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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Killstar Lunar Skater Dress

  The skater dress has become somewhat ubiquitous in clothing stores that I shop in lately. Usually when I see them, I write them off as too cutesy; I feel I am a bit too old* to wear them. Despite this, I just couldn't resist the phases of the moon print on the Killstar Lunar Skater Dress...I just LOVE anything space themed! The skater dress style is too short for me to wear strictly as a dress; I have made it work in my wardrobe by using it like a tunic to layer under cropped jackets and over leggings. I enjoy this sort of outfit for attending more casual events; the outfit on the right was worn to an outdoor food truck event that is held several times a year where I live. Due to its ability to be layered, I have been able to make many outfits with this dress since I bought it! 


Galaxy print scarf (right): Gift from a friend
Jacket: Le Chateau
Leggings: Lululemon
Shoes (left): Ratchet by Elly Clay

The leggings used for these outfits have also been worn a lot since I got them. I usually do not care for the trend of incorporating athletic/activewear into outfits but I could not resist these! A friend who wears that brand a lot pointed them out to me.

Do you ever wear skater dresses? What are your feelings on using activewear pieces in your daily outfits?

*DISCLAIMER: My statement about feeling to old to wear certain things reflects my own feelings about how I look and my personal style. My comment is not meant to be aimed at other people, I am a huge supporter of wearing what you feel good in at any age!*


  1. What a great outfit! Those "dresses" are too short for me, too. At 6' I tend to wear dresses like tunics all the time. I don't have a problem with wearing activewear in my daily outfits, especially if I'm going to the library or doing something that might require me to be a bit more comfortable. I tend to like the stretch of these garments. And let's face it, they make warm, layering pieces for the winter.

  2. I don't like skater dresses because of wind-related accidents. I've pulled a Marilyn Monroe too many times to not wear leggings or pants underneath. Moon phases are of course super cool. And I love the galaxy scarf paired with it

  3. I think this skater dress looks great on you, especially with those nice leggings. I tend to lean towards layering skater dresses too, it's a nice way to make them a little more sophisticated which I think you've achieved with this look.

  4. I love everything from this outfit, specially the dress :D.

    I usually like skater dress if it is no too short because it makes me look too girly. But I think they are pretty :).

  5. I love how you combined a galaxy scarf to the moon skater dress, you looked stellar! ^^ Sorry for the bad pun... -.-

  6. I love the skater dresses (and this print is fab) but would wear with leggings in case of any wind related incidents.

  7. I love everything about this outfit... that dress is so lovely and I really love how you wore a galaxy scarf with it :)
    I adore those shoes too and that jacket is so lovely :)

  8. http://goo.gl/RQTtD0