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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

ARGH.....this was supposed to be the year of not buying makeup but it is really not going so well! Many of you will be familiar with the Maybelline Baby Lips products. I like these as they work like lip balm but provide a nice sheer tint to the lips that doesn't need a lot of touching up which makes them perfect for wearing to work in my case. Recently, I spotted the Electro collection out on the shelves so NATURALLY I bought all of them. When I purchased them they were approximately $3  CAD. I love love love the neon and black packaging and the colours are summer-y and awesome! They each have their own scent....while most of them smell nice, some of them are a bit overpowering in my opinion. Please note that my scent descriptions are rather subjective, they don't actually say what they are supposed to smell like. Unfortunately, my swatch photos did not really turn out that well (what else is new) but you get the idea.
From left to right: Strike a Rose (rose? scent), OH! Orange! (orange scent), Fierce and Tangy (lemon scent), Minty Sheer (mint scent), Berry Bomb (grape? berry? scent), Pink Shock (strawberry? raspberry? scent).


From left to right: Pink Shock, Berry Bomb, Minty Sheer, Fierce and Tangy, OH! Orange, Strike a Rose.

My swatches look REALLY sheer but in reality Pink Shock, Berry Bomb, OH! Orange!, and Strike a Rose can be built up a fair bit. Minty Sheer and Fierce and Tangy and are very sheer and you can't see the green or yellow colour on the lips but the green tint can tone down redness/pinkness so there is some effect there. Fierce and Tangy seems to make my lips a bit "brighter" or something, I can't really explain.  My favourite is Strike a Rose, it shows up on me as a pink-y peach-y pastel-yet-neon colour, if that makes any sense. I think it is quite flattering and I didn't have anything like that in my collection!

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?


  1. I like that you can actually tell a difference between all of the shades! I bought an untinted one just for the SPF, and I can't say it's my favorite - a little too slippery for me, maybe?

  2. I bought a tube of the colorless when it first came out, but I can't say I liked it. Certainly not enough to take a chance on any of the colors. I'm not a fan of sheer color to begin with, though. It never looks right on me.

  3. Holy cheeseballs! You were going to go a year without buying makeup? *dies*

    Regardless, these look awesome! I especially like the purple!

  4. So pretty! We don't have the coloured ones in Australia. :(

  5. Oooo, they really are tinted! Hah, It's okay to buy a little something once in awhile.:)

  6. Oh wow! I love the purple and pink ones! We don't have these in asia yet but I love the packaging!