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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Swatches: Bourjois and Tarina Tarantino

It's time to get back to makeup on this blog! Here are some random swatches of things I got a long time ago. I am trying to not buy ANY makeup starting February 1st except for replacing my daily essentials when they run out (i.e. foundation). Wish me luck, I failed miserably at this same thing last year. I have been trying to "shop my stash" to help avoid purchasing anything; I have so much nice stuff that I often find things that I haven't worn for ages or have forgotten about so it is almost the same as getting something new! So far, the stash shopping approach has been working, I have been using lots of things that haven't seen the light of day for awhile whenever I get the urge to got to Sephora.
ANYWAY, here are some Bourjois eyeshadows. I think the packaging is quite nice and I enjoy the colours that they offer. I picked up a few purple shadows as I don't have much in the dark purple department.
From left to right: 12, 13, and 04.
I really like the colours, but I was quite worried about the quality of the shadows when swatching them. I "dry swatch" everything and these barely adhered to my arm! I swatched them over a MAC Paint Pot just to get them to show up in the photo below.

From left to right: 13, 04, 12.
On my eyes, they actually look fine as I always wear UDPP and a Paint Pot anyway. If you don't wear an eye bas or primer, I would definitely stay away from these.
One brand of makeup that I hadn't tried until about last year was Tarina Tarantino. I bought a couple of the eyeshadows off of a blog sale.
I love the packaging, especially the purple and red skull-themed one (it was from the limited edition Victorian Punk collection).

There is nothing special about the quality of these; they work well enough but did not blow me away or anything. My swatches suck and do not do Victorian Punk justice. It is purple with a golden/green duochrome/sparkle effect. It looks awesome on!!

From left to right: Bow, Victorian Punk.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Europe Trip! Day 6: London

Our final stop for our trip was London! London is absolutely HUGE. I remember being on the plane and flying into the airport looking at the city from above, I couldn't believe how big it was!
We rode on the tube to get to our destinations that day. If you're not from a city with an extensive subway, it is actually kind of amusing to ride about on the tube. I am guessing it is a lot less amusing when you have to do it every day.

Our first stop was the Picadilly Circus/Regent Street type of area.

I got to go to Illamasqua! I picked out several things that I had been eyeballing and felt pretty pleased with myself as it is quite expensive to order their products online here. When I got back to Canada, I found out that they are now selling Illamasqua at The Bay so I couldn't feel too fancy about getting my stuff from London!

We also stumbled upon a couple of places to shop on Regent Street. There is a United Nude shoe store there! I bought some black Lo-Fi pumps that I had been eyeballing on the internet. SWEET!

We also found the Lotus F1 store which was cool as we are both Formula 1 fans.

Our next stop was Camden Market!!

Camden Lock

I had been wanting to go to Cyberdog for like, a million years!

In a store full of UV reactivity, I ended up getting something BLACK. Go figure.

What could be sexier than runners paired with a chiffon skirt?
One thing that I noticed about London is that there are a LOT of signs telling you what to do everywhere compared to the other places we visited. I am not sure what mooring is (something to do with boats?), but I was sure to NOT do it in this area.

There were signs everywhere telling you how many people got injured in "the gap" and on the escalators and stuff.

There was pretty much a set of rules to follow just to ride the escalator at one of the tube stations. However, one of the signs informed me that someone died on an escalator at some point so I made sure to be EXTRA careful! I kind of like safety rules so the signs amused me.

It's too bad we only had one day in London, there is so much to see there! Did I mention that it is huge? Do you know what else is huge? The London Heathrow Airport. It was a nightmare! There were signs saying it was a 45 minute walk to get to our gate. I was like, "Yeah, right!" Um, they were right. I have never been in an airport that large, it was a gong show!
Anyway, that concludes my Europe trip pictures! Now we shall get back to our regularly scheduled makeup.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Europe Trip! Day 5: Kutna Hora

One of my favourite parts of our trip to Europe was going on a day trip to Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic. We got up early and took the train from Prague; it only took a little over an hour.

We travelled to Kutna Hora to see the Sedlec Ossuary or "bone church". There are other ossuaries in Europe but this one is interesting because someone in the past decided to get creative with the bones. Ossuaries were used to house the skeletons of the dead when there was not enough space to bury them. The Sedlec Ossuary contains the bones of tens of thousands of people.

The cemetery outside of the ossuary was something to see in and of itself.


Me BONING up on the history of the Sedlec Ossuary. See what I did there?

All of this is made from REAL bones. I had never seen anything like it.

This is a place that I had wanted to visit for years. It was pretty awesome to finally see it for myself! Have you ever visited and ossuary before?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Europe Trip! Day 4:Prague

On day four of our trip we visited Prague in the Czech Republic. It was absolutely beautiful!
Wenceslas Square

Astronomical clock

Prague Castle

Prague Castle Grounds


View of the city from Prague Castle

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Europe Trip! Day 3: Berlin

On day 3 of our trip, we went to visit Berlin. The central train station there was huge! Being that we are from Canada, train stations and riding on trains for travelling between cities is quite a novelty for us.
Near Alexanderplatz

Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) I had a pretty good laugh when we were going into the Cathedral. A man who worked there was telling my husband-ish person to take off his hat in German and pointing to his head and he had no idea what the gentleman was talking about and he was getting all flustered. HELLO, we're in a church, take off your hat, figure it out! 

Inside. It was hard to get good pictures as flash was not allowed. We got to see the crypts and go up to the balcony to look out over the city.

Neue Wache war memorial

Sightseeing in Berlin is a very sobering experience. It allows a person to reflect on some of the terrible things that happened in human history. A particularly powerful place that we visited was the Holocaust memorial. Many people there were openly weeping.

Map of East and West Germany

Checkpoint Charlie sign

There were different pieces of the Berlin Wall with art on them throughout the city.

Part of the Berlin Wall Memorial grounds.

When the sun shines through this part of the memorial, you can see photographs of people who lost their lives at the wall. We were there after it rained hard for a few minutes right before the sun came out and there was nobody else in the area. It was almost a bit eerie.
We accidentally stumbled upon the Jüdischer Friedhof (Jewish Cemetery) on Schönhauser Allee. It was not on our list of things to see but we were glad we found it on our way.
While most of our sightseeing in Berlin had rather sad undertones, we also did a couple of fun things. We went to the Bugatti showroom to see the Veyron (the other half is a bit of a car nut!)
I had to go visit Xtra-X to shop for some clothes! I found a cute PVC pencil skirt.
Do you like my sexy runners? I decided not to be an idiot for once and bring sensible shoes for my travels. I was VERY glad that I did, we walked around Berlin for probably 9 or 10 hours that day!!

We saw so many things in Berlin (too many photos to post!!) but we missed so many things as well as we were there for only one day. Thank you to Sadgoth.com (do NOT visit this site, it appears to have malware on it at the moment!!! If this is rectified by the site owner I will post a link.) for providing the walking tour of Berlin that we used. If you ever have the opportunity to see Berlin, I would highly recommend it. I will definitely be going back.