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Monday, July 22, 2013

Worksafe Monday: Animal Print

For lovers of alternative fashion, dress codes for work can be a real downer depending on where you are employed. Some of us are fortunate enough to work in an environment where differences in appearance are not a big deal, while some of us must conform to very strict rules. When I was in university, I used to work in labs. Since you do not work with the public unless you are doing a presentation, the only dress code in place has to do with wearing proper safety gear when doing certain tasks. When working at this job I could wear pretty much whatever I wanted and since I was a good employee nobody really cared and my appearance did not affect me in a negative way.


Job instability and other things eventually led me to the decision to pursue a different career. Unfortunately, this meant that I would have to get used to a dress code. Where I work, the dress code is "professional" (skirts/dresses/dress pants; no jeans or t-shirts, etc) and one must dress somewhat conservatively. Thankfully, where I work the dress code is not QUITE as strict as it is at other places where I could work and I am a good employee so I get away with wearing my earrings and facial piercings and having some of my back tattoo somewhat visible. (Even though I am not heavily pierced or tattooed AT ALL, some people still have a big problem with these sorts of things). It was hard for me to adjust to dressing "properly" at first, but as an adult you just have to suck it up and deal with this sort of thing sometimes. I have come to realize that regardless of what I am wearing I am still the same person and can have the same interests, I just have to behave myself in the appearance department when I am working.
Even when dressing for work, I still try to have a bit of fun with it and add some slightly "alternative" touches to keep things interesting. One thing I like to do is crack out the animal print! Animal print is fun but can still be worn in a work- appropriate manner. I also like to wear mainstream-looking black boots for fall and winter.
Sweater and belt: Le Chateau, Tights: H & M, Leopard print dress, Suzy Sheir, Boots: Brown's Shoes.
Snake-print dress and belt: Le Chateau, Boots: Aldo.
Top, skirt and bracelet: Le Chateau.
Do you have to follow a dress code at work? What do you do to keep from getting too bored with your work wear?


  1. As a graduate student, I don't have to dress very conservatively yet, but I probably will once I get a real job. I think sometimes it's even the really tiny things (what is worksafe lipstick? Nail polish?) that can be confusing, depending on how clear workplace rules are. I like the way you've dressed up what can be a boring standard!

  2. I'm lucky. I work from home now so anything goes! Yes, I've even spent the whole day in pyjamas.

  3. I've had a couple of summer jobs up until now and I must admit that dressing the way I like was not an option, it makes me really sad that people can be so judgmental. But I believe though that is slowly changing, a couple of years ago you couldn't even wear a piercing or get a tattoo without being called an addict, a convict or homeless, at least in my country.

  4. They just implemented a strict dress code where I work in June. Blue polo and khakis. Kill me now.

  5. I'm lucky , i haven't any dresscode for work ! I can wear a good range of clothing , but mostly i end up with a jeans and a fun shirt or something like that ... i'm kinda casual when it comes to my work outfit . It has to be comfy too , because i have to do some heavy weight work sometimes ...

  6. Haha! I love seeing photos of people from the past! You looked so gleeful! I love your blue leopard top, I'd love that as a dress if it were longer!