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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lazy Clubwear: Alien Botany

Hello, I hope everyone is having a good weekend! It is Saturday so today I shall post a clubbing outfit......albeit a lazy one.  Due to my unfortunate work schedule, I only get one weekend off a month. On the Thursday and Friday before my weekend off, I work 2 shifts with only 8 hours in between them so on Fridays after work I am usually pretty tired. Thus, I am quite irritated that many club nights/events/concerts have been falling on Fridays rather than Saturdays lately. I have been resorting to wearing some pretty lazy/comfortable outfits for these evenings (if I manage to go out at all, that is......getting old and tired sucks!)
I added some really cool leggings to my wardrobe last year and they have worked well for making comfortable yet somewhat interesting outfits. They have such an awesome print on them but I find that it is hard to do them justice in my photographs. Also, my outfits that I have made kind of suck, I feel like I need to think of something way more interesting to wear these with!


Sugarpill Heart Breaker and Sweet Heart Palettes, Sugarpill Angel Baby False Eyelashes, Cryoflesh collar and cuff, MAC Lipstick in Violetta, MAC Mineralize Blush in Sakura, MAC Chromaline in Rich Purple, Earrings by Lemantula Designs.
 You will note the presence of some hair extensions in the above picture.  I was trying to do a really neat hairstyle with these so the colours would match the print in my leggings. Being that I suck at doing hair, I screwed it up royally, got pissed off, and just put my hair in a straightened ponytail and that was the end of that.




Mesh top: Probably bought it 10 years ago, who knows where it came from
Tunic/Dress Type Thing: Black Milk
Leggings: Zoetica Ebb


Ratchet by Elly Clay

Tunic: Dex

MAC Violetta, Lemantula Designs earrings, old spike bracelet that I have had forever, ring by The Rouge and the Wolf.
Do you have any neat leggings? What do you wear them with?


  1. those are awesome leggings! I think the flashiest leggings i have are the black milk aurora leggings. I wear them pretty much like you do...with a black long tunic dress thing. I think that's pretty much the only way to wear em right?

  2. I love your outfits, makeup and accessories. You always look so amazingly put together :)

    Yes, I love leggings! I think my favorite ones are my vintage Halloween cats by Sourpuss Clothing.

  3. Oh, I have tons of strange leggings, but like you I simply combine them with black. I think your outfit is really goog and although I can see where you were going with the extensions, the outfit is superb even without.