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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Monthly Theme Post: Sweaters

Hello! I decided to participate in the Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme for November. I have found a few cute sweaters lately that have subtle alternative touches. This works well for me as I can wear them to work or use them for more interesting outfits. One of my favourite sweaters to wear lately is a cropped knit sweater with a bunch of spikes on the shoulder. It caught my eye because the spikes are gold; I usually go for silver metallics so the gold was a fun change.
 I don't wear pants very often (and I REALLY do not care for the coloured/patterned pants trend) but I found a nice pair of black skinny trousers with a subtle brocade-like print on them to wear with this sweater for when I need to look more toned-down. If I want to wear the sweater out, I wear it with a pencil skirt with faux leather details or a black skirt with a long chiffon overlay.
Subtle brocade-like print.
When I have to dress "properly", I like to wear these little black and gold flake earrings. I also have some ankle boots with black and gold chains. When I use the sweater for going out purposes, I have some chunky black and gold chain necklaces and earrings that I wear with it.

THE OUTFIT (Toned-Down Work-Appropriate Version)

EARRINGS: Suzy Sheir
SWEATER: Simon's
PANTS: Buffalo David Bitton
SHOE BOOTS: I cannot remember for the life of me.

 Another sweater that I have been enjoying lately is a cross-print cardigan. I wear it over some of my solid-coloured work dresses and I also wear it with more goth-oriented things. I love when I can find pieces of clothing that I can use for both my work and alternative wardrobes!

I LOVE CROSS PRINT. That is all.


  1. That looks really good, I now have to suspicion that you can wear everything (even a potato bag) and look good in it!

  2. Wow - everything in that outfit is so perfectly coordinated! It makes for a gorgeous work look.

    I adore the brocade pants trend, but sadly have never found a pair that fits. :( Pants are impossible for me! I do like the subtlety of the print on yours - it lends them to more versatile outfits since they won't compete with whatever else you are wearing.

  3. I love the look, simple but quite wearable and with a dark touch.

  4. I love the outfit you put together! I keep seeing pants and skirts with brocade print and part of me loves them, and part of me is afraid I'll look like I raided 15 year old self's closet... Maybe I will give in and go for it, you've inspired me!

  5. I love the boots and earrings! So sassy and cute, they really make the outfit. I am generally accessory fail girl....