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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Garden 2015

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned the fact that I love plants on here before but if I haven't, let it be known: I LOVE PLANTS!!!! I really enjoy gardening in my spare time from spring to fall every year. Unfortunately, the gardening season here is pretty much over :( Here are some pictures of my plant friends from this year! 

Phlox - an early spring bloomer

 Ornamental tower crabapple blossoms and sandcherry blossoms

Prickly pear cactus and fiddlehead ferns in the snow

Icelandic poppies, artemesia, and oriental lilies

 Hens and chicks and Salieri Daylily

Lobelia, Nonstop Mocha Cherry Begonia, Vancouver Centennial Geranium, Creeping Jenny, Tropicanna Gold Canna Lily

Treasure Calla Lily, ornamental millet, coleus, Irish moss, and sweet potato vine

Coleus, oxalis, and Tropicanna Phasion Canna Lily

Oriental lilies and bee balm

 Bumble bee in hosta flower, Schwarzwalder Calla Lily

Miniature trees and assorted succulents 

Sarracenia Scarlet Belle - my first carnivorous plant

Arabian Nights Dahlia, Elegance Burgundy Geranium, coleus, bloodleaf, and vinca

Evening primrose and echinacea

Zwartkop Aeonium

Forget-me-not and Autumn Joy Sedum

Honey bee on Purple Emperor Sedum

This year was just okay for gardening.....I unfortunately had several issues with bugs, wind damage, and hail damage. However, I was able to fill out my perennial garden a bit more and work on my shade garden in the back yard so both of those will require minimal work next year. I also replaced some trees that got damaged by a drunk driver a couple years ago. My husband built us some raised beds so we will have vegetables next year- I am quite excited for that! I am also excited for the bulbs I recently planted...I don't have very many perennials that flower in the early spring so I am looking forward to seeing those bulbs sprout and flower in May!

Do you do any gardening?


  1. Wow your potted arrangements are some of the best I've seen! I love plants, but alas I have no sunny windows in my tiny apartment.

  2. If this is just an "okay" gardening year, agood one must look like the biblical paradise! I have a certified black thumb and kill all plants near me - besides orchids who somehow thrive... I'm looking forward to see pictures of your first homegrown veggies next year!

  3. Totally agree with MindLess... a good year must look spectacular! I'm like a Dementor to plants; they die if I walk too close.

  4. Wow, that's amazing! I don't have much of a head for plants and plant names...and the only plant I ever kept alive was a tiny cactus that my roommates gave me once. And that's only because they watered it, LOL. But I am excited to hear about your vegetable garden next year! That sounds fabulous!