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Thursday, April 3, 2014

NO BUY......and a Comparison of MAC Dark Lipsticks

Recently I have decided that my makeup habit is becoming a bit.....ridiculous. I am completely in love with, obsessed with, and addicted to MAKEUP. I know I am not the only one; I am sure many of my fellow makeup and beauty bloggers feel the same way. However, I have decided that there is something to be said for appreciating and enjoying what I have, rather than always sniffing out the latest thing in cosmetics. I decided to go on a no-buy for 2014......and then I failed miserably and bought whole bunch of stuff in January. FAIL. I decided to start fresh at the beginning of February.

My goal is to make it ONE WHOLE YEAR without buying new makeup. 

I will be allowed to replace ONLY the following items that I use daily: primer, foundation, powder, eye primer and base, and eyebrow pencil. I AM NOT ALLOWED to try new types of any of these things, just replace them with what I already had. I actually use up all of these things at least 5 times per year. I am also NOT ALLOWED to buy new mascara until I have used up all that I have; I have various travel size/sample size tubes in my stash as well as a few full-sized ones.

At this time, I have not bought ANY makeup for 2 months. It is sad, I am actually having a hard time with this! I have found that the best cure for makeup temptation is to shop one's stash. I have built up a lovely stash of makeup over the years and I am always pleasantly surprised to find something I haven't used in a long time whenever I root around in it. Something old can become new once more!

One of my biggest makeup temptations is DARK LIPSTICK. I am VERY ATTRACTED TO IT. I especially love MAC lipsticks. Here are some swatches to remind me that I DO NOT NEED another dark lipstick. 


From left to right: (the colour descriptions are how I see them, not official ones)
Hautecore: Black (Matte)
Firm Form: Blackish brown with a hint of plum and gold sparkles (Matte)
Black Knight: Black (Satin)
Potent Fig: Blue-toned purple (Mattene)
Instigator: Red-toned purple (Matte)
Smoked Purple: Red-toned purple that leans a bit brown-ish (Matte)
Cyber: Blackened red-toned purple (Satin)
Faultlessly FW: Blackened blue-toned purple (Amplified Creme)
Hipster: Frosty burgundy (Frost)
Prince Noir: Blackened burgundy (Matte)
Night Violet: Red toned purple leaning towards fuschia (Mattene)
Studded Kiss: (Matte)
Dubonnet: Dark red with brown tones (Amplified Creme)
Media: Dark reddish purpleish burgundy (Satin)
Rocker: Sparkly dark fuschia (Matte?)


From L to R: Hautecore, Firm Form, Black Knight, Potent Fig, Instigator, Smoked Purple, Cyber.
From L to R: Cyber, Faultlessly FW, Hipster, Prince Noir, Night Violet, Studded Kiss, Dubonnet, Media, Rocker.

Frighteningly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a bunch of other dark lipsticks in various other brands as well. I have a problem.

What are your favourite dark lipsticks or favourite MAC lipsticks?

P.S. If you see any swatches on my blog after this post, they were all items that were purchased prior to February 1st/2014.


  1. I totally get where your coming from I should cut down but just can't!

  2. I'm trying not to buy anything new in a while. I just took pictures of my whole make up stash,and man, that was quite a lot.
    I really love MAC's dark lipsticks. My favorites are Instigator and Studded Kiss (and Rebel, although it isn't that dark). I really wish I had picked up Prince Noir, but instead I bought Smoked Purple, which isn't a favorite of mine.

  3. Dear oh dear. I thought I had it bad when I couldn't stay away from makeup blogs and channels. Fortunatly most of what I bought in that period was on sale and eventhough it only fills up a travel size pouch, I feel like I have enough for years. (I was more obsessed about getting the information rather than buying) Though my weakness was the same as yours. Dark lip products. I have a pouch aside just for them.
    Now I'm in the same pattern of obsession, but this time about perfumes. -_- I can't stop reading about it and buy the occasional "it was on my wishlist forever and finally went on sale!"
    Anyway, you're doing great so far! 2 months in is good. I heard it's really hard at first but just becomes easier and easier. Like with anything.

  4. Damn, those are some nice shades!
    I can't blame you for wanting to buy less, or not buy at all!
    I could probably use some time from shopping for crafty stuffs... but then, it's quite literally the only other thing (besides blogging) that stimulates my brain juices at all.

  5. You know that I'm currently also not shopping for make up and clothes. But seeing your lipsticks makes me long for May when I can finally hit the stores again!

  6. Haha, good luck! I'm trying to cut down, but I don't think I can go on a no buy. Stresses me out!

    Shopping the stash really helps, though! I love the selection you have here - I want to pick up another dark lipstick, but I'm not sure what.

  7. I'm like Larie, I am trying to be more thoughtful but if I try an all out no-buy, it will make me buy everything. I have been using a couple of recently unearthed gems from my collection, though, such as my MAC Graphic Garden palette which has been buried since I went to Cape Cod in 2012...

    I love looking at your dark lipsticks as that's totally opposite of what I tend to get. I have a few things (like OCC's Black Dahlia and Black Metal Dahlia lip tars) but mostly go for pinks, purples and oranges in lipstick. I would say most of my MAC lipsticks are probably of the pink family.

  8. Omg D:! Now I feel like I need all those dark vampy lipsticks! Good luck on your no buy! I'm on a low buy this year....it's working out so far!