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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Xmas Presents

One thing that helped me get through my one year makeup no-buy was people giving makeup as presents. My husband got me some new makeup for Xmas this year as there were a few things that I was wanting to try. 


Stuff from NARS, Kat Von D, OCC, and Too Faced

Ooooh and aaaahhh over the lovely packaging!

This is a great red lipstick. It is not matte but not too shiny either; it is also quite long wearing. I found I had to do minimal touchups when wearing it out. It is a classy, bright red that I will get a lot of use out of.


Note that I am wearing NARS Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Norma over top of the lipstick so it looks shinier than it is.



This is a replacement product for me as I totally used up my old one:

I use this baby all the time. I am not one to go for a bronzed look; I instead use this as my go-to neutral blush for work makeup or pretty much any time I am not sure which blush to use as it is flattering and looks good with any type of makeup that I wear.



YEAAAAAAH black studded packaging!!

From left to right: Motorhead, Wonderchilde, and Bauhau5.

DAMN, I love this colour, even in all it's frosty as hell glory. I never throught I would want to wear frosty lipstick but I am kind of loving it! The true colour of this is less pink than in my full face picture and less purple than in the tube picture; it is somewhere in between. It is very bright and neon. I like this lipstick because it is sheer and looks good worn that way but it can be built up for full on frosty lip madness. It applies very smoothly and builds nicely; it stays in place very well and tends to be forgiving as it wears down quite evenly for a more sheer look if you apply it heavily. 


To me, this is like a deeper, more matte version of MAC Rebel.  I LOVE the colour. The formula is very dry so application can be a bit difficult. I have heard others saying it applies unevenly; I personally find it is easy to get an even finish but it DRAGS and CATCHES ones lips which is unpleasant (I guess my lazy ass could just get out a freakin' lip brush or something.) The dryness of the formulation makes it extremely long-wearing, however. Do note that it stains my lips.


Once again, I LOVE this colour! It is perfect for gothing and vamping about. It also looks nice with plain neutral eye makeup if you don't want to over-do yourself. It goes on sheerly so you do need to build it up as it doesn't look good when applied lightly. It is also very unforgiving on dry lips (it shows EVERY little imperfection) so it must be worn on a good lip day. It is nice and long-wearing but is a bit difficult to remove.

I have heard a lot of people complain about the formulation of the Studded Kiss lipsticks; I personally quite enjoy them but all 3 lipsticks were noticeably different in formulation and there were a few irritating things (dry formula, staining, etc).  The range of colours is superb and I would really like to get my hands on Poe (dark navy blue!)




Top: Technopagan. Bottom: Black Metal Dahlia.

These are shiny and metallic!!! I had mentioned Technopagan to my husband and he picked out Black Metal Dahlia all by himself as he thought it was sweet. AGREED. I have not worn these yet but when I do, it will be EPIC. I cannot unfortunately comment on application and wear at this time.

Now that my no-buy is over and I am allowed to buy makeup, I find that I really don't want to all that much! I think I finally kicked my addiction! I am having lots of fun using the lovely things in my collection and will continue with very minimal makeup purchases. At the end of the month, I am also going to go through my makeup stash and get rid of any old products or things that are not useful and organize everything very strictly!! Good organization of one's stash helps one to know what one has and use it!

Does your stash need a good cleaning?


  1. I wanted that Kat von d lipstick for forever... I'm a sucker for packaging. I have an orange in the brand, different line. I like the color but it's way dry

  2. Oh, the Kat von D lipsticks look amazing! Cute packaging and lovely colours, too bad I can't get them here in Germany! And the Black Metal Dahlia lip tar is to die for! I must order there soon... But my stash could use some reduction as well. Especially since I use less and less make up during normal days and have to go out more to show off all the good stuff I already have.

  3. Organization totally helps! I got some Muji drawers because they stack and can be all tidy, and it makes me so much happier. And I can see everything and it's all easily accessible. I think I've kicked the shopping habit a lot, too, though I still enjoy the creativity of putting together a look!

  4. I really applaud you for going a whole year without purchasing any makeup! Also, you got some killer lip colors for the holidays! Can't wait to see those OCC lippies in action!

  5. Wow, what a great haul! I'm sure you must feel awesome finally with your ban finish! I totally knew that you'd get those kat von d lipsticks! It's so you! Love that techno pagan blue lip tar, it's freaking amazing!

  6. My stash needs constant cleaning :) , i have so much stuff , i find treasures in my own collection from time to time .
    Great haul , i love how the OCC tar looks in Metal Dahlia , so pretty ! x