun and crazy!

  4. I don't celebrate easter but I do eat all the chocolate eggs :D Gorgeous look as always, love the little Paperself lashes :D

  5. Easter goth is amazing! Those lashes and the pastel colours are just fantastic. Also I really want some leg cuffs now. :)

  6. We do the Easter thing. My kids always get new baskets every year that are funny. Like this year my 12 yr old got her candy/treats in a dusty cooler from the garage. My youngest got a huge laundry basket with just candy on top and my husband got his in a baby wipe box. I love to see them laugh about it. Okay but to this look- I LOVE IT! The bright neons and those paper lashes. Seriously, amazing. I wish I could look like this in this outfit, but it would just fail on me. You rock it fiercely.

  7. Aww so cute! I love your lashes and the lips are lovely!

  8. That's my girl!! I love your take on Easter and pretty much on everything else :) p. s. DAT DRESS!!

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  10. That's the most delicious dress, ever!!

  11. Wow, you are pretty!<3 And your makeup is cool :P