A Closeted Goth Girl Trying to Make it in the Professional World

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Clubwear Saturday: Green, Silver, and Black

Happy Saturday everyone! I am off work and my friends from my hometown have come to visit so it is shaping up to be a great weekend! This Saturday's outfit was worn to a local  themed event where there is a specified dress code. I decided to match my makeup to my dress which is marbled with green, silver, and black. I also decided to go with a light, glossy lip rather than my usual dark choices and I thought it looked rather nice...........until I saw some of the event photos! Apparently, this does not photograph well on me, I looked super washed out an like I hadn't slept for days or something! Duly noted. Just kidding.......zero f*cks given!! 


Sugarpill Tiara, MAC Mineralize Blush in Miss Behave, MAC She Who Dares eyeshadow, Persephone Minerals Jupiter Oak Evolution, Sugarpill Midori, Jealousness lashes, Buxom Full-On Lip cream in White Russian, UD 24/7 Liners in Perversion, Graffiti, and Covet, Geisha Ink Eyeliner.

My hair, despite trying to beat it into submission with a straightener, curling iron, deep conditioner, hair extensions and hairspray STILL did not co-operate with me as usual. I give myself an E for effort.


Necklace: ArtwithLatex
Dress: Deadly Couture (Canadian!!)
Armwarmers: Nimue's Latex
Ankle Cuffs: Demonia
Shoes: Fynn by Gold Dot


I did my nails with a kit my friend gave me as a present. I know I am SO LATE TO THE PARTY on this trend (and every other) but I get to things when I get to things. It is a foil manicure kit; you paint your nails and press foil onto them. It's so easy even I can do it!


OPI Black Ink, Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure Kit, Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Polish, and Hard Candy nail polish in Touch of Teal.
How is your weekend going?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Black Basics

Over the last little while, I have found a lot of great black basics to add to my wardrobe. Lately my go-to outfit for everyday non-work outings has consisted of a black top, black skirt, and some statement jewellery. This works really well for me as I enjoy mixing and matching things from my closet to maximize the potential number of different combinations that can be created as I get bored easily when it comes to clothing. It is also great if you are short on time as matching black tops to black bottoms is pretty much a no-brainer as is accessorizing because black goes with EVERYTHING!!


Guess Necklace and Cuff, MAC Pet Me Please Lipstick

Top & Skirt: Dex

The shirt and skirt above are great as I can style them with so many other pieces in my wardrobe and they are both very comfortable. The top is a sheer batwing style with mesh panel details down the arms which I love! I also wear these shoes a lot as they have a heel but are comfortable enough to walk around in all day. I love me a good getting-sh*t-done kind of shoe that is also stylish.

Getting sh*t done + looking like a functional adult yet still wearing all black + chain accents + comfy yet heeled and buckled shoes = AWWW YEAHHH.


Guess Lehana - Lug Soles FTW
What is your go-to no-brainer getting-sh*t done with a bit of style outfit?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Worksafe Monday: PLAID...........and some Work-Related Venting

Oh fabrics of plaid, how I adore thee! From my younger days of micro-mini plaid skirts adorned with band patches and safety pins to pencil skirts suitable for the working woman, I have loved and shall always love plaid fabric of every colour. Today's work outfits both feature a navy blue statement necklace, sparkle ball earrings, and Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. These three items show up in my work outfits quite frequently! As for my boots, I really don't care for them but they are comfortable enough for me to stand in all day so they will have to do for now!


Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, Hillberg and Berk earrings, and Le Chateau necklace.

Cropped Jacket: Le Chateau
Peplum Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Zara

Skirt: Le Chateau

I have been feeling rather down regarding my job lately. When I started working for my current employer and at my particular location, I felt it was one of the better employers in my field to work for. However, over the past several years there have been quite a few changes made that I have no control over or say in that have affected me (and others) adversely. Every time something changes for the worse, I always wonder how much worse will I let it get before I make a change? 

At the start of this year, I decided it would be my New Year's resolution to try to start working towards a change in my employment situation and to try to approach my current situation with a positive attitude. I am upset and frustrated about a lot of things at work; also, I tend to be a bit of a Negative Nancy and these things do not help me to do the best job I can. I figured that if I am being positive about things at work despite various problems it will only benefit me as it will help me do a better job and help me to deal with my frustration in a more constructive manner. (And deal with it I must; unfortunately the job market in my field is quite poor so I don't have a lot of viable options at the moment.)

Unfortunately, I allowed my positive attitude to be derailed quite quickly when I found out about a couple of other sh*tty things that affected me. I have been letting the stress of my job get to me and I feel like I am an automaton at work all day........and for that I am very disappointed in myself!!! I need to make some changes and I cannot do that while feeling stressed and negative. This particular post by a fellow blogger sums it up well: "If you feel useless and depressed, I can assure you that it is impossible to get hired elsewhere."  I need to pull up my socks, adjust my attitude, and deal with my situation. I have dealt with stress and less than ideal situations before and I know that I can do it now! I also have a sense of humour which helps me deal with things and I need to use it in this situation in order to make the best of it! 
Below is something I found on the internet. I like to read it each day to remind myself that your situation is what you make of it:

Anyway, sorry for the rather personal rant, I just needed to vent a bit! Excuse me, I am off to go pull my head out of my ass, get my sh*t together, and start using my energy in a more constructive manner!

Have you ever had a job that drove you nuts? How did you handle the situation?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Orange, Black, and Faux Leather Accents

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good year so far! Today's outfit consists of a few of my favourite things......orange, black, and faux leather accents. I really love this cropped sweater; it has faux leather patches on the shoulders and it is made from an orange and black fabric. I am a huge fan of any coloured fabric that has bits of black throughout it! The pencil skirt and earrings are both wardrobe workhorses that get a LOT of wear because they go with so many things.  
For my makeup, I attempted to do a colourful yet toned-down and wearable look featuring orange eyeshadow.


Illamasqua Blush in Sophie, UD Naked Palette, MAC Eyeshadow in Orange, Sobe Botanicals Eyeshadow in Zen Fire, Tokyomilk Dark Get Lucy Lip Tint, and Lemantula Designs earrings.

I was happy with how my makeup turned out.....I am really bad at using bright colours without going overboard for daytime look! I am always inspired by Sparkling Luna for colourful yet wearable looks; she is an expert blender and does such great thing with colourful shadows without going over the top.
I have had a lot of trouble getting decent makeup pictures for quite some time; I have a hard time getting all of the colours to show up! I think this year I am going to try to actually read some things about photography as I know absolutely nothing about it despite using the camera for my blog all the time. 


Earrings: Lemantula Designs
Sweater + Tights: H&M
Skirt: Target
Boots: Le Chateau


Do you have any blog photography tips? Do you know any good resources for beginner photographers? Please share!