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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mixing Patterns

How is everyone doing on this Thursday evening? I am anxiously awaiting the end of my work day tomorrow as it is the last day before I get some time off!! WOO HOO!!! I could really use it at this point, work has been driving me nuts lately!

There are a few "fashion rules" that I tend to break on a regular basis. One of them is "Don't mix patterns." Today's outfit features 3 different black and white patterns: an abstract pattern on the tank top, a rippling water type pattern on the skirt, and an eyeball pattern on the scarf. Do they go together? Not particularly. However, I was feeling very black and white upon this day so I just said f**k it and put on ALL the black and white things! I was quite pleased that it was JUST BARELY cold enough out to wear a light scarf as a shawl.



Hair flower: (can't really see in the picture): Made by my friend
Top: H&M
Necklace: Moon Maiden Jewelry
Skirt + Scarf: Le Chateau
Bracelet: Guess
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Ramen Chain
Lip Gloss: OCC Stained Gloss Test Tube in Little Black Dress

Do you ever mix patterns? 


  1. Oooo I like the look and those wedge sandals are killer! I don't mix patterns intentionally and don't think too much about fashion actually. I do like certain patterns like modern looking spots, stripes, florals and watercolor looking prints!

  2. looking good no matter if the patterns usually would 'match'.

  3. The tank and the skirt look like they are meant to be together, at least in the photos. It's a very neat optical effect. Eyeball scarf? WAHOO! :D Close up? The outfit is very cool and modern looking; the bag and the shoes are the BOMB!

    You look gorgeous! And have a restful time off. Do you have anything fun planned?

  4. We have the same top! I mostly wear it with shorts or "hammer pants" though... I love your style, you always look fashionable and pulled together!

  5. The top and skirt coordinate perfectly. I love the necklace!

  6. Like everyone said, the top and skirt are perfect. I thought it was a dress!

  7. The tank and the skirt actually look like they have complementary patterns! If the pictures had come first I would have thought it was a dress, too.