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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Waxing Poetic about Shopping

Oh, how I love to wear black things with other black things. It never gets old and it is idiot-proof. I wore this outfit to go boxing week sale shopping. Usually, I avoid shopping in the stores at that particular time of year as it is usually a sh*t show. The 2015 boxing week sales were no different than years past; there were lineups aplenty, scads of people, and sparse and chaotic clothing racks.  I dragged myself through the crowds in a fruitless search for a good deal, cursing myself for thinking that a shopping trip at this time of the year was a good idea. But suddenly, through the disgruntled masses, it caught my attention: a little red sticker stuck to a price tag on an item that I had been eyeballing for quite some time. Could it be? An expensive designer item that I wanted was actually on sale? 
Upon one of the purse display shelves in a department store I frequent sat a studded leather clutch by one of my favourite designers. I had seen it sitting there for several months. I was looking for a new black "bar purse" for quite some time since the one I often used for going out was purchased over 10 years ago and was starting to look dated and ratty. On many a shopping trip, I had picked it up and pretended that I was fancy enough to have it. Unfortunately, it was quite pricey so it always went back to its shelf.
Today, however, something was different. That little red sticker on the price tag led me to the purse like a lighthouse brings a ship to port. Was it truly on sale? OH YES IT WAS! Not only was it on sale, but it was STEEPLY discounted. I decided that the little leather purse was coming home with me that day and it has been serving me well ever since! SCORE!


Lemantula Designs Earrings, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Motorhead

TOP: Guess
Jacket: Le Chateau
Skirt that is plaguing me with static cling in my photo: Zara
Boots: Guess


Thank you for listening to me wax poetic about shopping. In case you can't tell, I really love to shop.
Do you enjoy shopping? Where are your favourite places to shop?


  1. I LOVE when that happens! You look lovely and the bag is SO you! Ummmm, can I admit that I hate to shop? LOL!!! I love shopping for other people, but when it boils down to shopping for myself I get overwhelmed and burnt out. I like to window shop, does that count? ;)

  2. Lol I shop all the time. Also enough to watch for sales on my favorite items. The purse is awesome.

  3. Nothing goes better with black than black! :D That purse is great.

    I also have to admit that I hate to shop (for clothes, anyway). Off-the-rack clothes almost never fit me, so shopping becomes an exercise in frustration and disappointment. I do like to shop for furniture, decor, and craft items, particularly at thrift stores.

  4. I only bought what I really needed on sale as I have been doing for the last couple years now. You had the opportunity to find exactly what you wanted and that's great! When you don't buy things just "because they're on sale" it means you're a clever shopper. On the contrary, I grab about anything me or my mum would like in our local thrifstore cos it's über cheap (5 items for 3 euros!)so that's really worth it.

  5. I do love a bargain! Your whole outfit+accessories looks amazing as well :D And there's no such thing as too much black. Ever.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS what a wonderful purple :O
    I love the entire outfit as well :)
    I am so curious when it comes to the Studded lipsticks by Kat Von D :) Heard so many lovely things about her makeup products :)
    I do love to shop.. but only for accessories and makeup... I HATE shopping for clothes.. especially pants ;)

  7. http://goo.gl/s37lP8