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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Comparison of Navy Blue Lipsticks

Recently, even though I am not supposed to be buying any makeup, I was tempted by and gave in to Poe Studded Kiss Lipstick by Kat Von D. It is a gorgeous navy blue shade with a copper sparkle to it (see closeup swatch below). After purchasing it, I decided to compare it to the other navy lipsticks in my collection for your convenience. I hope you find it very helpful when deciding just what shade of navy blue your lips should be sporting when you go to that job interview or family reunion. 

***DISCLAIMER*** I am not responsible for any rejected job offers or family disownings that result from you wearing navy blue lipstick ***DISLCLAIMER***




 On the far left, we see Indigo Bridge by Portland Black Lipstick Company. It has a lovely, metallic finish and black undertones. Therefore, it is PERFECT for that high-pressure job interview! You really look like you mean SRS BUSINESS when you wear this one! 

In the middle, we have Illamasqua Disciple. It has a somewhat shiny finish that does not have any sparkle or metallic flair to it. This one would be best for wearing to that big summer family reunion. Everyone who was wondering how you were going to turn out will rest easy when they see you wearing this!

On the far right we have Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe by Kat Von D. Those purple undertones and copper sparkles are just PERFECT for daily wear. No one will give you the side-eye AT ALL when you are going about your responsible adult errands wearing this beauty!

 ***DISCLAIMER*** I am not responsible for any rejected job offers or family disownings that result from you wearing navy blue lipstick ***DISLCLAIMER***

All sarcasm aside, I am not sure why I need 3 different navy blue lipsticks. One would have probably been sufficient to cover my clubbing/concert wear needs but here we are. Also, in the spirit of full honesty, I may or may not occasionally wear navy blue lipstick when going about my daily errands. 

Do you have any navy blue lipsticks from other brands? What are your thoughts on them.?


  1. I also have 'Indigo Bridge'. It's so nice and shade of blue is perfect. But I really, really, want to get Kat Von D's Poe. I love the shimmer in it. :) And sometimes I wear dark blue lips during day time. They are quite neutral in a way, compared to super bright pink for example.

  2. I have been wanting one for some time now so its good to see some swatches!

  3. Lol you are hilarious. This makes me want to get a navy lipstick. Sometimes it gets dull wearing the everyday black lipstick.

  4. Ha ha ha! Too funny! :D I never gave much thought to navy blue lipstick, but those are quite pretty colors.

  5. Ha! Nice disclaimer there. I haven't worn blue lipstick in over 15 years, and even then it was a cheap, crappy light-blue. Looks like they've come a long way in blue lipstick. You're making me reconsider on the possibility of wearing blue lipstick. Hmmmm. :)

  6. This post made me laugh real hard :D So funny...
    Such stunning lipsticks btw :)
    I would LOVE to try Kat Von D lipsticks... heck anything from her makeup line would be amazing to try :)
    I remember when I wore a real dark red lipstick, so dark it was almost black, and a friend of mine told me "That is not really appropriate you know.. it is way too dark" :D I make sure to try and wear it every time we (me and my fiancé) hang out with that friend ;) Just to tease him... yes it was a guy who said it ;)