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Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello, everyone. I have not been on the computer much lately so I apologize for any late comments on people's blogs. I have been having a difficult time lately due to the death of one of my cats 2 weeks ago. She suddenly became ill in November and we tried many different treatments and saw many different vets. Unfortunately, she was not improving so we had to make a tough decision. This has hit me very hard because she followed me around everywhere while I was at home and she was only 7 years old so I was not expecting to have to deal with this so soon. Also, our other cat, whom we got as a tiny kitten, has never lived without her and he has not been doing very well. It is hard to watch. My house feels very empty without her.

Twiggy "helping" me take blog photos.
I couldn't bring myself to post about this until now...the more times you say it out loud, the more real it becomes. My heart goes out to anyone out there who has lost one of their furry friends, it is absolutely devastating.