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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gothic Style for Hot Weather

Hello there, I hope you are all doing well on this Tuesday afternoon! I was off work today; I usually find my weekdays off to be painfully boring. For some reason, I had lots of energy and was quite productive today! First I got my running and exercises out of the way. Then I turned on some CD's (I kick it old school) and made salsa, vegetable broth and cut up some veggies so I will be ready to make chili this evening. I watered all of my trees and plants and did some pre-packing for my impending houseboating trip (you will hear more about that later!) I love it when I actually get some sh*t done on a Tuesday instead of procrastinating and screwing around!

Speaking of being unproductive, the summer heat has been making me feel rather lethargic lately. Oh, summer. I hope you shall be over soon. The hot weather makes it difficult for me to wear my blacks and not die of heat exhaustion. The most tolerable weather of the year (in my opinion, anyway) is always the most fleeting where I live. The mild and cool temperatures of spring and fall that allow me to layer and wear scarves, boots, and blazers in place of jackets are over far too soon......then we are left at the mercy of the blistering, blaring heat or the dry, static cling-inducting, sub zero temperatures. ANYWAY, enough whining from me about the weather! On to the outfit! It features my good old Lip Service seahorse maxi dress that has served me well the last few summers. I recently got a new crochet-type shrug which breathes enough to wear in the summer. It kind of goes with everything and crochet is "in" right now so this will be getting a lot of wear as we go into fall!



Awkward posing FTW 
Shrug: Simons (Twik)
Sunglasses: Guess
Dress: Lip Service
Necklace: Curiology Jewellery (Etsy)
Shoes: Shellys London Cartore


Do you get sh*t done on your days off?


  1. The necklace! I love the moth necklace! I need it in my life! The outfit looks perfectly cool in the greatest heat. And when I have a day off, I accomplish much less than you. Or at least much less than I plan to do...

  2. Oh yes, the necklace is wonderful <3 A really great outfit!

  3. Great outfit for summer! I haven't been very productive on my days off lately. I am longing for cooler weather.

  4. Cute necklace! When I worked full time I worked evenings and I would usually have Mondays off so I would spend them feeling smug at all the people starting their week while I finished mine, and going into town for shopping and lunch dates while it was quiet because I don't like shopping on Saturdays!

  5. I spend my free time freelancing or catching up on work. I'd love to do nothing! Love the moth necklace!