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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blue and Green Eye Makeup for Summer

Well it is HOT out today - 32 degrees Celsius!!! That is too hot for me...it ruins my makeup and hair and it is hard to dress nicely - BLAH. When it is this hot out I often feel like wearing bright blue and green eye makeup; for some reason, these just feel like summer-y colours to me. Sometimes I like to wear bolder, more neon colours like the ones from the good old NARS Rated R palette. Other times I like to wear some lighter, more metallic shades.


Summer makeup go-to's: Urban Decay 24/7 Liners in Freak, Graffiti, Electric, and Radium. Gosh Let's Twist eyeliner in Kamikaze, Inglot Eyeshadows, NARS Rated R Palette, Lime Crime Aquataenia palette.



Wearing MAC Lipstick in Summer Shower.
What colours have you been feeling this summer?


  1. I am so glad that it is getting colder again here in Germany! When it is hot I don't wear make up at all, it all melts off anyway... How do you keep your eye shadows from melting off your eyelids when it is sweaty weather?

  2. Yup, hot over here in NYC! Then again, it is the summer. What a pretty combination -- it reminds me of peacock feathers. I've been drawn to nudes and plums, usually together.

  3. Ack, I have been so boring. I think I have been wearing the same neutral shadow trio and blush for the past month, LOL. It's just so hot. I can't be creative in this heat.

  4. It's too hot lately. I just want to stay inside!

  5. It's been hot AND humid in my area. Yuk! You wear the green and blue eyeshadow well. Not everyone can do that - me included. :)

  6. I love the NARS Rated R duo! Mine is neglected. I better use it tomorrow.
    Honestly, it seems like it's been a relatively mild summer in Michigan. I'm not sure we've reached 90°F (32 Celsius) yet. I like it when it gets unbearably hot and sunny. It balances out the unbearably cold temperatures of winter.

  7. such a fun and summery look ! Looks so pretty on you ! x