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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Side-Eye Scarf Cape

Hello thar......I hope everyone is enjoying "the most wonderful time of the year". Last fall, I acquired a blanket scarf because I was highly attracted to the colour....unfortunately, I wasn't really sure how to style it. Being that I am always late to the party and not up with the times, I had only accessorized with smaller scarves in the past.  The first thing I thought to do with it was to use it as a poncho/cape sort of thing but I couldn't get it to stay in place......then I remembered a brooch that I hadn't figured out how to wear yet which did the trick! I was inspired to try adding brooches to my accessories wardrobe by Coffin Kitsch; I have always enjoyed how she uses pins and brooches in her outfits. 
As far as the side-eye factor goes, this outfit ranks pretty high. It seems that people did not appreciate my cape idea (or maybe it was the lipstick?) Good thing I have no shame. I have since determined that it looks chic as f*** to wear a blanket scarf with an open-front coat and thus I am on the hunt for such a coat. Up here in Canada it is too cold for most of the winter to wear such a thing but in spring and fall it should do nicely. 


Earrings: Catherinette Rings, Brooch: Zara, MAC Coygirl Blush and Kling It On lipstick.

Brooch and Scarf and Skirt: Zara
Boots: Steve Madden

Hope everyone has a great day! I am off to the kitchen to bake apple pies for Xmas.

How would you style a blanket scarf?


  1. I pretty much just wear it around the house because I can't style it either. The broach is a great idea. I might try that

  2. My, why haven't I followed you earlier? It seems like I have to go back and browse through your older posts as well, because I missed out someone interesting :D Blanket scarves are the best, although I usually slap them loosely on myself.