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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Star Trek Symphony

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a symphony concert called Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage. (NERD ALERT!!!) I tried to make myself look fancy and made my husband put on one of his new suits. He picked out his charcoal grey suit but didn't know what shirt to wear with it; I chose a white dress shirt for him and he whined and grumbled about it because he doesn't like white. Once he put on the shirt and suit together, he was pretty pleased with himself saying, "I am looking good, I look like James Bond!"  Whilst profusely rolling my eyes I thought to myself, "THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGH." Anyway, I wore an open-backed black dress and a faux fur stole for extra fanciness. I had been looking for some nice Star Trek jewellery prior to the event but couldn't find anything I liked. I came across some earrings that reminded me of the Star Trek symbol so I opted for those instead. I really enjoyed the concert; it took me back to my days as a rather marginal flautist in the high school band. (Why does the word "flautist" make me laugh every time I type or say it??)


Purse: Vince Camuto, false lashes: Smoke and Mirrors Beauty, Lips: MAC Nightmoth Lip Pencil and Night Violet Mattene Lipstick, earrings: Le Chateau, MAC Mineralize blush in Two Virtues, Bourjois eyeshadow 13.

Dress and Stole: Le Chateau
Tights: H & M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Thank goodness for Le Chateau. Often, it is difficult for me to find a well-fitting dress for my body type. It has been especially difficult lately due to the particular cuts that are in style at the moment.  Le Chateau always stocks a wide variety of cuts in their dresses so I can always find something flattering. This dress I am wearing here has room in the chest and butt areas, it is not too tight against my stomach area, and it is cut to be smaller in the natural waist area which is perfect for my figure. Also, the dress has an open back with a nice drape of fabric and a BAND across the back so I can actually wear a bra! I always love open-backed dresses because I have a back tattoo but so many of them are unwearable for me as a bra cannot be worn with them.

Have you ever been to the symphony?


  1. You look drop dead gorgeous! Stunning, stunning, stunning.

  2. We were at Sagas-orchestral fantasy music concert last october. Symphony orchestra played music from LOTR, Skyrim, Game of thrones..it was amazing. :)

  3. I wish there would be such orchestras here in Germany! MAybeI could dress up half as pretty as you did...

  4. http://goo.gl/zZeRGu