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Friday, May 22, 2015

Tokyomilk Dark

Tokyomilk Dark is a brand that I have come to love. The packaging is beautiful and everything is of high quality. I have acquired a couple of sample packs from Sephora as well as some of the lip elixers and a rollerball perfume. 

Can anyone tell me what "provocative spices" are?
Their Tainted Love scent has notes of dark vanilla bean, sensuous sandalwood, white tea, citrus, tonka bean, provocative spices, and sweet orchid*.  When I wear it, the vanilla bean and tea notes come through the strongest. Since I am not much of a perfume reviewer and suck at describing scents, I am going to keep it simple: IT SMELLS REAL GOOD.

The Everything and Nothing scent has notes of rose, mandarin, tangerine, white jasmine, peony, muguet, amber, and white musk*. In summary, IT SMELLS PRETTY NICE!!

I always enjoy when a perfume comes with a shower gel and/or a body cream. I use these things for daytime outings and reserve heavy perfume application for evenings out.

Can I say I LOVE the lip products? The Get Lucky Lip Tint that came in the little perfume sample tin is SO nice. It is kind of a brownish-neutral colour that I thought I would hate until I saw it on. It is a lovely MLBB type of thing that wears weightlessly and endlessly. It smells and tastes just like old school Trident cinnamon gum. I usually HATE flavoured lip products but I am lovin' them here!

I also am hopelessly hooked on the Lip Elixirs. Upon opening the little tins, I discovered to my initial horror that they are PETROLATUM BASED, just like gross old vaseline for your lips....NOOOO!!! I ended up being pleasantly surprised to find that they are not sticky or greasy, the wear is just lovely. They also smell and taste awesome; the ones I have are No 77 Cherry Bourbon, No 36 Salted Caramel, and my favourite No 18 Clove Cigarette. There is also an Absinthe one which I would like to get my hands on. I actually use these A LOT, they are a lifesaver for me as I get horribly dry lips in the winter and these work wonders! My only complaints are that the tins are hard to open and they are also rather unsanitary as you need to put your fingers or something in there to get product out. 

Do you like my whimsical perfume photo? It was taken by accident, I have no idea how it came out like this lol!!
I also have the rollerball (I LOVE ROLLERBALLS!!!) of  the Fate and Fortune Collection Destiny No 79.  It purportedly has notes of midnight jasmine, fresh-cut honeysuckle, rose, and davana*, whatever that is. I feel that IT SMELLS VERY FRESH.

Have you ever tried anything from Tokyomilk Dark? What do you think of their products?

*Perfume descriptions were taken from the Sephora website*

-All items purchased by me or were given to me as gifts. All opinions are my own-


  1. I haven't really dove into Tokyomilk beyond a few samples here and there. Their fragrance Excess is rich and dark... just how I like to smell, heheh, but I just haven't committed to buying it. I have also recently discovered Diptyque's Tam Dao after playing around with Ofresia; a stupendous quality floral whimsy.
    I'm going to have a hell of a time now deciding what's going to be my new "signature smell".

  2. I have a couple of mini Tokyomilk Dark scents that were given to me. I like them for cold winter or fall days, but some of them tend to be a little too sweet. I didn't know they made a whole range of products!

  3. I want an absinthe or clove cigeratte lip elixir so bad now! Love the look of this brand. Also, all perfumes should have a rollerball option, I love them so much.

  4. Never heared of that brand before, might be something that is not sold in Europe (again)...