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Monday, January 18, 2016

Worksafe Monday: PLAID...........and some Work-Related Venting

Oh fabrics of plaid, how I adore thee! From my younger days of micro-mini plaid skirts adorned with band patches and safety pins to pencil skirts suitable for the working woman, I have loved and shall always love plaid fabric of every colour. Today's work outfits both feature a navy blue statement necklace, sparkle ball earrings, and Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. These three items show up in my work outfits quite frequently! As for my boots, I really don't care for them but they are comfortable enough for me to stand in all day so they will have to do for now!


Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, Hillberg and Berk earrings, and Le Chateau necklace.

Cropped Jacket: Le Chateau
Peplum Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Zara

Skirt: Le Chateau

I have been feeling rather down regarding my job lately. When I started working for my current employer and at my particular location, I felt it was one of the better employers in my field to work for. However, over the past several years there have been quite a few changes made that I have no control over or say in that have affected me (and others) adversely. Every time something changes for the worse, I always wonder how much worse will I let it get before I make a change? 

At the start of this year, I decided it would be my New Year's resolution to try to start working towards a change in my employment situation and to try to approach my current situation with a positive attitude. I am upset and frustrated about a lot of things at work; also, I tend to be a bit of a Negative Nancy and these things do not help me to do the best job I can. I figured that if I am being positive about things at work despite various problems it will only benefit me as it will help me do a better job and help me to deal with my frustration in a more constructive manner. (And deal with it I must; unfortunately the job market in my field is quite poor so I don't have a lot of viable options at the moment.)

Unfortunately, I allowed my positive attitude to be derailed quite quickly when I found out about a couple of other sh*tty things that affected me. I have been letting the stress of my job get to me and I feel like I am an automaton at work all day........and for that I am very disappointed in myself!!! I need to make some changes and I cannot do that while feeling stressed and negative. This particular post by a fellow blogger sums it up well: "If you feel useless and depressed, I can assure you that it is impossible to get hired elsewhere."  I need to pull up my socks, adjust my attitude, and deal with my situation. I have dealt with stress and less than ideal situations before and I know that I can do it now! I also have a sense of humour which helps me deal with things and I need to use it in this situation in order to make the best of it! 
Below is something I found on the internet. I like to read it each day to remind myself that your situation is what you make of it:

Anyway, sorry for the rather personal rant, I just needed to vent a bit! Excuse me, I am off to go pull my head out of my ass, get my sh*t together, and start using my energy in a more constructive manner!

Have you ever had a job that drove you nuts? How did you handle the situation?


  1. Both outfits are awesome! It looks oh so perfect on you. But for me, I prefer the one with the red plaid. A happy color indeed.

  2. In what field do you work? You don't have to answer, if it's too personal of course. I'm just interested in what other darklings do for living :-)

  3. That sucks...my previous job was driving me nuts too; they recruited me for a certain position and when they realized, that I won't even have enough work to fill 8 hours, they put me on another job. Then they actually tried to make me commit to a 3 years course with a 5 years study contract in a field that doesn't even interest me and the best part: They wanted me to work in 3 shifts...in a goddamn' office. Now, that was when I stood up and quit...and I definitely don't regret it. :)

  4. I really love the peplum top it looks great! And here's to a positive work attitude, regardless of the circumstances. Goodfor you :)

  5. Ahhh yes, I most certainly have been in your position and it well...sucks (to put it plainly). I would tell myself when things got bad, "It is my choice to be here and I choose to stay because ______ and then I would fill in the blank". When we're in a job situation that we know there are not too many options if we leave (even though there are, just may need to be a drastic career change or monetary change) and it can be quite frightening. I wish you luck and strength and I applaud you trying to be positive...and looking great while going it :)

  6. I love the blue plaid!

    I had a job that drove me nuts. I handled it by internalizing the problems and losing all confidence in myself. I definitely do NOT recommend that course of action!

    I think you are absolutely right about the importance of attitude. It can take time to work toward a change, and sometimes the only thing we can adjust in the interim is our attitude. Good luck!

  7. I switched jobs last year and could not be happier! I moved quite a bit away from my firends (and my boyfriend), but the pay is better, I work less and enjoy it much more. If you feel stuck and hate your work, go search for another! ANd don't wait until you feel better - at least for me that point never came...

    An a totally unrealted topic: Wow, that plaid skirt is amazing!

  8. Sorry, being unhappy in your job is one of the worst things :-( hope you will be able to change something th make you feel better!

  9. Ooh, I love both of those skirts! The patterns and colors are great, and they look warm!

    I can totally sympathize right now - work is not the best, either, due to some things I also cannot control. But your post has inspired me to just suck it up and smile, too - I have been sort of letting it get to me and I'm usually always cheerful. I do think there are some people I can talk to at work that can help deal with the things I'm upset about, but the manner of conversation can make all the difference, and I'm determined to be professional about this. Good luck to you, too!

  10. So sorry to read that you are unhappy in your job.. I´ve been in that same situation and it is horrible :(
    Follow your heart.. do what is best for YOU!!!
    I love both of those outfits.. that blue skirt is amazing :)

  11. I love plaid/tartan. your skirts are cool!

  12. http://goo.gl/GgZz6a