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Monday, October 17, 2016

Black Zippers

BLARGH it's Monday. I have the day off so I guess it's not so bad! Today's outfit features one of my favourite things: ZIPPERS. When I was in high school, I used to buy second hand plaid skirts and pants and sew zippers all over them. These days, I am forced to dress like an "adult" most of the time but I am still attracted to things with zippers. The outfit below consists of a top and a skirt; the top gets a lot of wear but I don't often wear the skirt. Due to the placement and curve of the zippers, it is kind of unflattering on the area of the hips and thighs. AH WELL. I wore this to go see a performance at the Fringe Festival earlier this year. I almost never go to things like that as I am not really into theatre but they had a group doing improvised Star Trek called The Red Shirt Diaries so I kind of had to see that. It was hilarious!


Earrings: Le Chateau, Necklace: Made by me, Kat Von D Wonderchilde Studded Kiss Lipstick, Cuff: Le Chateau

Top and Skirt: Zara
Tights: Local corset store
Boots: Guess


Guess Lehana
DANG, I love these boots! They have a heel but they are comfortable AF and I wear them all the time. 

Well, it is October 17th and I have not made my Halloween costume yet. I also need to do my half-assed workout and go grocery shopping.....I shall be making spaghetti squash and zucchini pasta with homemade sundried tomato and basil pesto for supper! There is also a pile of clothing and jewellery that need to be repaired.....I suppose I should quit sitting on my ass drinking coffee with my cats and get some sh*t done!

What are you up to on this fine Monday?


  1. nice outfit!
    I had trip pants I absolutely loved but the decorative zippers were on the back; when I sat on my padded chair it ripped it. :( I had to sell it.

  2. Great outfit! The fishnets are perfect with it. I love zippers (and buckles). :)

  3. Omg I used to sew zippers on everything too. Was too poor to afford the trip pants but not too poor to afford zippers lol.