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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Lip Service

A few days ago, The Mutant Stomp Friends posted about how Lip Service is very likely dead. If this is the case, it feels like the end of an era. If you were into alternative fashion, Lip Service has very likely touched your life and closet in one way or another. I still remember the first time I discovered their website......I was in high school in "computer class" (these days the young people learn to use a computer by the time they are 2 years old so I doubt things such as "computer class" exist anymore). I found their "punk and disorderly" ballgown and wanted to order it for my high school grad. It ended up not being available and I remember emailing their customer service to see if they just MAYBE had any left! I remember they were so nice to me when they emailed me back, it wasn't just some form email that a lot of companies would send you. 

Punk and Disorderly Ballgown
I also worked in an alternative clothing store for awhile when I was in University and I remember leafing through their beautiful catalogues and wanting to buy everything! Today I will share some very OLD pictures featuring Lip Service stuff.


In my apartment that I lived in while attending University. My now-husband picked out this top for me.....I WONDER WHY HE LIKED IT SO MUCH. I also had a bunch of those "Teacher Hit Me With a Ruler" plaid skirts in different colours that were so short they were essentially belts. I had difficulty with wearing an appropriate amount of clothing back in the day.

Clubbing in Saskatoon.....WOW.....that is SOME MAKEUP. Thankfully my makeup skills have improved over the years (or have they?)

Posing in my parent's kitchen....so goth. I'm sure my mother was very proud of me. Why do I have no shoes on?

Clubbing in Edmonton. This dress was awesome; it closed up in the back with little locks and straps. Good thing they were easy to pick if you lost the keys! I still have that purse and use it for going out.


Clubbing in Toronto. My now-husband and I are both sporting tops from Lip Service.

Clubbing in Edmonton. Apparently I could never take outfit photos.....my feet didn't make the cut in this one.

More clubbing in Edmonton. This was and always shall be my favourite outfit of all time. My husband made the collar, I made the arm sleeves, and Lip Service made the rest of it.

I used to be young and full of angst before I knew what angst truly was.

At a VNV Nation concert. We are sporting co-ordinating Lip Service outfits.

In my old apartment. 


Clubbing in Vancouver.

Also at a club in Vancouver. I still have this faux-leather jacket and do use it to go out the odd time. 

Holy crap, I used to look young and thin like a spring chicken, WTF happened? Time, thou art a cruel mistress! How sad it is that Lip Service is likely gone forever.

Did you ever wear Lip Service? Do you have any memories associated with the brand?


  1. As mentioned on the mutant stomp friends post, some of my first gothy clothing stuff back in 1998 were by lippy and the thought of them disappearing makes me really sad. that first picture, i had that dress (i think, or a really similar one) in black and it was perfect. All of the lippy things ive ever had were perfect. I even treasure the 25yr anniversary necklace... and shirts... need to head to ebay.
    BTW love that you included so many pretty pictures in this post, like a timeline of your love with lippy :-D

  2. Lovely photos! It is very sad if Lip Service is going to disappear for good. I've also been a fan of their clothes for years. I think the first thing I bought was Gangsta Pranksta Bettie Bruiser skirt in 2004(?). I still have it, although it's a bit small... I have 3 dressed also from Gangsta line and one pair of trousers. Then I have one older pvc/lace dress, which is also too small for me at the moment, but I don't want to sell it.
    I also love Dutchess the Sade line (I have a jacket and a pencil skirt).
    I've worn a lot of those pieces to photoshoots and clubs. (But to be honest I've felt that their latest lines haven't been interesting and the quality seemed to be poorer.)

  3. What? Lip service is closing? How did I miss that? They inspired me to so much sewing because I couldn't afford the real deal... Now I regret that a little.

    You look great in all the things! And we have a similar taste, I adore the oange outfit so much!

  4. What? Lip service is closing? How did I miss that? They inspired me to so much sewing because I couldn't afford the real deal... Now I regret that a little.

    You look great in all the things! And we have a similar taste, I adore the oange outfit so much!

  5. aaah you look so awesome in these photos. I miss hair falls. Honestly to this day they were my favorite goth brand. from their post-apocalyptic "burning man" stuff to the fetish stuff, they covered every style. sigh. RIP Lip Service. WIsh I bought more stuff.

  6. I got a second-hand Alice in Wonderland dress from the brand. It's cute.

  7. I remember drooling over Lip service clothing, but I sadly don´t have anything myself from them. Back in those days I only bought things from thrift shops, and even when I saw something from Lip service it was always too big. :(
    And you outfits are amazing ♥

  8. You look amazing in all of these photos... wonderful outfits all of them :)