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Thursday, February 5, 2015


You may recall me mentioning in some of my posts that I was undergoing a NO BUY. My goal was to not buy any makeup (except for staple items) for ONE YEAR. I am proud to say that I have actually done it! I only replaced my primer, foundation, powder, mascara, and black eyeliner in the course of that year. I thought it would be hard but it was a very good thing for me; I have a lovely collection of makeup and I got to use the nice things that I have! It is quite fun to dig through my things and think of neat stuff to do with it. I have decided to continue with minimal makeup purchasing. If I do get anything, it will have to be a replacement of something I have used a lot or something REALLY unique. I will also be focusing on QUALITY and UTILITY rather than QUANTITY. 

Now that I am done my no buy, I am going to go through my makeup drawers, organize them, and throw out any old things that have gone off or are not useful anymore. Is anyone else bad for keeping things because THEY ARE PART OF YOUR COLLECTION even though using an 8 year lipgloss is pretty much gross?



There are a few things in my makeup collection that I could not live without and that get used up and replaced often. These things are quite important to me as I wear a full face of foundation almost every day due to some skin issues. I usually talk about fun coloured things on my makeup blog so today I thought I would sing the praises of my old faithfuls.

MAC PREP AND PRIME: This primer helps to control my oily skin and drastically improves the longevity of my foundation. 

MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID FOUNDATION IN NC15:  I always had a hard time finding a foundation that played well with my crappy skin and matched fairly well without looking too unnatural. When I came across this baby 8 years ago, I never looked back.

MAC SELECT SHEER PRESSED POWDER IN NC15: If you have crappy skin like me, you may need both a primer and a powder to make your foundation behave. This powder has always served me well and is easy to apply with a flat sponge. I HATE APPLYING POWDER WITH A BRUSH OR A PUFF!!! NOOO!!!! DO NOT WANT!!

URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION: Due to my oily skin, I pretty much could not wear eyeshadow in public and to work if it were not for this product. It is SUPERB. I can work a full shift, come home, work out, and look in the mirror and my eyeshadow will be JUST FINE. Also, the tube you see in the picture has lasted me a year without having to replace it yet!

MAC PAINT POT IN SOFT OCHRE: I use this as a base for my eyeshadows as my lids are quite discoloured. Many people use under eye concealer for discolouration; I find that my lids get discoloured when I am tired and such, not under my eyes. Also, a pot lasts me more than a year.

MAC EYEBROW PENCIL IN STUD: It is the perfect eyebrow colour for me and it stays on really well. 

CLINIQUE HIGH IMPACT MASCARA: It separates your lashes, curls them a bit, and volumizes them just enough for work makeup looks. It also doesn't flake or dry out quickly.

CLINIQUE ALMOST LIPSTICK IN BLACK HONEY: I throw this on to go to work/leave the house all the time. It adds just a bit of colour to your lips, it is very forgiving when eating and such, it looks good with any makeup, and it has SPF and moisturizing qualities. 

GEISHA INK EYELINER: It has the perfect brush tip for my daily cat eye. It has replaced my good old faithful Maybelline Waterproof Black Liquid Eyeliner. Unfortunately, after I used this product almost daily for MORE THAN 10 YEARS, they changed the formula on me. The last several that I bought were watery as hell so I sadly gave up on it.

Thank you to my friend and my husband for giving me makeup as birthday and XMAS gifts as these helped me to get through!

What makeup items do you use daily? What makeup items could you not live without?


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome. I will have to check out Stud! I have gone through several MAC eyebrow pencils in various shades (suiting different hair color), and I do like them.

  2. Now that is some will power. I wish I could do the same! I'm more a MUFE HD foundation type of person.

  3. I may not know you personally, but I am proud of you! =)
    I wish I had that kind of willpower... but you have inspired me, hehe

  4. Impressive! (and also, wow the year went by so fast...)

  5. Wow! Good job! I love your willpower

  6. That is serious self control! But you're right it is nice to go through stuff and reuse things that have sat unloved in a drawer for a while. I do love the primer potion! And I have crappy eyelashes, so only use mascara for blending in false ones, which I can't live without. Even when I only wear a primer on my face for a no makeup day I still need the lashes!

  7. Good job! That is amazing self control! I cannot live without my l'Oreal BB Cream. I love that stuff so much. It works as a primer, it leaves my skin soft and it is very pale!